Uses of Computer In Our Daily Life

A computer is a programmable electronic device that evaluates data according to a set of commands,  produce output as a result and store it for future use. Important uses of a computer are at home, in education, business, hospitals, banking, offices, and in the field of marketing.

What is Computer?

A computer is a programmable electronic device that is used to accept data as input, perform various operations on that data, convert it into meaningful information and store it for future use. Important types of computers are Analog Computers, Digital Computers, Personal Computers, Microcomputers, Desktop Computers, Hybrid computers, etc.

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Uses of Computer In Daily Life

The computer is an essential part of our daily life. It can do a task faster than a human. From a memory perspective, a computer can store millions of files, videos, audio, etc. for a long period of time and can be accessed as and when required. The common uses of a computer are at home, in education, business, etc.

uses of computer
Uses of Computer In Daily Life
  • At Home
  • In the Field of Education
  • Business Field
  • In all Industries
  • In the Medical Field

Uses of Computer at Home

A computer is an important part of our home. It works like a human being in order to maintain our home budget. Important uses of a computer at home are: to play games, study, work, entertainment, information, chatting and internet surfing. A computer is also used to operate security cameras.

use of computer at home
use of computer at home

Important uses of the computer are:

  • Home Budget
  • Computer Games
  • Working at Home
  • Entertainment
  • Information
  • Chatting

Home Budget

A computer can be used to manage the home budget. You can easily calculate your expenses and income. You can also record all expenses in one column and earnings in another column. Furthermore, you can apply any computation on these columns to sketch your home budget.

Computer Games

The main exercise of a computer at home is playing games. Various types of games are existing. These games are a source of entertainment and play also. Many games are available nowadays. These games are specifically developed to get better your mental capability and thinking power also.

Working at Home

Working at home is also another benefit of the computer. People can manage office work at home. The owner of a company can check the work of the employees from home. He can control his office while sitting at home.


People can find entertainment on the internet. You can watch movies, hear songs and also download different stuff. You can also watch live matches on the internet.


You can discover any type of information on the internet. Educational and informative websites are accessible to download books, tutorials, and articles to improve knowledge.


You can chat with your friends on the internet. You can also talk to them. Different types of messages, files and information can be sent to them or received from them.

Uses of Computer in Education

Compute is also used in the educational field to facilitate the learners. CBT is a different program that is supplied on CD-ROM. These programs include text, graphics, and sound. Audio and video lectures are recorded on CDs. CBT is also a low-cost solution for educating people.

uses of computer in education
uses of computer in education

What is CBT?

CBT is the abbreviation of Computer Based Training. CBT is a different program that is supplied on CD-ROM. These programs include text, graphics, and sound. Audio and video lectures are recorded on CDs. CBT is also a low-cost solution for educating people. You can prepare a huge number of people effortlessly.

Benefits of CBT

Some important benefits of CBT are as follows

  • Students can be trained to learn new skills at their own tempo. They can easily obtain knowledge in any available time of their own choice
  • Training time can be reduced
  • CBT contains interactive, attractive, and easy material. It encourages students to learn the topic.
  • Planning and timing problems are reduced or eliminated
  • The skills can be educated and thought at any time and at any place
  • It is a very cost-effective way to guide a large number of students locally or at distant places

Computer-Aided Learning (CAL)

Computer-aided learning is the procedure of using information technology to facilitate teaching. It also improves the learning process. The use of a computer can shrink the time that is spent on the preparation of teaching material. It can also reduce the administrative pressure of teaching and research.

The use of multimedia projectors and slides has improved the quality of teaching. It has also helped the learning process.

Online Education

Many websites provide online education. The user can also download and study educational material, articles, books, and tutorials without going anywhere.  Furthermore, several universities present online lectures for students. Students can ask questions and talk about problems by sending emails to websites.

Uses of Computer in Business

The use of computer technology in business has provided many facilities. Businessmen are using computers to work together with their customers on a global scale and in a global marketplace. A computer also helps them to reduce the overall cost of their business.

use of computer in business
uses of computers in business

A computer can also be used in business in the following ways:

Uses of Computer Marketing

Any business organization can use computers for marketing their products. A computer also ensures the management of the delivery system, publicity, and selling activities. It can also be used in deciding pricing strategies. Four major elements of marketing are product, promotion, place, and price.

Marketing applications provide information about the products to the customers. The marketing applications help managers to develop strategies and then combine these elements for better marketing.

Stock Exchange

The stock exchange is the most important place of businessmen. It is a place where brokers submit and receive their bids. Many stock exchanges have launched computerized systems also. The stockbrokers are using a computer for conducting bids. The use of paper is reducing rapidly.

The stockbrokers can do all trading activities electronically. They can tender and collect bids using computers. They can also interconnect with computer display screens where brokers match the buyers with sellers. It minimizes the cost because there is no need to use paper or a special building.

Uses of Computer Banks

Furthermore, Banks are providing the facility of Automated Teller Machine (ATM). The ATM is used to withdraw cash directly from the machine without the interaction of any person. Many banks provide credit cards that can be used to purchase different items using the internet.

Uses of Computer Departmental Stores

In departmental stores, the cashier can enter the sales data on a computer by using a barcode reader. The barcode reader reads the barcodes printed on the items. The barcode also contains the price of a particular item. The computer uses this as input to calculate the bill.

In addition, the record of sale is stored in the computer. This record can be used to analyze accounts and stock inventory. Different types of reports can also be generated from this record. The businessman can take an important decision using these reports to improve the business.

Office Automation

Office automation is the method that is followed to automate office tasks using computers. Multiple types of tasks are carried out in the office of an organization, institution or industry. These tasks include decision making, data manipulation, document handling, Communication, and storage.

Uses of Computer in Industries

Computers are used in industries in different types of systems. Robots are used to control many complex tasks. A robot is an automatic programmable machine. It moves and performs mechanical tasks. It is also used in different applications. Some applications of robots are as follows:

use of computer in industry
use of computer in industry
  • Assembling and spray-painting of cars
  • Carrying out maintenance on overhead  power cables
  • Outer space experimental programs
  • Artificial satellites
  • Radioactive Environments

Some uses of computer in industries are as follows:

Automated Production System

An automated production system consists of computerized machines that work like a human being. These machines are assembled together to produce a product automatically without involving a human. Many car factories are completely computerized. A car is assembled by computer-controlled robots.

Design System

Many products are designed using CAD (Computer-Aided Design). Computer programs are used to create the model of an item/ product on the computer. After the design is complete, the actual product is produced. these design systems are used to create new models of cars, logos of brands, maps of buildings, etc.

Uses of Computer in the Medical Field

Nowadays, the whole medical field in the world is based on artificial intelligence. The computer is a fundamental part of AI. A computer in the medical field is used for hospital administration, records medical history, monitoring system, diagnosis of diseases, and life support system, etc.

Hospital Administration

Hospital is an important organization. The accounting payroll and stock system of the hospital can be managed by using a computer. Furthermore, we can use a computer to hold the record of various medicines, their division, and their utilization in different wards.

Recording Medical History

Maintaining and record the medical history of patients is also an advantage of a computer system. Various types of facts about patients are stored in a computer. All records of patient treatment, recommended medicines and their outcome are also stored. Such systems can be very effective and helpful for doctors.

Monitoring System

Some serious patients must be monitored continuously. Monitoring is a core need, especially in operation theatres and intensive care units. To monitor the blood pressure, heartbeat, and brain condition of the patients, a variety of computerized devices are available in hospitals nowadays.

Life Support Systems

Life support systems are used to facilitate disabled persons. There is a variety of devices that are used to help out the deaf person to hear. Scientists are also searching and trying for the purpose to form a device that will enable the blind person to see.

Diagnosis of Diseases

A variety of software is available that is used to store a variety of diseases and their symptoms. It makes the diagnosis of a disease is achievable by just entering the symptoms of a patient. Furthermore, a variety of computerized machines are also used in laboratories for different blood tests.

Uses of Computer For Kids

Nowadays computer is vastly used by kids to watch their favorite program. these programs include cartoons, poems, pets, drawing, listen to music & watch movies, writing the application, essay, letters, can do calculations such as addition subtraction & play games, or any other entertaining content.

uses of computer for kids
uses of computer for kids

The computer is also used for online learning purposes. many institutions are educating their students via internet and computer is one of the essential parts of online education.

Uses of Computer In Transportation

Such as storing free space and selling tickets for passenger trains or airlines, monitoring and directing flights at airports, choosing the finest route for planes and ships, setting traffic lights in hectic areas, setting up trains, planes, and Cars.

uses of computer in transportation
uses of computer in transportation

Final Words

The use of computers in our daily lives increasing day by day in a faster way. The computer performs our tasks faster and more accurately and saves our maximum time. But why we don’t have time to spend with our families?

So, it’s important to understand and analyze what you want to do today and what is important to be done by using a computer. And once you realize that, use a computer every day and make life easier. Also, satisfy yourself and most importantly, find some spare time for yourself and those around you.




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