Hemorrhoids Types, Causes & Treatment

External Hemorrhoids are actually messengers of blood vessels found in the anus (ANUS), which is caused by constant blood pressure on them. Especially when the pressure is on the blood vessels in the abdomen and lower body. Although some veins do not tolerate this pressure, they flower and form piles.

Types Of Hemorrhoids


There are three types of External hemorrhoids in terms of piles: one internal, the other middle, and the third external.

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Inner Hemorrhoids

The inner hemorrhoids are deep inward and cannot be seen or felt in general. They do not cause any pain or discomfort. This condition occurs in the external hemorrhoids, but in this case, the blood is released from the piles.

Middle Hemorrhoids

In the middle hemorrhoids, pain, inflammation, and anemia are present.

External Hemorrhoids

External hemorrhoids are at risk of infection due to sitting, using a vehicle, or rubbing waste. If infection occurs, it increases inflammation, discomfort, and becomes difficult to insert piles. The piles causing bleeding are bloody hemorrhoids, and those that don’t cause bleeding are non-bloody hemorrhoids.

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Causes Of External Hemorrhoids

The disease is usually found in those people who eat very high chili spicy food and are hobbits to eat carbohydrates, especially fat-rich foods. These people eat more meat. Vegetables are not included in their diet and if any, in small quantities.



An important cause of infection is constipation. Because constipation causes constant pressure on the blood vessels in the anus, the blood vessels are opened and become obstructed during this time.

Then, in the case of constipation, hard and dry waste is discharged. The friction and itching can open the mouth of blood vessels and the wound starts to bleed, which later forms a pile. Worms, especially walking (THREAD WORMS), also play an important role in the cause of the disease.

Because they stay in the lower part of the intestine and start laying eggs in the anus at night, they bite, causing severe anxiety and itching in the anus.


Their bite and patient’s tremors cause anal wounds, and persistent itching can cause hemorrhoids. Occasionally, External hemorrhoids happen even after getting hurt, bruised, or sunburned.


External Hemorrhoids are not only due to constipation but also caused by diarrhea if it continues for many days.  Especially, when high-impact medicines are eaten for longer or there is diarrhea that may cause irritation.

Liver Disorders

Liver disorders can also result in External hemorrhoids, especially when liver function slows down and blood begins to accumulate in the blood vessels associated with it.


People who drink alcohol also suffer from external hemorrhoids. Although the disease is more common in the same family, it is mainly due to their dietary habits and lifestyle.

For example, it is customary for some families or people in certain areas to eat spicy food. Some people eat more fat and meat and are not interested in sports and exercise.

Some classes are not able to find time for exercise because of their business engagements. Even though the nature of their work is that they have to spend more time sitting and coming to the office and home by personal car. They don’t have walking opportunities.

Transmission of Disease

Sometimes the disease is inherently transmitted from parent to child. Often it has been seen that women complain of external hemorrhoids during pregnancy. As the baby is older in the uterus, the uterus pressure increases on the surrounded blood vessels.

It causes blockage of blood there. Blood clotting causes pressure on the walls of the veins and causes hemorrhoids. Such hemorrhoids often go away after the birth of a baby, but sometimes it later chases & does not leave.

Due To Pregnancy

In the first pregnancy, its chances are high, when the baby is abnormally healthy, the birth of a twin is expected, the mother is inclined to obesity, or during pregnancy, she is suspected of having severe constipation.

There are chances of external hemorrhoids in those people who stay in the wet place for a long time, after moisture, the moisture persists for a long time and does not take care of thorough cleaning.

Sometimes the external hemorrhoids last for years, but they are unknown. This usually occurs in non-blooded external hemorrhoids. It is possible to diagnose when the bleeding is too high.

If ever diagnosed with another disease, when examined by the intestine, it is found that the external hemorrhoids are infected. They are also present. The types of external hemorrhoids in which the piles occur internally and medially do not appear or feel, so they are diagnosed late.

One of the distinguishing features of external hemorrhoids is that after relieving, the feeling remains that the stomach is not yet cleaned and there is more intestinal waste in the intestine. These piles are caused by constipation, blood pressure in the lower blood vessels, or changes in daily intake.


  • Foods that stimulate intestines or cause irritation should be eaten sparingly, such as meat and eggs, hot spices, beef, red pepper, etc. If work is done by sitting down or having an inactive life, then walking and light workouts should be arranged.
  • Diarrhea should be maintained, especially liver function. If irritation or itching starts to occur repeatedly, sometimes minor gums appear in the waste or some kind of nausea may appear when during the extraction of waste. You should consult a physician, as there is a possibility of external hemorrhoids.
  • Dietary precautions are very important for hemorrhoids patients.
  • Whenever you are free of agglutination, it should be washed thoroughly with soap after irrigation. Then dry water with a clean cloth and apply any cold cream or almond olive oil. If you feel discomfort, the oils can be applied before relief.
  • Chairs made of cotton or foam are dangerous for external hemorrhoids patients, especially in the summer.
  • Take the washroom at the scheduled time. Even relief is felt or not, such patients should try to get relief in the morning and evening.


  • Take a large teaspoon of Asibghol together in distilled water before bedtime. Two small teaspoons of almonds or olive oil, mixed with semi-warm milk, can be drunk before bedtime. But longer periods of grease can be dangerous for the liver. It must be taken care of.
  • The treatment of external hemorrhoids should be taken into account as soon as the blood is released from the piles. It should not be stopped immediately.  Because at one point the blood pressure reduces the piles and reduces the pain. Blood that is discharged is irregular because of the rash, and it is better to have it discharged.
  • If the patient has symptoms of too much stress or anemia, then it should not be delayed to stop the bleeding.
  • The treatment of external hemorrhoids should first be tried through medicine to control the disease. It should be operated in a state of extreme compulsion. Since the drug is more likely to cure it. So its causes are treated as well. It is also less likely to be born again.
  • Greek medicine has good medicines available for the treatment of this disease.
  • Useful foods include radish, radish leaves, chestnut greens, duck sauce, etc. They also do not get constipated and the lost blood recovers.
  • Prior to the operation, the patient is vaccinated with certain types of vaccines, such as if the hemorrhoid is caused by the liver.

The disease can be relieved by taking appropriate dietary changes and appropriate immunizations.

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