Best New Android Apps For 2020

Friends Android apps have become ubiquitous today and can be used by everyone. The developers of these apps are constantly trying to improve and enhance our smartphone and tablet experiences. In fact, there are so many Android apps released every day that it’s hard to keep track of them all.

The number of apps in the Google Play Store has grown to around 2.5 million as of December 2018. Meanwhile, there are many apps with similar functionality. And so it is difficult to decide which of these are the best apps without installing them on your phone.

So, instead of trying them all, I have saved some of your time by making a list of new and best, free, and paid Android apps of this time. These are also some new Android apps that you should have on your Android device in 2019.

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Best New Android Apps For 2022

1) Ceri Launcher

Price: Free

android apps

Looking for Android Launcher for a different look on your phone? Ceri Launcher, a little different than all, has completely changed some of the key principles Android has looked like so far.

For example, you will find a new way of organizing apps on the home screen, and it also emphasizes security. It also has a dark mode, which is a cool touch.

Ceri Launcher is a lightweight Android launcher. Its easy design places great emphasis on getting the apps you want quickly without extra effort. Some features include a true dark mode for Amoled display, support for live wallpaper, a super simple UI, and more.

The Pro version includes support for things like notification dots. It is still in its early days and thus, does not support a lot of stuff that packs icons like modern launchers. However, perhaps these features will be available soon.

2) DoodleLens

Price: Free

android apps

DoodleLens is a small AR drawing app. Like the way, you draw things on a piece of paper. In this app, you can draw and then this app turns it into a sticker. Then you can put that sticker on anything and take a new picture of it.

It is a super niche app and is also great for social media and similar use cases. The app is completely free without any in-app purchases or advertisements.

3) Gallery Go by Google Photos

Price: Free

android apps

Google is slowly releasing the Go-version app for a few months, of course, and Gallery Go is the latest of these offerings. Gallery Go helps you sort locally stored photos and videos on your device, allowing you to edit them and organize them in folders and albums in any way. In this app, you can easily transfer photos between SD card and internal memory.

Download from Google Play Store: Gallery Go by Google Photos

4) Google Play Music and YouTube

Price: Free

android apps

I generally do not recommend streaming services to people. But everyone has their own preferences and says that one has an opinion on this point better than the other. Except for this collection of Android apps.

There is more material than human life that you can see or hear for many births. Including music videos, educational videos, news videos, reviews, video game Let’s Play, music (of course), and more. This collection is the best music and video streaming package on mobile as long as they are tied together.

Download from Google Play Store: Google Play Music and YouTube

5) Checketry

Price: Free

android apps

Checkers is a fun new downloads manager and file manager. It actually works with PCs instead of downloads on your Android phone. Checketry claims support for things like Steam game downloads and other file downloads in remote desktop fashion.

It works with uTorrent and BitTorrent, Steam, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox. You just link everything up, start a download, and you can remotely view this app. There are some additional features as well. If you want to try it yourself then it is completely free with ads.

Download from Google Play Store: Checketry

6) WeNote

Price: Free

android apps

WeNote is a feature-packed note-taking app that probably has the tools you need. It can be used to create notes and to-do lists and reminders. But you can also sort your notes into categories (such as ‘home’ and ‘work’), lock them with a PIN, pattern, or password, and place them at the top of your note list or at the top of your status bar.

Other tools include the ability to change the color of notes, add pictures, change themes, back notes up to Google Drive, and more.

It’s all free, but there are additional themes, colors, stickers, widgets, and various IAPs to unlock – perhaps most useful – the ability to add audio recordings to notes.

Download from Google Play Store: WeNote

7) Elements of Photography

Price: Free + Various IAP

android apps

Thanks to smartphones, most of us now have a fairly capable and versatile digital camera in our pocket at all times, but many of us do not know how to make the most of it.

This is not necessarily a big problem – phone cameras usually work when you just point and start shooting, but if you want to take your photography to the next level, Elements of Photography can help you.

The app includes a number of tutorials that guide you through the various principles of photography, ranging from shutter speed and composition to more advanced lessons.

Elements of Photography Things are small-sized text and are explained using lots of images.

It also gives you tips, tools (such as a depth of field calculator), and a quiz, although these, along with many tutorials, are hidden behind IAP (in-app purchases).

Download from Google Play Store: Elements of Photography

8) PhotoDirector

Price: Free + Optional Members

android apps

Your phone may have a powerful camera, but chances are it is not with many photo editing tools. Fortunately, PhotoDirector can fill this gap.

This app allows you to adjust the tone, saturation, white balance, and colors of previously taken photos, as well as add filters and effects, which you can adjust its strength and all or just all of an image Can apply to a part.

You can change text, stickers, frames, perspective, mirror the image, cut the part, and more. It has lots of tools, yet PhotoDirector is easy to navigate and you can always undo your changes, so you are safe to use.

And this is only the editing part of the app. There is also a built-in camera, which lets you shoot new photos with different effects and see them live through the viewfinder to see how they will affect the image.

PhotoDirector is largely free, but if you want to direct your best premium version, you have to buy its pro version.

Download from Google Play Store: PhotoDirector

9) JustWatch

Price: Free

android apps

Online TV and movie streaming used to be simple: Go to Netflix for almost everything. But as the online video streaming market quickly becomes fragmented and producers and networks scramble for producers and networks to put up their own streaming service, this is the track to where to watch a particular show or movie series. It can be a pain to keep.

JustWatch Enter, a service that keeps track of the latest offerings from 37 different streaming services, shows you where and when to watch a particular TV show, including big names like Netflix, Hulu, HBO Go, and Amazon Prime Video. You can search for a particular series or browse for what’s new.

Download from Google Play Store: JustWatch

10) Vuforia Chalk

Price: Free

android apps

One of my favorite AR apps, so far, Vuforia Chalk uses augmented reality technology for 21st-century supercharged technical support.

Chalk sets up a video call between the two devices, where the person receiving the advice points to their rear camera to do whatever they need to explain to them, and the other person draws on their screen as they receive instructions and provide advice.

The person receiving the aid sees those doodles live, appears live on their screen, and has specific buttons, knobs, and other parts. Actually, provide live visual annotations that can help solve problems.

Download from Google Play Store: Vuforia Chalk

11) Libby

Price: Free

android apps

Your Android phone is a good device for reading ebooks and listening to audiobooks, and if you know where to go, you don’t need to pay even a cent to do so. Libby by Overdrive works with your local library to provide a digital media management platform to borrow and return e-books and audiobooks.

Just sign in, connect your library card, and then browse the digital library of your local library. You can sync data across multiple library cards, sample books, download or stream content, tag titles, and devices.

Download from Google Play Store: Libby

12) Flud

Price: Free

android apps

The torrenting app is another thing that you are unlikely to see in iOS for some time. In the Android market, Flud is one of the best apps. The latest version supports a clean content interface and there is no speed limit for upload or download.

It supports staple features such as select file downloading and prioritization, magnetic link support, sequential downloading support, and a Wi-Fi-only model. The free version is fully functional, while a tree version removes advertisements.

Download from Google Play Store: Flud

13) Fabulous

Price: Free

android apps

While there are plenty of exercise trackers and personal fitness apps, some focus on improving the overall body and mind. Brilliant, a self-improvement application, intended to help upgrade the mind and body that helps you feel good… well… fabulous.

Based on scientific principles and incubated at Duke’s Behavioral Economics Lab, Fabulous starts you off with simple goals such as losing weight, getting better sleep, or improving your concentration.

The application helps with simple exercises, scheduled notifications, activities, and other coaching tools designed to build healthy habits for body and mind.

Download from Google Play Store: Fabulous

14) Google Arts & Culture

Price: Free

android apps

Google Arts & Culture gives you a closer look at the world’s great artistic creations, with thousands of museums and collections to display artwork, museums offer VR tours and in-depth knowledge of famous artists, works, and other topics Provide stories or videos from.

You can browse the works by the artist, time period, or color, as well as explore the virtual offerings of each museum, view the museum’s operating hours and contact details, while also visit nearby museums and cultural events. You can also save favorite artists to create a private collection that you can share with friends and students.

Download from Google Play Store: Google Arts & Culture






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