Types of Application Software With Their Examples

Application software consists of a program designed to make the user more comfortable to perform specific tasks. Application software is able to manipulate text numbers and graphics. Important types of application software are application suite, enterprise software & educational software etc.

What is Application software?

application software
types of application software

Application software is almost designed to perform some specific task. The task is according to the requirement of the user. We use different types of application software packages on a computer like a word processor, spreadsheet, & database design in our daily life.

It is also very important to know that,


Application software utilizes the capacities of a computer directly to a dedicated task. These software are used to perform business activities, graphics & multimedia projects, home, personal and educational tasks. It almost requires an operating system to function smoothly. The operating system should work as a base software.

Functions or Role of Application Software

functions of application software
types of application software

Application software is designed for a specific purpose. Different types of application software have different functions. It serves as interface b/w user & computer hardware. Information processing jobs like a spreadsheet, word processing for end-user is also the core function of application software.

Application software is commonly used in every field of life because the computer is used in every field. Some of the important fields are:

  • Business
  • Medical Field 
  • Home 
  • Education
  • Industries
  • Communication

Types of Application Software

types of application software
types of application software

Important types of application software are package custom, shareware, freeware & public domain software. The function of application software is to give individuals & workgroups the ability to solve problems and specific tasks. Examples are MS Office, Corel Draw, Google Chrome, etc.

Here is the list of Application software based on functions and their uses.

  • Packaged Software
  • Custom Software
  • Shareware
  • Freeware
  • Public domain Software

Packaged Software

Packaged software is developed & available for various types of users and is not developed for some specific user or institute. A large number of packaged software are available on different websites. Word processor & spreadsheet software are the most common examples of packaged software.



  • Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint

Custom Software

Custom software is specially designed to meet the specific requirements of any particular user or organization. If the packaged software does not meet the demands of an organization or user, it has to hire a software developer to develop custom software that fulfills the requirements of the organization.

Custom software is also rather expensive than packaged software.


  • Billing software of a general store
  • stock management software of a medicine company


Shareware is a type of software that is almost used by the user for a limited time period. It is available without any cost. Furthermore, if the user does not have any interest to use it, shareware software can easily be uninstalled or removed from the computer.


Generally, the shareware software stops its proper working when it reaches the time period limit. It automatically generates a message to the user to buy it.

In addition, the user uses shareware software for the purpose of evaluation. The software developers provide shareware software to the users just for checking and to evaluate its performance. A variety of shareware software is also available on the internet for users to evaluate this software.


  • Registry Mechanic
  • Blue-Cloner
  • Total Privacy


Freeware is a type of software that is also available to the user, for an unlimited time period and free of cost. Most of the software programs are developed for educational purpose lies under this software category.


  • Linux operating system
  • Adobe PDF
  • Google Talk
  • Yahoo messenger

 Public Domain Software

It is a type of software that is also available free of cost and the public can use this type of software. Public domain software does not have any copyright also. In addition, there is no restriction for any person to use and distribute public domain software.


  • SQLite
  • Linux
  • GNU

List of Application Software Names

Information worker software

  • Accounting software
  • Data management
    • Contact manager
    • Spreadsheet
    • Database software
  • Documentation
    • Document automation
    • Word processor
    • Desktop publishing software
    • Diagramming software
    • Presentation software
    • Email
    • Blog software
  • Enterprise resource planning
  • Financial software
    • Day trading software
    • Banking software
    • Clearing systems
    • Arithmetic software
  • Field service management
    • Workforce management software
  • Project management software
    • Calendaring software
    • Employee scheduling software
    • Workflow software
  • Reservation systems

Entertainment software

  • Screen savers
  • Video games
    • Arcade games
    • Console games
    • Mobile games
    • Personal computer games
  • Software art
    • Demo
      • 64K intro

Educational software

  • Classroom management
  • Reference software
  • Sales readiness software
  • Survey management
  • Encyclopedia software

Enterprise infrastructure software

  • Business workflow software
  • Database management system (DBMS)
  • Digital asset management (DAM) software
  • Document management software
  • Geographic information system (GIS)

Simulation software

  • Computer simulators
    • Scientific simulators
    • Social simulators
    • Battlefield simulators
    • Emergency simulators
    • Vehicle simulators
      • Flight simulators
      • Driving simulators
    • Simulation games
      • Vehicle simulation games

Media development software

  • 3D computer graphics software
  • Animation software
  • Graphic art software
    • Raster graphics editor
    • Vector graphics editor
  • Image organizer
  • Video editing software
  • Audio editing software
    • Digital audio workstation
  • Music sequencer
    • Scorewriter
  • HTML editor
  • Game development tool

Product engineering software

  • Hardware engineering
    • Computer-aided engineering
    • Computer-aided design (CAD)
    • Computer-aided manufacturing (CAM)
    • Finite element analysis

Software engineering

  • Compiler software
  • Integrated development environment
    • Compiler
    • Linker
    • Debugger
  • Version control
  • Game development tool
  • License manager

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