Constipation Reasons and Home Based Remedies

Generally, Constipation means that you can exclude waste three or fewer times a week. But it also means that the stomach excludes lack of waste and the waste comes in a small, hard and dry shape. The good news is that the treatment of Constipation is easy, and it is even easier if you know the reasons for it.


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Causes of Constipation

Here are a few factors related to Constipation that you may suffer from:

  • The most common cause of constipation is non-standard food and an inactive lifestyle. Mostly use junk foods and do not make exercises have a catastrophic impact on your health.
  • Eating more foods containing milk, yogurt, or dairy products
  • High foods such as greasy and sugar are used
  • Reduction of fiber-rich food items (such as fruits, vegetables, gourmet, etc.)
  • Water shortage, drinking a low amount of water
  • Use of alcohol or caffeine

Also, just as soon as you feel to exclude the waste, turn to the toilet immediately. Waiting for proper time and space by stopping waste can also cause Constipation. Changes to daily routines cause problems for digestion as well as problems in access toilet, reducing exercise and diet change may suffer you from Constipation.

So if you’re traveling, try to keep your routine running smoothly and continue eating foods full of fiber, do exercise, and drink water.

Constipation is also caused due to the side effect of many medicines. If you start taking a new medicine and you feel that the shape or routine of your waste has been changed, consult your doctor so that the problem can be timely overtaken.

Your physical health may also be one of the reasons for constipation. If physical health is damaged, as side effects of a disease, your intestine may limit the movement of food, due to which you can become a patient of constipation. So in any case of illness or physical health, please refer to your physician to avoid the pain of suffering constipation.

The other reasons for constipation are:

  • Stroke
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Spinal Bone
  • Passive thyroids
  • Pregnancy
  • Diabetes

Apart from this, losing or limiting the working of body organs mostly causes constipation in the growing age. For which older people are required to consult with a physician and take medicines.

There are several natural ways that you can get yourself in your home to get rid of this disease and many of these methods also consider medical science.

Drinking More & More Water


Continuous lack of water in the body can also be the cause of constipation. To avoid this, you must keep drinking water so that there is no water shortage in the body and the condition of constipation does not come. But if you have, then drink carbonated water to reset it.

Remember that carbonated drinks are not alternative to water, and in some cases, it further increases constipation

Eating More Fiber Items


Those who are occupied are advised to eat fiber food because research has shown that 77% of people have been rescued from this disease by eating fiber mixed food. The reason is that fiber-rich foods increase the movement of food inside the intestine and enhance control over digestion.

Regular Exercise

Avoid constipation

Recent research showed mixed results in this perspective whether exercise affects constipation or not. But the physicians agree that exercise helps to digest food and become part of the body, which proves that exercise helps in removing signs and causes of constipation

Drink Coffee

constipation remedy

Drinking coffee, especially having caffeine, is helpful in removing constipation. The reason is that coffee enhances the working of digestive muscles, due to which the movement of food increases. Apart from this, there is a small amount of fiber available in the coffee that protects you from constipation by balancing bacteria in the intestine.

Reduction of Dairy Products


Sometimes extra use of dairy products and lactose are also caused by the occupation. If you feel that you are having a problem with eating food items from dairy products, its easiest solution is to remove these products from your diet.

This may cause you to have a problem with calcium reduction. But for this, you can try to reduce the deficiency by adding calcium-rich alternatives to your diet. Follow these natural home-based remedies to avoid this disease.

Use natural things to cure diseases in natural ways.


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