Diabetes Diet, Causes & Treatment

Diabetes is a disease that is continuous and has been seen in patients with constant growth. This disease is spreading not only in developing nations but also in developed countries, and its main reason is the person’s lifestyle.

World day of Diabetes is being celebrated worldwide, and in the meantime, we will inform you about the causes, effects, and prevention measures today.


What is Diabetes?

Diabetes is a disease that has implicit effects on the whole body. When the blood sugar grows in human beings and remains constant, it affects every organ of the body. Kidneys and blood vessels cause complications due to the absence of sugar control.

The biggest damage of diabetes is that it badly affects the nervous system. Of all the diseases caused by diabetes that affect this system, the most common disease is paralysis. This attack can happen anytime in a patient with diabetes.

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Diabetes Diet, Causes & Treatment

First of all, review that is no one in your parents a patient of diabetes? If any of your parents have sugar, then it is also a risk for you. But if both of them have, then there is an 80 to 90% of chance that you may also have the disease.

You should keep checking your sugar regularly.  It is not necessary that diabetes only occurs after 60 or 70 years of age.  But after the age of 20 to 25 years, Check out your diabetes with an empty stomach once a year and its results should be below 100.



If anybody has diabetes in your family, more testing is also done for the best results in which a test is of hemoglobin A-1C. This test shows the past three months of the sugar level.

The risk of death remains in case of paralyzes, but it may also have to face permanent disability.

Diabetes Diet & Treatment

  • If you suspect that you have diabetes, then first stop the consumption of diabetic foods i.e. sweet things, sweets, sugar, and cold drinks.
  • If you have left the use of sweet things, it does not mean that you start eating other foods excessively. Do not eat excessively. Just eat as much as needed for your body.
  • Keep your weight according to your height, because it is very important. Humans are involved in various games at a young age and everything he eats was easily consumed by the body. But after 25 years of age when his job starts and he becomes married, his lifestyle will be completely changed. In this age man’s activities become decrease and start increasing weight, then the risk of diabetes increases.
  • Individuals of all ages must make exercise an essential part of their lives. there is no difficult task to exercise. Always exercise what you can do easily. The most convenient exercise is a 30-minute walk step. Sometimes keep a quick walk in it.
  • If you have no control over diabetes by doing both diet and exercise, then it means that you now need diabetic medicines. And these medicines should be taken.

Effects On Health

Diabetes is a disease that is aged so you should stay in touch with your doctor so that they keep your jack and keep changing the necessary changes in medicines.

Diabetes not just only cause paralyzes by affecting the nervous system, but it destroys different human veins to become defective.

The ability of a human to feel is also affected, and in this case, the patient has to face pain. Sometimes wounds occur between the feet or the fingers and also the patient’s wound healing does not happen easily.

Apart from this, if the level of diabetes decreases, such as going down below 60 or between 20 to 30, the human brain stops working.  Sometimes the person goes to the world of unconsciousness.” What we can say is senselessness.  Sometimes epilepsy conditions will happen.

If you are a diabetes patient, use the medicines with the order that the sugar remains normal. If sugar becomes more than 200 or 300 or becomes more than 600, then it also poses a negative effect on the mind and the mind of the person becomes slow. Man can become unconscious.

Diabetes patients worldwide are constantly increasing, especially in developed countries.  Such foods are being used in those countries which cause obesity and a person is suffering from diabetes.  For example, cold drink cane contains 300 calories and 300 calories were spent when you exercise for 30 minutes, but one lasts back at just 5 minutes.

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