Advantages of Algorithms in Computer Programming

An algorithm is a finite set of sequential instructions that one should perform in order to solve a well-formulated problem. In computer programming, It is a sequence of computational procedure that takes a collection of elements or values as input and produce a collection of elements or values as output.

The algorithm in Computer Programming

An algorithm is a  representation of a step-by-step procedure to solve a problem. An algorithm in computer programming is a series of precise steps for solving a problem in a finite amount of time. It is better to write an algorithm before writing the actual computer program because it saves time.

benefits of algorithm


Advantages of Algorithms

Advantages of Algorithms

Properties of Algorithm

Following are some properties of an algorithm:

  • A particular problem should be broken down into easy and meaningful steps
  • Number these steps also in a sequence
  • All steps should be expressive and written in easy English

Here, it is also important to know about Pseudo-code.

Pseudo Code Test?

Algorithms are written in a language, which is similar to simple English. This language is known as pseudo-language. Pseudo-code is used to state program logic in English like style that is independent of any specific programming language. This simplifies program development by separating it into two main parts:

  • Logical Design
  • Coding

Logical Design

In this part, the logic of the program is designed. We specify different steps required to solve the problem and also the sequence of these steps.


In this part, the algorithm is converted into a program. All the steps of the algorithm are also converted into commands of any programming language.


The use of pseudo-code enables the programmer to concentrate on the planning of the program. After the planning is final, it can be written in any programming language.


The following algorithm accepts two numbers from the user, calculates its sum and them displays the result.

  1. Input A, B
  2. Total =A+B
  3. Display Total
  4. Exit

Benefits of Algorithm In Computer Programming

Some advantages of using pseudo-code to specify an algorithm rather than immediately writing programs code are:

Reduced complexity

When the programmer writes the algorithm and program separately, it would ease the overall job by dividing it into two simpler tasks. Furthermore, while writing the algorithm, we can concentrate on the solution to the problem instead of concentrating on a specific language.

Increased Flexibility

In order to write the code in any language, the programmer writes an algorithm. An algorithm enables the programmer to write the program in any language such as  Visual Basic, Java or C++, etc.


Ease of Understanding

You don’t have to understand a particular programming language to understand an algorithm. Because the programmer writes it in English like manner.

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