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Hi friends! are you get bored with traditional ringtones available on cell phones? if yes! then don’t worry. In this article, I am going to tell you about some amazing ringtone apps. Each ringtone android app has its own features and uniqueness. Let’s read to learn more.

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For example, if you’ve got a shiny new Android phone. You changed the wallpaper, bought a case that you liked, organized your phone’s home screen as you wanted. Now you know it has become yours.

Then someone calls you. You rejoice and take out your phone from your pocket. But hey what? Your phone is not ringing. Then you look around you, you see that the phone of the man standing next to you was ringing. It happens to a lot of people. Having the same ringtone leads to misunderstanding.

How Many Types of Ringtones Can I Create?

So now is the time to set your ringtone apart from others. You can make a ringtone for your name, or you can make different ringtones for the name of the caller who always calls you. Or you can also make a ringtone by adding the caller’s name with your name like “Kiran Ashish has missed you, please pick up your phone”

Such ringtones can be a fun way to customize your phone. That way, you can hear the name of your caller every time you receive a call, and even assign different ringtones to your contact so you know who can make a call by making a sound.

Creating ringtones for your Android phone is actually very easy, and there are a few different ways to do it: You can make ringtones from your desktop PC or by downloading the Android ringtone app directly to your phone.

So is this not a very total way to know who is calling or messaging you, without looking at the phone? This would be a great way to stop putting your hands in your pocket or purse every time you receive a message, and a skilled method to ignore those you don’t want to talk to now.

Here are some important ringtone apps that are most famous all over the world.



BESTWAP is a desktop tool. Here you can make ringtones in five different categories. Here you can make your name ringtone in Hindi, you can make your caller name ringtone in Hindi, you can make a ringtone when a message comes in Hindi, and you can make a ringtone for calls and messages in English.


ringtone apps

As soon as you go to this page, you will see these five options.

To make your name ringtone, click on the Hindi-Ringtone With Name button.

ringtone apps

Now type your name in Your Name and select music from below. Then click on the Click Here To Make button below. Now! Listen to your name ringtone online and download it for free.

ringtone apps

Similarly, by clicking on the Hindi-Ringtone With Caller Name button, you can also add the name of the caller with your name. And can assign this ringtone to that caller.


There is also an online ringtone maker in which you can make ringtones for your name. In this, you can make your name ringtone in 3 easy steps.

Visit: Prokerala

Click on the link above to visit this site.

ringtone apps


Step 1: Enter your name (eg Sameer, Pramila, Rahul, etc.).

Next Step: Choose a text message to play with your name.

Step 3: When your phone rings, choose the music or sound effect to be played in the background. Click on the Make Ringtone button.

This online ringtone maker is considered in top ringtone apps that will make your personalized name ringtone online and you can download your ringtone by clicking on the ‘Download Ringtone’ button, and it is absolutely free.

Free Download Mobile Ringtones (F.D.M.R.)

On this site, you cannot create your own ringtone like the two online tools given above. But there are already many ringtone names, which you can download.

Visit: Free Download Mobile Ringtones

After visiting this site, type your name in the Search box and click on the Search button.

ringtone apps

Now you will see many pre-made ringtones of your name in the search results. By listening to these ringtones online, you can download the ringtone of your choice for free.

My Name Ringtone Maker- Ringtone Apps


ringtone apps

My Name Ringtone Maker is an Android app in which you can make a ringtone for your name.

Not just your name. You can make a ringtone using any name. No matter how famous the name is, you can make it your incoming call ringtone.

Using the MP3 Cutter option, you may be able to cut mp3 songs and you may be able to keep them as ringtones. This app can be used as an MP3 ringtone maker.

No need to browse online websites to make the best ringtones. You can use these ringtone apps to make total ringtones for your mobile.

Using this name ringtone apps you can create a name ringtone in 3 simple steps.

1) Enter your preferred name in the textbox.

2) Please play to hear it.

3) Now you can save the ringtone.

This app also has a flashlight and audio record functionality. So using audio record functionality you can record voice and you can use it as your ringtone.

Download from Google Play: My Name Ringtone Maker



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