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  • Watch Any Show APK [2022 Movies & Series]

    You are here now and you can enjoy watching movies and programs. All you have to do is look for the best movies and shows you can watch on the streaming platform today through Watch Any Show APK. Fortunately, there…

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  • types of memory cards

    Types of Memory Cards & Their Functions

    SD memory card or the famous SD memory has different uses in digital devices such as digital cameras, MP3 players, mobile phones, and so on. In fact, the most vital application of a memory card is its use in digital…

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  • Types of Output devices

    Types Of Output Devices And Their Functions

    For data processing to make sense, we must be capable to get the results from the computer. The devices on which the processing results are recorded are called output devices. The monitor and printer are the main types of output…

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  • Digital Literacy

    Digital Literacy & Its Types

    You have probably heard the term digital literacy repeatedly. Regardless of what you recognize, it’s becoming more and more important within the lifetime of modern society. Digital literacy is about the power to use digital media and technology. This happens…

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  • microcomputer

    Types of Microcomputers with Examples

    A digital computer having a microprocessor as its CPU, combined with memory and I/O devices forms a microcomputer. It is the smallest and less expensive type of computer. What is Microcomputer? A microcomputer is defined as a small PC having…

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  • mainframe computers

    Mainframe Computers & Types

    A mainframe computer is an ultra-high-speed computer designed to perform high-volume processor-intensive computing. Mainframe computers are used for scientific purposes and by large-scale businesses. What is Mainframe Computer? A mainframe computer is a high-performance computer with more than 100 users…

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  • What is ROM

    What Is ROM & Its Types?

    RAM & ROM are the two major types of computer memory. ROM stands for Read-Only Memory. While RAM stands for Random Access Memory. Unlike RAM, the Read-Only Memory cannot be directly accessed by the CPU. It plays an important role…

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