Types of System Call With Their Functions

System Call is used to show all services offered by the OS. It serves as an interface b/w user program and Operating System. The system’s interface layer includes the entrance point in the kernel code.  This topic is all about different types of system calls and their work.

System Call

types of system calls

The System call provides an interface between application software and Operating System. The system call exposes the services offered by the operating system to user programs. These are a set of functions methods. Most system calls are written in assembly language and are machine-dependent.

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Numerous higher-level languages such as ‘C’ also permit to make system calls directly.

types of system calls

The system call interface layer includes the entrance point in the kernel code. All system resources are managed and controlled by the kernel. Any request from the user or application that occupies access to any system resource must be tackled by kernel code.

The user process must not be given untie access to kernel code for security causes. Many opening into kernel code called system calls are provided to the user so that the user processes can raise the execution of kernel code.

System calls permit processes and users to Operating System resources.

There are three universal methods that are used to pass information between a running program and the Operating System.

  • One technique is to store parameters in registers.
  • Another is to store parameters in a table in memory and get ahead of the address of the table.
  • The third way is to push parameters on the stack and let the operating system pop the parameters of the stack.

Types of System Call

The most important types of system calls are as follows:

  • Process Control
  • File Management
  • Device Management
  • Information Maintenance
  • Communication

Process Control:

It is a system call that is used to direct the processes. Some examples are ending, abort, load, execute, create, process, terminate the process, etc.

File Management

These types of system calls are used to handle files. Some examples are creating files, deleting files, opening, closing, reading, writing, etc.

Device Management

This system call is used to deal with devices. Some examples are request device, release device, read, write, get device attributes, etc.

Information Maintenance

This type of system call is used to maintain information. Some examples get time or date, set time or date, get system data, set system data, etc.


These types of system calls are used for communication. Some examples are creating, deleting communication connections, sending, receiving messages, etc.

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