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Cloud computing, also known as cloud, is the translation of the word cloud computing. Cloud provides computer services and resources (servers, databases, software, networking, storage, analytics, etc.) and all web services there. Intended for management, generally through web applications.

It is based exclusively on the latest technologies located on virtual servers or virtual machines, which allow these technologies to easily and flexibly expand or reduce the available resources.

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This service is called cloud computing because the code used to refer to the Internet is a code for the cloud. It is usually provided by companies that provide cloud services, for a free-to-use fee.

It distinguishes a cloud service from a data center service or a computer resource’s data center service for allocated and paid resources that are used or not.

cloud computing, types of cloud computing
cloud computing

Types of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing services are developed and used in one of three ways:

Public Cloud

In this model, cloud computing services are owned and operated by a company that provides cloud computing services. This company is usually referred to as a third party. That is, the company provides cloud computing services to other companies that do not own them.

As against using a service, access is usually done by users of that service through web applications, which are usually powered by a browser.

Private Cloud

Private cloud refers to the cloud computing resources used exclusively by one company or organization. The private cloud resources can be found in the private cloud wallet company. Or some companies can host their own cloud using other cloud service providers and this model can be considered as a data center.

Hybrid Cloud

In this model, the private cloud and the public cloud are connected where the services are interconnected using the latest technology.  So the users of the cloud can access the services that are usually provided and these services are usually used in other services in the private cloud.

Types of Cloud Computing Services

Cloud computing services can be categorized into three main categories: infrastructure services, platform services, and software services.

Infrastructure Service – IAAS

This is called service infrastructure, where companies are provided with computer resources (hardware) that include servers, networking, and storage. It depends on facilities and is one of the most important features of this service.

It saves the cost of purchasing servers and saves effort to manage and maintain them. As well as the flexibility to determine the usability of the server.

Online Platform Service – PAAS

This service is known as a service platform, and it includes IaaS infrastructure services, operating systems, databases, and software required to create and run Internet-based applications.

Software Service – SAAS

This is known as Software as a Service and includes the addition of third-party software, including PaaS Office 365 online platform services. Where a batch program runs, monthly or annual fees for use.

One of the most important features of this service is paid for the service used here. The time it takes the user to get these programs, saves a lot of money when buying and updating these programs.

How is Cloud Computing Services Managed?

A company that provides cloud computing services usually provides a browser-controlled dashboard for managing cloud service accounts. And some service providers provide an application interface, also known as a REST API. It Provides cloud resource management through one-line CLI commands that allow flexibility in managing cloud services.

Advantages of Cloud Computing

Self-Service: This means that any user can specify the resources required to run their application. Users can commit to these resources and start working directly without having to wait for any special settings in the network administrator.

Flexibility: Cloud services help increase or decrease the resources required by their users.

Pay for Utility: Cloud service providers only count the resources used and only those resources will be charged.

Transfer Flexibility: The user can easily transfer data from one cloud to another using cloud computing.

Cloud Computing Applications

Cloud computing has many applications. You often use one of the services provided by the cloud. If you do not know, for example, if you are watching live broadcasts on the Internet, listening to music, playing games online, or saving your files on the Internet.

You also enjoy cloud services and applications that do not only depend on it but there are many uses and we mention the following:

Data Storage And Backup

This service allows you to store your files in the cloud, allowing you to upload them again from anywhere. Any type of device, and there are many other free services like Google Drive and Dropbox. Unlike individuals, most large companies subscribe to this service to keep backup copies of their databases.

Live Audio and Video Transmission

This service allows you to use the websites of cloud computing service providers to display audio or video files, whether it is a live slide show or pre-recorded files are displayed.

Custom Software

This service is considered one of the most important services provided by cloud computing. Because it allows software developers to provide their programs via the cloud.

Which reduces the chances of intrusion as well as programs that run on computers and provide them to the user. With always the latest version, Google Docs, and Google Sheets are some of the most popular services offered by this category.

Data Analysis

Currently, data is one of the most important issues for all private and public actors. With the increase in data volume, it is becoming more and more difficult to analyze it well despite the best capabilities of desktops.

Since most of the cloud services providers offer multiple websites for data analytics. Many companies are using cloud computing services resources to analyze their data.

Application Development And Testing

Cloud computing service providers offer developers many specialized websites that can test modern applications before they are developed and released to users. Sometimes a software developer has to use more powerful tools and the developer has to get a computer with the capabilities. Therefore, use cloud websites for this.

Website and App Hosting

This service provides flexibility in defining the resources required to run the API. While allowing the ability to host websites, web applications, or APIs.


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