Healthy Exercise & Its Benefits

Much has been written about the benefits of exercise to the human body and mind. Almost every research in the world says that if a person wants to stay healthy, he must incorporate exercise into his daily routine. We should know about the effects of exercise on various diseases such as heart disease, paralysis, and diabetes.

But no concrete scientific research has been revealed until today in which exercise has been linked to mental and emotional health.

Exercise Is Important For Being Happy

This means that until now it was clear that the benefits of exercise for physical and mental health are numerous. But now if any scientific research is to tell you that, in fact, for your mental and emotional health, exercise is more important than your economic status, what would you say? Recent research by Oxford and Yale University proves this.

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This research has been published in the International Journal of Psychiatry, The Lancet. Scientists have concluded results based on information obtained from more than 12 million residents in the United States. This survey is conducted by people 18 years of age and older in 2011, 2013, and 2015.

In addition, other than the ages of surveyed individuals, factors such as gender, race, marital status, income, educational ability, body mass index, general physical health, and previous depression were also considered.


The basic question asked in the survey was: “How many times have you felt mentally ill over the past 30 days, due to mental stress, depression, or some other emotional issue?

Participants in the survey were also asked about their physical activity. For physical activity, they were given the option of choosing from 75 activities, including lawn mowing, childcare, housework, weight Lifting, cycling, and racing were involved.

More Active Physically Happier

Scientists have found that people who exercise regularly experience a mood disorder about 35 days a year. While those who are physically weak feel 53 days a year unhappy or depressed.

Additionally, researchers conclude the survey by stating that those who engage in physical activity and exercise throughout the year are equivalent happy to those who earn more than $ 25,000 a year but are physically weak.


This means that people who are physically inactive have to earn at least $ 25,000 a year to enjoy the same happiness that you get from physically playing and exercising. Will However, scientists say that it should not conclude that the more you exercise, the more you will feel happy.

Effects Of Excessive Exercise

Research certainly tells us that exercise is beneficial for physical and mental health, but the question is how much exercise can produce the desired or optimal results.

If excessively exercised, it can lead to negative effects. The researcher’s author, Adam Checkered, from Yale University, explains that the relationship between your physical health and exercise duration is similar to the English word U.

Research has shown that the positive effects of exercise on your physical and mental health can only occur if it has been done for a specific period of time.

Research has shown that the best results can be achieved through three to five sessions of 30 minutes to one hour each week. In addition, exercise or physical activity, such as those who engage themselves in team sports have mental health much better than those who do other exercises.

However, this does not mean that aerobics or cycling have no positive effect on mental health. According to the study, individual exercise also has significant positive effects on mental health and these benefits cannot be achieved by being less active.

However, over-exercise can have negative effects on mental health. In fact, those people included in the survey who spent more than three hours daily exercising, found their mental health to be less than that of non-active people.

Keep walking! Be Healthy

Many people do not exercise at all. According to the experts, in order to keep you fit, must participate at least half an hour on daily basis in such activities in which body power is much involved so that maximum body fat can be utilized. Excessive body fat can create hurdles in blood flow. The regular walk has a calming effect on human health.


In Japanese society, the notion that walking a thousand steps daily not only reduces weight but also has a positive impact on human health. This concept is very old but still important in Japanese society. Japanese walk more and more to keep themselves fit. Walking has a positive effect on human health and temperament. It relieves fatigue and weakness.

Positive Effects Of Walking

Walk one thousand steps daily for good health. At this point, experts have conducted some investigations. According to which, not only does walking improve mental and physical health, it also has psychological effects. This will reduce stress and makes our mood pleasant as well.

Experts say the simplest solution to ending depression is to walk more and more. As you do so, the focus is diverted to the surrounding environment, and people begin to change their sphere of thought, causing depression or mental stress to slowly slow down and have a pleasant effect on mood.

Some people use cigarettes or other drugs to relieve depression. Both of these are harmful to health. Depressive should take a walk instead of adapting to these habits. There are many benefits to having a pediatrician.

If diabetes is in the early stages, it is best to walk instead of using the drug at the beginning, because excessive walking will keep their sugar level under control.

Walking is also essential for boosting blood circulation in the body, proper functioning of the heart and arteries. It also keeps the heartbeat normal.

Walking Is Good For Mood

Experts say walking at least fifteen minutes a day increases physical energy drastically and the effects begin to appear within an hour of walking, and if the walking duration is extended, the energy level will stay the same.

Because of this, the body is refreshed and delirious. Experts point out that there are chemical substances called Norepinephrine and Serotonin in the brain. The more you walk, the higher the concentration of these substances, which in addition to the extra energy can have a calming effect on the body as well as reduce the feelings of anger.


Walking also has a positive effect on the human psyche, such as mood swings, happiness, and self-esteem.

Regular pedestrians also have a stronger sense of observation and are more apprehensive about the people and things around them. Learn about them, etc. Besides, one of the important things about walking is that walking can lead to weight loss.

People who want to lose weight when they are old should have a daily walk.


Take some care when walking. For example, set a morning or evening time for a walk. At that time, sun exposure is less. Choose a place where there is not too much rush, but the environment is relaxed and the place is open so that the walk can run easily.

Keep walking duration short in the early days and gradually increase the time so that you do not feel tired. The pace of walking is neither fast nor slow. Walk at a moderate pace so that you can travel maximum distance.

Choose comfortable footwear so that you don’t feel tired. Even wear a tuxedo that makes you feel comfortable. Consume plenty of poultry or water before walking and do not eat too much poultry as they cause a lot of burden in nature.

Be sure to use water to reduce the number of salts that may be removed from the body in the event of sweat. Do not start work immediately after a walk, but after a while.

Morning Exercise Is very Useful

Elders say that waking up early in the morning is the best source of mental health physical comfort and energy. By late night, Smartphone hobbies and other fun activities have completely eliminated the habit of waking up early in the morning.

Even after getting up for Fajr, people take breakfast and are busy with their work. In the morning, the concept of exercise walks, and running sports has become finished at least in a commercial city like Karachi.

Exercise enthusiasts choose the evening time to supplement their hobbies. Of course, exercise can be done at this time, but scholars from Eastern countries have put a lot of emphasis on morning exercise.

The experts of yoga also emphasize on wake up before sunrise and the utility of yoga in the fresh air. Ataba has also found morning exercise, walks, and workouts to be very beneficial for survival.

According to a new study, exercise in the morning is more beneficial than other times, because exercising at this time allows the body to consume more fat. We use starchy (carbohydrate) foods, such as bread, rice, and other foods throughout the day. Our body begins to dispose of the fat from this diet at night.

Exercise Is Good For Weight Loss

Exercise in the morning helps the body to burn fat. Exercising not only continues this process but also performs better and helps the body to consume fat faster. In addition, the lungs get fresh oxygen, which has good health effects.

On the other hand, in the evening when carbohydrate levels are high in the body, he is unable to use the accumulated fat during exercise. So, with evening exercise, the starch becomes consumed, but the fact remains.

We should wake up early in the morning and go to a nearby park after offering prayer. Take a deep breath in the fresh air. Then after taking a bath, we should have breakfast. In this way, we do our daily routine work with great happiness, activeness and exhaustion will flee from us.

Exercise Is Very important

If ladies and gentlemen, you love life, do exercise and keep yourself going. Otherwise, your health will soon get you out of the running of life. Those days are gone, when exercise was so prevalent in our lives rather than our conversation that we didn’t even know it ourselves.

But today’s life has provided so many facilities that we almost forgot about walking. As a workout occasionally try to walk.

The same is true of climbing stairs and doing housework because machines are present on all sides. These machines have given us comfort, time-saving, and convenience as well as extra weight and an infinite number of diseases. We realize this, but we do not make any serious efforts to remedy it.

At first, it was thought that exercise was only necessary and beneficial for older people, but now if we look around us we guess that exercise is essential since childhood.

Because now, instead of healthy children, there are two types of children. Weak or obese. Such children do exercise, but they also sit in front of the TV or the computer, shaking their heads from left to right for each of the first meals and every second of the time.

Yes, parents sometimes take them out for a walk. For example, in a shopping mall or amusement park where after a two-hour drunken breakup, they take fast food, soft drinks and returned to the home after a slow break. They consider it as a good walk.

Exercise A Good Hobby

This is the case with wives who lift their weight due to their comfort.  They worry when they see a woman who is underweight and then resorts to eating and drinking to correct this grief. They also take on the burden of their increased weight in the same way as increased weight. And with that extra weight and worry, they sleep, wake up, and keep eating.

But it is impossible to start a serious effort to get rid of them. Yes, watching the delicate women in TVs and magazines, etc., the fondness of being similar to them in the heart keeps on ticking and various machines of exercise are also brought into the house by this hobby. After a few days of use, these can be used to spread and dry cloths.

One of the “effective” methods to lose weight for women is to discontinue the use of makeup immediately. With the guarantee, a few kilograms of weight will be lost immediately.

Some of this reduction will be due to avoiding cosmetics “spitting”, but the excessive reduction will be due to the deep shock of seeing your face without makeup. If only exercising the tongue can reduce weight, there may not be any fat or overweight women.

Things to consider are that we have time to use TVs, computers, cell phones. We do not even have fifteen to twenty minutes a day to reduce our overweight. It is a request to overweight people that stop thinking because thinking can only make the mind smart and active. From today onwards to becoming physically smart, start the exercise.

Exercise Health Protector

Nowadays, the interest of people and patients has increased in aerobic exercise that was started in the 1960s. Airy exercise refers to exercise, which keeps the blood supply of oxygen to the muscles. Low-intensity but high-end exercise, which is easy to do, such as slow running, fast walking, cycling, swimming, dancing, slipping on the ice, etc.


On the contrary, unhealthy exercise is more intense and of less duration. During this time, extra oxygen is not available and is only based on oxygen available in the muscles. Exercise should be done 30 minutes daily or 60 minutes a day to maintain a healthy state of mind. This exercise can be done with intense sweating or slight breathing.

People who are not accustomed, to doing the exercise slowly. One way of knowing your workout is to know your maximum heart rate. And then exercise so intensively that your heart rate should be up to 60% of the maximum heart rate speed.

To find out the maximum speed of your heart, deduct your age from 220. If you are 40 then subtract 40 out of 220. The result is 180. It means a person aged 40 years can do the exercise until his heart rate reached 180 per minute. This is the speed limit.

Among the benefits that the heart gains from exercise, pulse speed blood pressure reduction, and moderation are remarkable. It is also in a state of relaxation and even during moderate labor. Blood flow increases from the heart and cholesterol decreases.

The average lifespan is high in those who exercise and likely have fewer chances to have heart disease. Bad cholesterol (LDL) decreases and good cholesterol (HDL) increases.


Individuals who have good cholesterol, are less likely to have a transient heart, gain weight and moderate to high blood pressure.

If a person walks three miles three times a week, then 4800 calories burned in two years will reduce his weight by 13 pounds. Fibroblasts increase heart disease rate. If fat accumulates in the back, shoulders, and abdomen of the neck, such as men can increase the risk of heart disease. Exercise reduces this type of fat and also has a good effect on the mind.

Anxiety, pain, depression, and tiredness reduce. Feeling of energy developed and feeling of the same benefits as psychotherapy. It helps to quit smoking. Bones OSTEOPOROSIS decreases and diabetes becomes moderate.

In short, exercise is very important and beneficial for everyone. The best exercise is to run fast, which can be done indoors or on the terrace in bad conditions and bad weather. In the meantime, television can be seen to remove tiredness. People who have heart disease or who have doubts about their heart and health can start exercise after seeking medical advice.

If medical advice is not available then walking before eating will not be harmful to anyone. The best exercise is long walks. It is not necessary that you go too far, but do it for long.

The strange thing is that most people do not take exercise as a visit, yet there is no better exercise than a visit. Do exercise with an empty stomach in the morning and evening and gradually increase it. Running for 30 minutes daily is very good exercise. This exercise is useful for children and women. So, walk & walk and have a healthy life.

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