Types of Application Software With Their Examples

Application software consists of a program designed to make the user more comfortable performing specific tasks. This software is able to manipulate text numbers and graphics. Important types of application software are application suite, enterprise software & educational software, etc.

What is Software?

Computer software is a program that is developed using machine language and includes detailed instructions that pursue a specific purpose. These Software are developed and published by programmers. Software is the part of a computer that contains computer data or a set of commands.

In computer science and software engineering, all information that is manipulated by a computer system, programs, and data is known as software.

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Types of Software

Basically, Computer Software is divided into two major types:

  • System Software
  • Application Software

What is System Software?

System software is software in a computer that is used to manage all operations of the computer system or low level (or Low Level) applications of the computer. This software relies on the physical structure of the computer hardware and is written in low-level languages ​​such as assembly language.

Examples of system software are Operating systems and drivers. The most important language that is used to write system software is the C language. It is very simple & easier for the programmers to work with C.

What is Application Software?

Application software is almost designed to perform some specific task. The task is according to the requirement of the user. Examples of application software are word processors, spreadsheets, & database design, etc.

application software
what is application software?

It is also very important to know that, Application software utilizes the capacities of a computer directly to a dedicated task. This software is used to perform business activities, graphics & multimedia projects, home, personal and educational tasks.

It almost requires an operating system to function smoothly. The operating system should work as a base software.

Functions or Role of Application Software

functions of application software
types of application software

Application software is designed for a specific purpose. Different types of application software have different functions. It serves as interface b/w user & computer hardware. Information processing jobs like a spreadsheet, word processing for end-user is also the core function of application software.

Application software is commonly used in every field of life because the computer is used in every field. Some of the important fields are:

  • Business
  • Medical Field 
  • Home 
  • Education
  • Industries
  • Communication

Types of Application Software

Important types of application software are package custom, shareware, freeware & public domain software.

types of application software
types of application software

The function of application software is to give individuals & workgroups the ability to solve problems and specific tasks. Examples are MS Office, Corel Draw, Google Chrome, etc.

Here is the List of Application Software based on functions and their uses.

  • Packaged Software
  • Custom Software
  • Shareware
  • Freeware
  • Public domain Software

Packaged Software

Packaged software is developed & available for various types of users and is not developed for some specific user or institute. A large number of packaged software are available on different websites. Word Processor & spreadsheet software are the most common examples of packaged software.

Examples of Packaged Software

  • Photoshop
  • Corel Draw
  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft Outlook
  • Google Chrome
  • Codeblocks
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft PowerPoint

Custom Software

Custom software is specially designed to meet the specific requirements of any particular user or organization. If the packaged software does not meet the demands of an organization or user. It has to hire a software developer to develop custom software that fulfills the requirements of the organization.

Custom software is also rather expensive than packaged software.


  • Billing software of a general store
  • stock management software of a medicine company


Shareware is a type of software that is almost used by the user for a limited time period. It is available without any cost. Furthermore, if the user does not have any interest to use it, shareware software can easily be uninstalled or removed from the computer.

Generally, the shareware software stops its proper working when it reaches the time period limit. It automatically generates a message to the user to buy it. In addition, the user uses shareware software for the purpose of evaluation.

The software developers provide shareware software to the users just for checking and to evaluate its performance. A variety of shareware software is also available on the internet for users to evaluate this software.


  • Registry Mechanic
  • Blue-Cloner
  • Total Privacy


Freeware is a type of software that is also available to the user, for an unlimited time period and free of cost. Most of the software programs are developed for educational purpose lies under this software category.

Those packages can be downloaded, however, you will pay a charge to use them. In preferred medium-sized software programs provided with the aid of software, businesses fall into this category


  • Linux operating system
  • Adobe PDF
  • Google Talk
  • Yahoo messenger

 Public Domain Software

It is a type of software that is also available free of cost and the public can use this type of software. Public domain software does not have any copyright also. In addition, there is no restriction for any person to use and distribute public domain software.


  • SQLite
  • Linux
  • GNU

Spreadsheet Software

Excel, Lotus 3-2, and Nambrz Apple are well-known examples of spreadsheet software. This application software allows the user to perform calculations in spreadsheets format. They simulate paper worksheets by displaying cells.

Database Software

A database is well defined and organized form of data. A computer is fully dependent on database software in order to organize information as well as enable database users to perform related operations.

Database software provides an easy way and allows users to store and retrieve data from the database. Common examples of database software include Oracle, MSAccess, and more.

Word Processor

This type of software makes it possible for users to create and edit documents. The most common and well-known examples of word processing software are MS Word, Word Pad, and Notepad.

Presentation Software

This sort of software program is used to display statistics inside the form of slideshows. Microsoft PowerPoint is one of the high-quality examples of this software program.

Enterprise Resource Planning Software

This sort of software program addresses the demands of statistics float and organizational obligations. Managing consumer relationships or economic techniques in an organization is viable with the assist of an organizational software program.

Educational Software

Multi-Media Software

This type of software allows users to produce audio and video files. These applications are used to create and play different media files. Audio file converters, audio players, encoders, and video decoders are lie in the multimedia software category. Examples of this type of software, Riel Player ( Real Player ) and MX Player are included.

Licensed Software

Most applications are licensed and no longer offered. In this example, the user buys the software program license and is no longer the software program itself. The vendor allows you to install this software on a positive number of devices.

From time to time this license is confined to a sure wide variety of users. Maximum software program licenses will let you install the software program on a single tool.

Engineering Assistance Software

This software is used in the design and improvement of hardware and software products. ide software and laptop language modifying gear are within the category of this sort of software program.

Software For Sale

Not like certified software, this software is sold to customers. you need to purchase this type of software program from the seller, in which case you will have the legal version. by using doing this, you’ll be capable of reselling the software.

Organizational Software

It is software that meets the needs of the organization and the data flow process. This type of software helps to manage the customer relationship or financial process of the organization.

Worker Information Software

Individual projects and the needs for information creation and personal management within the department are addressed through Information Professional software. Documentation tools, resource management tools, and personal management systems fall into this category of applications.

Educational Software

These are software that has the ability to track experimental performance and progress. In addition to the capabilities of participatory software, this educational software is often used in education and self-learning.

Simulation Software

This type of software is used to replicate physical or abstract systems. Simulator software is looking for applications in the field of research and entertainment. Examples of flight simulator software and scientific simulator.

Content Access Software

This type of software is used to access content without modification. Common examples of content access software are web browsers and media players.

Engineering And Development Software

Software that is used in the design and development of hardware and software products. Integrated Development Environment (IDE) and computer language editing tools are covered by this type of application software.

10 Examples of Application Software

10 Examples of Application Software
10 Examples of Application Software


Without Application Software, it is not possible to do any task on a computer system.  There exists a huge variety of application software used for different purposes.

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