What is Soil Erosion | Its Causes and Effects

Hello everyone! Today I am here with anew topic for you in which I will discuss Soil erosion and its effects on the environment. Erosion can be combated by hydro technical works, afforestation, etc. Soil erosion is the movement of solid particles from the land surface by the action of wind, water or ice or as a result of the action of living organisms (bio erosion).

What is Soil Erosion?

Soil erosion is the destruction of soil by the movement of soil particles through wind, water or ice from the result of human activities.

Soil erosion is the form of soil degradation. Erosion can be caused by climate conditions, relief, but people also have a considerable impact through their activity.

In agriculture, for the most part, not enough measures are implemented to avoid soil degradation, even though it directly influences the harvest.

Soil erosion decreases its fertility, respectively the amount of production that can be obtained. Due to the fact that the soil layer on the surface is removed by erosion, the lands, after some time, can no longer be used for agriculture.

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Factors Causing Soil Erosion

Soil erosion. There are some factors of soil erosion:

Deforestation – Deforestation without planting new trees has serious consequences for the soil and the climate in general.

Horticulture without respect for crops and gardens promotes erosion.

Expansion of agricultural land on flat land.

Correct use of irrigation systems.

Overfeeding without respecting the conditions allowed the soil to break down through processes such as erosion.

Increasing urbanization and traffic have destroyed fertile land.

Desertification currently, it is estimated that 4500 million hectares are at risk of desertification, while 950 million hectares of land are seriously affected.

Soil is produced on land that has been heavily cultivated or cultivated. A lot of soil is created when certain plants are planted year after year, but are not mulched and the nutrients return to the soil.

Final Words

Hope so, you have read this topic carefully. I have tried to provide you more authentic information. The soil erosion is a natural phenomenon but it has dangerous to soil and its productions. If you have any quires related to this topic you can ask freely in comment section.



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