Uses of Information Technology in Various Fields

Information technology (IT) is a process of development, implementation, & maintenance of computers and telecommunication resources to receive, store, access, interpret & communicate data or information through electronic means. Uses of information technology are in business, agriculture, health, education, etc.

In this topic, we discuss the uses of information technology in various fields of life.

What Is Information Technology?

Define information technology: Information technology (IT) makes use of computers to process, store, recover and broadcast information with fast communication links and channels from one place to another in a networking environment. The interconnection of the computer enables people to send and accept information.

what is information technology
what is information technology?


Communication links also are used to collaborate with different people in the world. It is important to know that the Computer is a central part of IT. It makes it doable to use IT for solving troubles. Information technology has become feasible due to fast communication links.

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Nowadays the world has become a global community due to improvements in information technology. It means that people living in a world know one another as if they are living in a village. Everyone can transfer information from one place to another place simply and also very fastly.

Furthermore, Information technology has enabled diverse types of institutions and organizations to be an element of digital conversions. Digital conversion means that industries have combined electronically to swap information. These industries contain a computer, telecommunication and mass data, etc.

This merging has a deep effect on the up-to-date world. The information can be communicated in any form such as photographs, movies, audio, graphical shapes, text, and digital diagrams, etc. uses of information technology are in the field of education, agriculture, health business, etc.

Types of Information Technology

The most common types of fields where information technology has dominated a lot are

  • E-commerce Technology
  • Construction Technology
  • Computer Networks Technology
  • Product Manufacturing Technology
  • Information Systems Management Technology
  • Transportation Technology
  • Multimedia System Technology
  • Organizational Architecture Orientation Technology
  • Software Design and Production Technology
  • Educational Technology
  • Energy/Power Technology
  • Secure Communications Technology
  • Medical Technology
  • Information Technology

Trends in Information Technology

  • IT
  • Medical
  • E-commerce trends
  • Orientation of computer networks
  • Information systems management orientation
  • Information security
  • secure communications
  • Network systems
  • Information technology systems
  • Orientation of multimedia systems
  • Organizational architecture orientation
  • Software design and production orientation

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Components of Information Technology

Information technology (IT) makes use of computers to process, store, recover and broadcast information with fast communication links and channels from one place to another in a networking environment. Components of IT are computers, software, hardware, communication network, & know-how.

Important components of Information Technology are as follows:

  • Computers
  • Software
  • Hardware
  • Communication Network
  • Know-How

1: Computers

A computer is a programmable electronic device that evaluates data according to a set of commands,  produce output as a result and store it for future use. A computer is controlled by programmed instructions. It performs four general operations i.e input, processing, output, and storage.

2: Software

Software is a set of computer instructions that directs a computer, how to interact with the user, and to process the user’s data. It includes libraries, programs, and non-executable data, that directs all the peripheral devices on the entire computer system, what exactly to do, and how to perform.

It is a well-defined set of commands and instructions that tells a computer what to perform. A computer works as per given instructions in the software. It is stored and loaded from the hard disk into the main memory of the computer when required.

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3: Hardware

The physical parts of the computer like the system unit, keyboard, monitor, mouse, and speakers are called hardware. Hardware can be seen and touched. If any hardware component of the computer can be damaged or destroyed, it can be replaced but not installed.

4: Communication Network

A communication network is an interconnection of diverse locations through a medium that enables people to send and receive information. The communication network permits people and businesses to cooperate. It includes hardware, programs, and information. IT has become revolutionary through the use of communication networks. communication networks include LAN (Local Area Network), MAN (Metropolitan Area Network), WAN (Wide Area Network)

5: Know-How 

know-how is the capability to do something properly. IT know-how consists of familiarity with the tools of information including the internet, possession of the skills needed to use these tools, and understanding of using information technology for problem-solving and creating opportunities.

Furthermore, it is important that people should know the use of IT to solve problems. They should also know how information technology can create opportunities for them.

Uses of Information Technology In Daily Life

Information technology has enabled diverse types of institutions and organizations to be an element of digital conversions. Digital conversion means that industries have combined electronically to swap information. List of important uses of information technology in various fields are:

  1.  Agriculture
  2. Business
  3. Education
  4. Health
  5. Daily Life

5 Uses of Information Technology in Agriculture

Agriculture plays an important role in the economy of any country or state. It is also a source to feed the living things on earth. With the help of Information technology, new techniques and methods are implemented in the field of agriculture to increase the average yield.

Green House Development

Information technology plays an important role in the field of agriculture. The latest technology based on computer systems is used to monitor the temperature, humidity, speed of the wind, radiation as well as enables a wireless connection between mobile devices and greenhouse.

Use of GIS

GIS stands for Geographic Information System. Nowadays, GIS has been used on a large scale in agriculture. The purpose of this system is to make a decision like what to plant and where to plant purely depending on historical data and sampling.

Use of GPS

E-Survey or electronic survey is the most common practice in the field of agriculture that dominates the traditional way of surveying. GPS known as Global Positioning System provides the facility of E-Survey. This system provides benefits like Map Making, Surveying, and Geo-Fencing.

Use of Drones

Drones are jets without pilots. Information technology makes it possible to fly and control these jets without pilots. These jets are used in the agriculture field for the purpose to collect data, land surveys, seed planting, using pesticides, water irrigation, and using fertilizers.

Uses of Information Technology in Business

Business is defined as a process that involved buying and selling goods or services to the customers managed by an organization or industry. Information technology is an important factor in a successful business. It is well known that the organization that wants to secure its future should invest in technology.

Product Development

Nowadays businesses are using Information technology that helps them to recognize the changing customer’s needs faster and quickly. Information technology enables the business community to respond quickly according to the change in the vicinity. It also speeds up the on-time delivery of new products in the market.

Global Communication

Information technology provides the ability to communicate all around the world without any hindrance. Applications that provide the facility of video chats enhance the efficiency of video conferencing and allow meetings conducted by computers or mobile devices around the globe.

Documents can be sent or received around the world by using E-mails and file-sharing services. Business icons use a smartphone to communicate with companies and business associates in different countries as well as send important documents or information within seconds.

Facilitate Fast Payment Transfer

Information technology makes it fast and easy to transfer currency between two or more parties digitally. It also reduces the cost and time spent on sending and receiving funds. It is easy to settle out any business transaction with the help of IT.

Efficient and Effective Storage

The computer is an important part of every business industry for data storage related to the business. Many application software like MS Word, MS Excel helps in order to maintain and figure out the investment, expenses, and profit at fingertips.

Online Advertisement

Information technology allows any person or industry to advertise their products and services easily around the globe by means of the internet. Every website on the internet shows the advertisement inside the site’s content. By clicking on it, you can easily get information about the product and its producer.

Solve Complex Problems

In the past, people work manually to solve a particular problem. It wastes a lot of time, money as well as human energy. But information technology enables us to do a task in a few minutes that was done in a day manually. It shrinks the consumption of time, money, and energy.

Make Better Decisions

A better decision is a backbone in order to achieve set business goals. Good decisions in business are based on solid market research. This research is conducted by engaging teams, review of the public sentiment on social media, and customer feedback. Microsoft CRM Dynamics and Google Analytics provide this facility.

Uses of Information Technology In Education

Information technology (IT) makes use of computers to process, store, recover and broadcast information with fast communication links and channels from one place to another in a networking environment used broadly in business organizations as well as in the field of education.

The majority of the educational institutions are now using Information Technology to provide a better understanding of various concepts to students in the classroom and at home as well.

Makes Teaching and Learning Easier

Information Technology demolishes the traditional methods of giving long boring lectures in the classrooms. IT provides the facility to the teachers to create attractive audio and visual presentations which will keep the students involved in their studies as well as give them a better understanding of concepts.

Besides this, this methodology develops an environment of interactive sessions between students and teachers. The use of Information Technology digitalized traditional classrooms. This thing makes the teaching and learning process much easier.

Keeps Track of All Student In Institution

Various tools and applications are provided by Information Technology that is used by school administrators and teachers to track individual students’ progress and keep the parents up to date about the achievement of their child. This system automatically creates reports about students’ progress.

This technology also enables the teachers to help the students in their weak subjects as well as give them extra time and notes. This will save time and reduce the old methods of keeping the student’s records on registers.

Digitization of Books

Information Technology digitalized the traditional classroom which encourages the students to submit their tests, homework, and assignments digitally. Books are available in digital form (i.e PDF format) and can be opened by using a computer or cell phone which helps out the teachers to prepare their lectures.

These digital books can be read anywhere in a class, in the library, during traveling, and at home when desired. This advancement protects our environment as fewer books mean less use of paper which reduces the cutting down of the trees.

Develops Fun And Entertainment in Education

Nowadays every student knows the use of computers, tablets, and smartphones as well as the internet. IT provides mobile apps that made education fun and interesting. This use of IT makes education more entertaining and entertaining for both the teachers and the students.

IT provides mobile apps that can be used in a positive manner by using tablets and PCs in the classroom for interactive sessions, watching related videos, sharing knowledge, solve various concepts by creating private Facebook or Whatsaap groups by means of the internet.

Virtual Education

Virtual education is the most important feature of information technology. It replaced the traditional classroom methodology with the virtual classroom. Its the benefit of this advancement that a student can easily attend lectures from any part of the world, without traveling to that place.

This technology uses an internet connection and a computer that allows the student to study as and when they feel easy at any part of the day. A large number of websites are providing online education services that allow the students to acquire education irrespective of their age or educational level.

It is because of virtual education that students from isolated areas of the world are now acquiring education.

Made Research And Information Much Easier

Before the invention of information technology, the students spent hours searching for data and information required for their assignments or thesis work. Now they can search for this information anywhere and any time by using their computers or mobile phones.

The Google search engine and YouTube are the most common ways of searching for information related to any topic on the internet.

Open Education Sources

In a traditional classroom, working on an assignment or any task would create confusion because every student has his own opinion.  But with the help of information technology, social media forums like Facebook or WhatsApp are commonly used to conduct discussion and also enables the students to upload their task and collaborate with one another in a perfect manner.





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