Mainframe Computers & Types

A mainframe computer is an ultra-high-speed computer designed to perform high-volume processor-intensive computing. Mainframe computers are used for scientific purposes and by large-scale businesses.

What is Mainframe Computer?

A mainframe computer is a high-performance computer with more than 100 users who can use a mainframe computer at a time. A mainframe computer is also known as a big ion.

Mainframe computers are used in credit-card Processing, business data processing in large organizations, and air traffic control systems.

They are also referred to as large-scale computers but supercomputers are larger than mainframe computers. These computers require a large clean room with an air conditioner.

Hence it is very expensive to buy and operate mainframes. Since they can support a large number of types of equipment and have multiple processors.

They can handle the input and output requirements of several thousands of users. For example, IBM s by three nine zero mainframes can support 50,000 users simultaneously.

mainframe computers

the users often accessed the mainframe with terminals or personal computers. There are basically two types of terminals used with mainframe systems. They are

  • Dumb Terminal
  • Intelligent Terminal

Dumb Terminal

The dumb terminal does not have its own CPU and storage devices. It uses the CPU and storage devices of the mainframe system. Typically a dumb terminal consists of a monitor and a keyboard or mouse.

Intelligent Terminal

The intelligent terminal has its own processor and can perform some processing operations. Normally, such a type of terminal does not have its storage. Personal computers are used as intelligent terminals.

If a personal computer is used as an intelligent terminal, facilitates access to data and other services from the mainframe system. It also enables local storage and processing of data.

Mainframe computers are used as servers on the World Wide Web. They are used in large organizations such as banks Airlines and universities where users need to access the databases at the same time.

Which is usually organized into one or more huge databases. IBM is the major manufacturer of mainframe computers.

History Of Mainframe Computers

The very first mainframe computer was Harvard Mark 1 whose development started in the 1930s and was fully completed in 1943. It weighed five tons filled an entire room.

The cost is around two hundred thousand dollars or three million four thousand eight hundred thirty-two point thirty-seven dollars with regards to inflation.

Throughout the years advances in technology paved the way for the mainframe computer to cope with the tasks laid for him. Wherein innovations in its technology include the creation of another mainframe computer called ENIAC in World War II.

The transition from vacuum tubes to magnetic storage, its commercialization by IBM and other manufacturers.  the usage of cobalt as its programming language and the introduction of Linux as another programming language alternative.

Uses Of Mainframe Computers

Back in the 80s and 90s, this machine was integrated with our day-to-day lives and we don’t even know it. Such as

  • Analyzing account transfers
  • Card swipes in the banking industry
  • Usage in espionage
  • The national defense in the military t
  • Healthcare portfolios in the healthcare sector
  • Academic research in the academe
  • Organizational database utilization includes Ford Motor Company, Walmart, Bank of America, etc.

Mainframe computers are utilized in various applications and fields due to their remarkable performance and reliability. Unfortunately, mainframe computers today are still being used.

But are not as popular to the public compared before due to it being expensive bulky in size and the need for a person with good knowledge of computer skills to operate such machines also.

Examples of Mainframe Computers

Examples of mainframes are IBM s by 3 9 0 controlled data cyber 176 and AM Dell 580 etc.

More About Mainframe Computer

Mainframe computers are utilized in various applications and fields due to their remarkable performance and reliability. It is expensive, bulky in size, and the need for a person with good knowledge of computer skills to operate.

Another factor that contributed to its demise was the rise of personal computers. It includes desktop computers laptops tablets smartphones and smartwatches which are attainable at every price point portable.

Despite all of this mainframe computers do have a place in this world. Wherein many organizations still utilize such computers to this day.

Such organizations include ford motor company Walmart bank of America emirates airlines Nike and many more.

To sum it all up the world we are living in revolves around mainframe computers and even if new technology arrives it would still be relevant today as it was on the first day it was.

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