Types of Computer Virus

A computer virus is a program that affects the normal working of a computer system. It does not harm the computer’s hardware. Anti-virus software is used to protect pc from viruses. In this topic, you will be able to know about computer viruses & their important types.

Computer Viruses

A computer virus is a program that will disturb the traditional operating of an automatic data processing system. The virus attaches itself to files held on floppy disks, email attachments, and laborious disks. A file containing a virus is termed an infected file. computer virus

If this file is copied to a pc, the virus is additionally copied to the PC. A computer virus cannot effects hardware. it’s going to cause several damages to an automatic data processing system. A virus can:

  • A computer virus will injure knowledge or software system on the pc.
  • It will delete some or all files on the pc system.
  • The virus will also destroy all knowledge by format Winchester drive.
  • It could show a political or false message every few times.

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Types of Computer Virus

Following are some necessary types of a computer virus:

File Infector

A file infector is the foremost common style of a virus. It attaches to program files and unfolds to different programs on the Winchester drive.

 Boot Sector Virus

The boot sector virus attaches itself to the boot sector of a hard drive. They execute each time the computer is started. They may destroy all data on the computer system.

Macro Viruses

Macro viruses infect the automatic command capabilities of productivity software. They attach themselves to the data files in word processing, spreadsheet, and database programs. They spread when the data files are exchanged between users.

More Types Of Computer Virus

Some more rogue programs are the following:

Time Bombs

Time bombs are also called logic bombs. It is one of the important types of computer virus. They perform an activity on a particular date. They are harmless until a certain event or circumstance activates the program. Michelangelo is a popular time bomb. It destroys data on the hard disk on March 6.


It is similar to a virus. The worm spreads from one computer to another. It controls the infected computers and attacks other networked computers.

Trojan Horse

Trojan horse disguises itself as a useful program. It contains hidden instructions and may erase data or cause other damage. It does not create copies of itself.

Causes of Computer Virus

A different type of computer virus is spread on different computers due to the following reasons:


A virus can spread if the user opens and downloads an email containing a virus. Most of the viruses are spread through email messages.


The virus can spread if the user connects with a computer network that contains a virus. The Internet is an example of such a network. When a user downloads a file infected with a virus from the internet, the virus is copied to a computer. It may infect the files stored on the computer.

Removable Storage Media

Floppy disks, CDs, and flash devices are important means of exchanging data. A virus can also be transferred with the files when a user copies data from one computer to another using these devices.

Pirated Software

The illegal copy of the software is called pirated software. A virus can spread if the user installs pirated software that contains a virus. A variety of pirated software is available on CDs and from the internet.

Some companies intentionally add viruses to the software. The virus is automatically activated if the user uses the software without purchasing a license.

Virus Activation

When the computer virus starts its working, it is called the activation of a virus. A virus is normally run all the time on the computer. Different viruses are activated in different ways. Many viruses are activated on a certain date. For example, a popular virus Friday 13th virus is activated only if the date is 13 and the day is Friday.

Protection From Types of  Computer Virus

The virus infects the computer system if antivirus software is not installed. The latest antivirus software should be installed on the computer to protect it from viruses.

An ADP system is protected against viruses by following these precautions:

  • The latest antivirus ought to be put in on the pc.
  • The antivirus software system should be upgraded frequently.
  • The magnetic disk ought to be scanned for viruses before use.
  • Junk or unknown emails mustn’t be opened.
  • An unauthorized or pirated software system mustn’t be put in on pc.

Antivirus Software System

A type of software system that’s wont to discover and take away viruses is named antivirus software system. Antivirus programs contain info regarding completely different proverbial viruses. They will discover viruses and take away them.

Many antivirus programs square measure obtainable within the market. However, no single software system will discover and take away all viruses. Several new viruses square measure unreal and unfold through the web ceaselessly.

Antivirus programs are upgraded ceaselessly to discover these new viruses. Antivirus program not solely detects viruses from pc but additionally stop new viruses from stepping into the pc. Some vital antivirus programs square measure as follows:

  • McAfee
  • Norton Antivirus
  • Doctor Solomon’s

McAfee and Norton square measure the 2 most typically used antivirus programs in the Windows software system.



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