Types Of Network Devices & Communication Technologies

A network device is an important component of a computer network. These network devices are used to connect computers to form a network. A variety of networking devices are available with different functionality.

Different network technologies are used by these devices such as Ethernet, Token Ring, TCP/IP, The 802.11 Specification, WAP, Intranet, and FirewallFor more information, Let’s read this article.

Network Device

It is an electronic device that is designed and programmed to connect computers with similar or different protocols in order to form a computer network.

Types of Network Devices

Different types of network devices are as follows:

  • Repeaters
  • Routers
  • Gateway
  • Bridges


The repeater is a device that is used to connect networks of the same types to boost the signal. Signal strength loses when it passes along a cable. This loss is known as attenuation. It is often necessary to use a repeater to boost the signal.

network devices

Furthermore, every communication medium can transmit a signal to a limited distance. Repeaters are also used to transmit signals beyond the limit of communication media.


A router is a device that connects multiple networks using similar or different protocols. It manages the nested route between any two communication networks.

network devices

Furthermore, a router is suitable for big Wide Area Networks. it can connect networks of different countries. They send data in less time.


network devices

Gateway is a device that connects two or more networks with different types of protocols. It is an intelligent device. It can convert data according to the protocol. A gateway can be used to connect a personal computer network to a mainframe computer network.


The bridge is a device that is used to connect two network segments. A similar type of network is connected by using a bridge.

network devices

When a bridge receives a signal, it finds out the segment where the signal should be sent. It also reads the addresses of sending and receiving computers.

If both the sending and receiving computers are found in the same segment, the bridge does not pass the signal to the other segment. It decreases network traffic and increases network performance.

Network Communication Technologies

  • Ethernet
  • Token Ring
  • TCP/IP
  • The 802.11 Specification
  • WAP
  • Intranet
  • Firewall


Ethernet is a LAN technology. It is based on bus topology but the Ethernet network can be wired in star topology also. It is the most popular LAN because it is inexpensive and easy to install and manage.

Ethernet network normally uses cables to transmit data. Ethernet works properly for small to mid-sized networks. A newer standard or Ethernet called Fast Ethernet transmits data and information 10 times faster than the old Ethernet. Gigabit Ethernet is 10 times faster than Fast Ethernet.

Token Ring

Token Ring is also a LAN technology. It allows network devices to access the network by passing a special signal called a token. The token is like a ticket. A device can transmit data over the network only if it has a token. Only one token is available in one network. Token ring is based on ring topology but can also be used in a star topology.


TCP/IP stands for transmission control protocol/internet protocol. To manage the transmission of data by using this technology, the data is broken down into packets. Internet transmission normally uses this technology. When a computer sends data over the internet, the data is divided into small pieces called packets.

Data and the destination, sender, and sequence information are used to reassemble the data at the destination stored in each packet. These packets travel via devices called routers. This process is known as packet switching.

The 802.11 Specification

It was developed by IEEE and is a family of specifications for wireless LAN technology. Two popular 802.11 specifications are 802.11a and 802.11b. Windows XP provides support for 802.11b. it is also known as Wi-Fi (wireless fidelity)


WAP stands for Wireless Application Protocol. It is used in mobile devices to access the internet and its services such as the Web and Email. It uses a client/server network.

The wireless devices contain the client software that connects to the server of an internet service provider. The mobile devices that support WAP are called WAP-enabled devices.


An intranet is an internal network of an organization that uses internet technologies. It is normally used to provide information about the organization to the employees. It is also a small internet within an organization. Intranet uses TCP/IP technologies and has a Web server.

It also supports multimedia Web pages that are viewed in a web browser. Some intranets may also provide access to the internet. Some organizations also use extranet. It allows the customer to access a part of the intranet.


A firewall is a set of components that are used to restrict access to data and information on a network. It may consist of hardware and software. Firewalls are also used to restrict unauthorized users from accessing the resources of an organization.

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