Applications of Artificial Intelligence in Real World

Whether we hear the word artificial intelligence or read it, different images and sounds are formed in our minds. In computer science, artificial intelligence, or machine intelligence, is the intelligence that comes from any machine. Some major applications of artificial intelligence (AI) include Google Assistant Siri, Cortana, Alexa, etc.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial intelligence is defined as: “any device that is able to understand the environment and performance with the maximum chance of success.”

In general, the term artificial intelligence is used to describe machines or computers that perform cognitive functions related to the human mind. Important cognitive functions include “learning” and “problem-solving”.

Applications of Artificial Intelligence In Real World With Examples

Applications of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is an essential strategic technology that is becoming increasingly competitive for many organizations and companies. Companies that incorporate this technology into their traditional business plans dramatically increase new revenue opportunities and productivity by acquiring more capabilities in less time.

We’re currently seeing the use of this technology across the board, and below is the list of major applications of artificial intelligence in the real world:

Prevention Of Crime

Social security is one of the most important and basic of human life, and it is more important to us than ever before in light of the increasing prevalence of insecurity in many cities. Social security is one of the areas that can be strengthened with the help of artificial intelligence.

Suspicious activity identification, facial recognition, criminal identification, and more contribute to public safety. For example, police forces can use this technology to survey all areas of the city and track down the offender in a crowded areas. In addition to the above, this technology has great application in the courts.

Driving And Traffic Control

As cars move by themselves, the need for smart traffic lights increases. An intelligent system that analyzes the location, direction, and speed of each device and determines who has the right of way. It also tells the driver (smart car) to keep moving or change his speed and lane.

In addition, traffic lights based on data obtained from cameras and various sensors help the driver to choose the route with the least traffic by pointing the direction at the traffic display. This will reduce the waiting time behind traffic lights and eliminate traffic.

Video Games

Artificial intelligence has become an integral part of the gaming industry in recent years. This technique is used to create responsive behavior in NPCs. Simply, you don’t need a real player to play your game, you can play and enjoy the game on your own with the help of AI, which will be your virtual opponent.

Digital Marketing

In any industry, marketing is a way to attract more customers. In the early 20s, if you searched an online store to find a product without knowing the exact name of the product, it was very difficult to find that product, but now with the help of artificial intelligence in any online store.

If you are looking for a product, and the results of all the products and you will get the list of all related items and similar products easily and in seconds. Looks like search engines are reading your thoughts! This is a great help for consumers looking for a specific product or service and for manufacturers to sell their products.

Smart Homes

AI can be very useful in life and at home. Because there are many devices in the house that can be controlled with the help of this technology. Recently, home lighting, door locking, and many other tasks have been remotely controlled in some homes called smart homes.

Global Defense

The world’s most advanced robots are designed with the world’s defense applications in mind. Note that advanced technology is usually applied in the first military applications.

For example, the AI robot based in China is an armed robot designed by the National Defense University. The robot is used to patrol the area and in case of danger can be used as a riot control device with an electric charge.

Health Care

Artificial intelligence can play an important role in medicine and healthcare. The future of this technology in healthcare is a step towards democratizing the field for the benefit of patients and professionals.

Maintaining predictions based on this technique makes the process less expensive and more accurate. In the future, we can expect that AI-based healthcare systems will be able to predict when a person is likely to fall ill and prescribe preventive medications if needed.

Field of Agriculture

Because the water, soil, and climate are suitable for every farmer, artificial intelligence technology in crop and soil monitoring, plant disease and pest detection, smart spray, irrigation, aerial survey and photography, classification, and sorting. It is important to know the yield and finally the harvest. Helps the farmer to get a good crop and increase its yield.

Space Explorations

Local research requires a large amount of data analysis, and as mentioned in previous articles, the best way to organize and process large-scale data is to use artificial intelligence. This technique was also used to move other stars and planets. AEGIS is an artificial intelligence rover that has been sent to explore the planet.

Self-Drive Vehicles

Automobiles, which play a key role in the artificial intelligence industry, will revolutionize the transportation system. An artificial intelligence system collects data from radar, cameras, GPS, and vehicle sensors to generate control signals for driving and artificial neural networks to detect traffic lights, trees, pedestrians, and more.


Chatbots use artificial intelligence to perform their tasks. One of the key issues to focus on, especially in the digital world, is how to help users and users who interact with chatbots online using instant answers. These applications can be integrated with a wide range of applications and websites.

Social Network

Social networks are now part of the human identity, and as a result, large amounts of data are being generated on a daily basis. It has already been said that wherever there is a lot of data, the presence of AI is essential.

The social network Facebook, for example, uses artificial intelligence to verify faces. Another example is Twitter, which uses this technology to detect hate speech and terrorism.

Artificial Creativity

MuseNet is an AI-based system capable of playing classic Bach and Mozart music. This machine can compose songs using ten different instruments and combine different styles from around the world.

Banking and Finance

The banking and finance sectors are at the forefront of adopting new technologies and related innovations. Despite the advent of artificial intelligence, its benefits can now be seen in many cases that could change the performance of banks.

Over the past few years, international financial institutions have begun using this technology to assist and serve consumers, detect fraud, manage risk, and adopt solutions.


No matter who you are or what your job is, AI is likely to affect your lifestyle and career in some way. Because technology can process large data sets faster than humans, companies can find relevant answers faster.

In addition, it allows us to increase our computing power. Because this technology works faster and more accurately than the human brain. This technique is more about being able to think about a specific job and analyze data. The sooner people adopt this technology, the better their chances of living and enjoying it.

I tried my level best to cover the major applications of artificial intelligence in this topic. If you find this topic interesting please share it on your social accounts.


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