Fruitarian Diet Plans & Benefits

There are several ways to become Vegan, such as gluten-free vegan, raw vegan, high carb, low-fat vegan, etc. According to international specialists, a variety of raw vegan is the Fruitarian Diet, in which people eat bitter fruit in their original nature.

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It includes sweet,  granular seeds fruits, nuts, and seeds. It does not include grain and processed fruits.

What Is Fruitarian Diet?

fruitarian diet

Under this Diet Plan, people eat 30 and sometimes 50 bananas each day. A YouTuber, named Tiber ‘FreeleeThe Banana Girl’ who works on this diet, says eating more fruits with low-calorie provides maximum glucose to the mind. It also makes a human smart as well as provide fuel for the brain and body.

One Day Fruitarian Diet Plan

fruitarian diet


Breakfast: 3 Banana, blueberries, palm, and a cup of Coconut milk.

Morning snack:  5-10 dry peach.

Lunch: Banana, Two gourmet bowls containing fruit salad consisting of grapes and berries (after which take the vitamins B12 supplements).

Afternoon snack: 5-10 dry Figs.

Dinner: Chopped avocado, a large bowl of Cucu, and tomatoes, which can be dressed in olive oil, lime, salt, and pepper.

Dessert: Almond as per need

Benefits Of Fruitarian Diet

Experts say about the benefits of a Fruitarian Diet that it increases your intake of fibers, extracts the poisonous material from the body, and the daily calorie intake reduces. Fruitarians eat incredibly high amounts of fruits and remain slim and smart.

By searching on the Internet, you will be sure that daily dozens of people around the globe eat papaya and mangoes living a healthy life with a flat belly.

Fruitarian Diet’s Reaction

fruitarian diet


People who follow Fruitarian Diet say it is a low-calorie density diet plan, under which you can wipe out your hunger without taking a burden on the stomach. Another important thing is that you do not feel hungry at any time of the day.

However, this diet plan has a high amount of fiber and water. Both of these components are fast digestive, so people may feel to go to the washroom several times a day.

Results After One Week Later

fruitarian diet

The persons who work on the Fruitarian Diet claim that after receiving a minimum of 75% of the calories from fruit for a week, they feel self-relieved and prevalent. So, on the other hand, seven days later, they feel they are straightforward

What Do Experts Say?

fruitarian diet

Experts suggest avoiding the fruitarian diet of 100%. Diana James, the US-based certified food expert, says that Fruitarian Diet is better than traditional American foods, however,  it cannot be said ideal. There is also a loss of diet in the long run.

Through the fruit, you are taking extra sugar, which can lead to sugar failure in the blood. As a result,  a human may face complaints such as laziness, an increase in hunger, and not focusing on anything. ‘

Additionally, Diana James feels, ‘It is impossible that a man can fulfill all his nutritional needs only by eating fruits. For this, you will have to take supplements of protein powder, B complex, iron, zinc, vitamin D, iron, and omega 3.

Despite all these weaknesses in Fruitarian Diet, all agree on the fact that fresh foods are best for health.


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