Doratoon Free Online Video Maker

The need for animated videos is increasing day by day to attract more customers and sell products. Doratoon is a new addition to the existing list of online animation filmmaking software. Doratoon is a great online tool that lets you create amazing, beautiful, and engaging animated videos for your website and YouTube channel. let’s start the review.

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Functions of Doratoon

In this article, I will take a full look at this Doratoon tool to find out how to get started, its main features and what are the right functions for you.

  • Create amazing animated videos
  • Thousands of customizable templates
  • Unlicensed media assets such as music and so on.
  • Create videos for different purposes such as business, education/knowledge, marketing, products, creativity, personality, and so on.
  • Animated characters
  • Artificial intelligence dubbing
  • Make subtitles smartly
  • PPT-Video Converter and many more

Just like other animated filmmakers, Doratoon is an online tool that lets you create amazing videos for business and other purposes, attract visitors and turn them into real buyers. There has been a lot of demand for motion pictures lately. They look attractive and that is what the employer wants. Doratoon lets you make movies in minutes. Let’s explore and discuss you further.

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Doratoon Free Online Video Maker
Doratoon Free Online Video Maker

How To Start With Doratoon?

Doratoon is a simple online animation software that guides the user in making attractive animations. Here are some steps you can take to begin the process of creating an animated video in the app.

  • First, go to the official Doratoon website Then click on the Create for Free link. Takes you to the login page.
  • You can start by logging in to your Google and Facebook accounts.
  • After logging in, you will see the Create New Video link on the left.
  • Clicking on the link will take you to the blank page of the project.
  • On this page, all the desired options for your animation will be visible. You can select images or templates from the left. The option to add different backgrounds, sounds, and texts will also be visible on the right.
  • You can also adjust the background color and change the target percentage depending on the media you want to upload your video to.
  • Once you have created your masterpiece, you can export your video to your device without any copyright issues.

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What You Can Make With Doratoon?

Doratoon has some exciting and advanced features that make it a great video maker. Enables users to create engaging animated videos.

Artificial Intelligence Dubbing

Today, artificial intelligence is involved in all areas of life. This built-in feature allows you to use artificial intelligence for dubbing. It helps to convert written texts into audio lectures without any hassle.

PPT Video Converter

This feature provides a one-step input for converting PPT presentations to video animations. Doratoon can be a great help by allowing users to import PPT files into videos for better sharing and powerful visual content.

Smart Translation

Doratoon is integrated with a smart translation feature that helps you save the user effort and time from writing huge translations. Immediately identifies dubbed content with accurate recognition and translation for the target audience.

Animated Characters

Adding animated characters makes video animations more relevant and valuable. This feature allows you to insert many animated characters with over 8000 modes and moves. This includes keywords to attract more customers by presenting your ideas in a good way.

 Physical Video Alignment

Doratoon offers a material alignment feature that keeps your content professional. Helps users change the transparency of grid lines so that the two sides of the panel are precisely aligned.

Real-Life Uses Of Duraton

Doratoon also helps people in real-life situations. Below are some of them.

The Spread Of Knowledge

Many organizations use Doratoon to make their content easier to understand through cartoon videos. Dissemination of knowledge can help people to extract complex content in an easier way.

Corporate Advertising

Corporate advertising is no longer limited to TV commercials or still images. Doratoon can serve the purpose of creating funny and engaging video animations online. Promotes your brand or product through strong visuals and clear information.

Short Courses

The user can create short courses using this video maker. It supports characters and scenes with ease and high performance. These small courses can also be loaded into the cloud management software for easy access.

Marketing and Advertisement

Marketing is about how you present your product or service to the public. Dorotoon is a useful tool for creating great promotional videos in no time. The user can also import royalty-free music and stylish fonts for commercial use.

Company Culture

To increase your company’s value, refer to the Doratoon program for immediate and effective results. Instead of using PPT, it provides a better route for your conference, seminar, or orientation. You can use visual content to enhance interesting information.

Uses For Professional

This video maker has many templates for your work. Some of them are discussed below.


Doratoon helps by integrating multiple templates into work-related videos. Build & Enhance the profile of your company or organization. This means you can create or customize a corporate event, report presentation, and in-house animation. This tool offers advanced features that have a significant impact on other business partners.


Add creativity to your online service or product with our online video animation tool. Doratoon supports various editing features for your online campaigns for advertising, online food commerce, or Facebook posts.


One always prefers to look for the best ways to increase the quality of their video content. This tool is valuable for educational purposes to ensure the professionalism of their video content. Create your own lecture, online course, or introduction with Doratoon advanced features.

Doratoon Pricing

If you are interested in using Doratoon, choose the free version, where the user can only access the free animation. However, there are other price plans available that all have great features. The Pro package is suitable for individual builders, which costs you $ 39 per month.

You can also pay $ 99 a month to unlock the Pro + package. Paid versions of Doratoon include HD content, massive storage space, and access to all features.

Is Doratoon Free or Paid?

When we talk about online animation software, we usually come across very expensive software. Some offer a free 7-day or 30-day trial, while others offer no trial at all.

Doratoon comes in both free and paid versions. This means that you can start using this tool now without paying a penny. However, as we know there are limitations to any free software, the same is true here.

With the free version of Doratoon, you will not have much access to the top features and models. You are not allowed to use the videos commercially for free. If you want to use commercially created videos, you need to upgrade to a $ 49 per month VIP account. It is very expensive compared to other software such as Create Studio, which offers a $ 67-lifetime deal.

Therefore, it depends on how you use it. For educational purposes and for beginners, Doratoon can be an option that you can use the free version. However, I do not recommend upgrading to VIP for $ 49 a month because it is too expensive and not worth it.

Doratoon Features

Doratoon comes with a variety a lot of exciting features and I will try to cover most of them in this Doratoon review. Here are some of the more prominent and exciting features:

You can create amazing animated videos in minutes without the need for experience or background. There are thousands of customizable premium templates that you can use for your business as needed. There is a large library of copyright-free music. You can watch videos for:

  • Business
  • Marketing
  • Education / knowledge-based
  • Personal
  • Creative
  • Product advertising and much more

Animated characters with over 8000 face and motion modes allow you to create interactive, effective, and engaging videos of your business. Dubbed A.I or audio output tool from text input. You can create high-quality audio that is important for sending messages through animated videos.

Doratoon is ahead of other animated video makers in terms of smart subtitles. It can automatically generate subtitles with AI sound technology. Therefore, you do not need to work harder to create subtitles. You can import PowerPoint presentations (PPTs) and convert them to videos with one click.

Doratoon VIP / Pro + Features

  • HD (480P, 720P, 1080P) High-quality videos are downloaded in MP4 format
  • Advanced animation
  • Smart speech production
  • Intellectual painting
  • Import ppt
  • There is no maximum length
  • Unlimited drafts
  • Perform unlimited number of jobs
  • Unlimited space capacity
  • Recover deleted work in 30 days
  • Commercial use rights
  • Free music
  • Unlimited access to unlicensed objects
  • Infinite access to a thousand top templates
  • Unlimited premium exports

Advantages and Disadvantages of Doratoon


  • Videos in the free account
  • Thousands of customizable templates
  • Smart translation
  • Animated character with over 8000 actions and expressions
  • High-quality videos


  • Expensive VIP account – $ 49 per month
  • Doratoon brand in videos created with a free account
  • The tool needs to be further improved because sometimes it slows down
  • Free templates limited
  • There are no 3D videos


Here we will end our article on the best online animation maker to help you make your product ads effective and attractive. We hope you accept our offer and use your Doratoon to make your marketing strategies wise and profitable.

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