Freedom APK Free For Android & PC

Freedom APK is a very important & amazing app for android smartphone users. It helps the gamers to buy any game’s coins and cars etc. that are not possible to get free on the Google Play Store.

Freedom Apk

Freedom APK is an amazing app for game lovers. It enables you to get paid apps for free. This application itself produces dummy credit card details, and when you try to grab a paid app, you will get it for a fee on your device.

Now you can download & install the Freedom App For PC as well.  So if you’re passionate about Android games, then it is a very great app for you.

And the interesting thing about Freedom APK App is that it’s completely free for all. Originally the app is not available on the Play Store, but you can download the Freedom App simply by clicking the download link below.

The app enables you to enjoy a huge variety of amazing features such as you can buy any of your favorite game paid games for free, or you can also make any application in-app purchase without any charge.

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How To Install Freedom Apk In Your Android Phone

It is very simple and faster to download and install Freedom APK on your android device as the file size is very small. With this app, you can get any of the license verification software or bypass the In-App purchase of your installed Android apps or games.

If you are a game-addicted person then here is the right app for you to earn an unlimited number of Gold Coins, Keys, and other stuff right inside your favorite android games. Previously, We also shared Gbwhatsapp, get hands-on with it too.

Freedom Apk For Android & PC

But by using Freedom APK no root, you can buy everything for free. Here is a complete guide about how to download the freedom app on your android phone for free.

Step 1: First navigate to the settings> Open Settings => Security => Unknown Sources.

Install Freedom APK App on android

Step 2: Now, Download Freedom APK Latest Version by clicking on the above link. You can also download Freedom APK on PC & transfer it to your android phone via data cable.

Step 3: Open the installed File Manager on your android device (If you don’t have File Manager, install it by clicking here: ES File Explorer).

Now from File Manager, navigate to Downloads or any other folder where you have placed the Freedom app APK file.

Step 4: Click on the file to open Open & hit on the install button now.

how to install freedom apk on android

Step 5: Wait for a few seconds till the Freedom app will get installed successfully on your phone.

Finally, the freedom app has been successfully installed on your Android phone. So let’s read more to know how to do in-app purchases with the use of the Freedom app for free.

How To Do In-App Purchases with Freedom Apk?

Just follow the simple steps below & use the Freedom app to do In-App purchases inside your favorite apps and games using android devices.

Step 1: First of all, tap on the Freedom app icon to open the app from the App drawer.

Step 2: Now, a pop-up appears asking to grant root permissions. Grant Root permissions by simply clicking on the Grant/Allow button present there.

Step 3: Now, here a list appears that shows all of the pre-installed apps in your android smartphone.

Step 4: Select your desired app from the displayed list to do in-app purchases for free. i.e PUBG Mobile Kr, Need For Speed, or PicsArt.

Step 5: Tap on the app name and hold for a few seconds.

Step 6: Once, the app launched successfully, go to the store of that particular app (where you want to bypass the in-app purchases).

Step 7: simply click on the Buy button now in order to do every in-app purchase.

Do the same steps in all of your desired android apps if you want to do free in-app purchases. Is the No Connection error appear in Google Play Store while doing in-app purchases?

Don’t be panic, you are not the only person who is facing this. It is a very general error that many Freedom app users often face.

How To Fix Google Play Store No Connection Error

Step 1: First, you need to download a file manager app on your android device that can edit system files like ES File Explorer.

Step 2: Now, Move on to the root directory of your android phone & reach the System folder

Step 3: Click on the etc folder to open and look for the host’s file there.

Step 4:  Simply edit that host’s file and place the below code inside the file. LOCALHOST

Step 5: Now, Save the file. Go to the settings of your android phone and open Application Manager.

Step 6: Choose the Google Play Store from the list and hit on the Clear Data button.

Step 7: It’s done, Just Reboot your android smartphone now.

Hurra! This error is resolved now. Now you can easily do in-app purchases for free with the help of the Freedom app now.

Features of Freedom App

Definitely, the Freedom app is very important for rooted android phone users. This app just not only beneficial to gamers only but enables you to bypass in-app purchases and grab free of other Android apps as well such as PicsArt (Everything including paid filters, Clip-arts, Frames for free with freedom app).

Here are some major features that the freedom app offers to android users.

  • Using Freedom App, you become able to buy paid features such as coins, gems, and other resources for free.
  • This app is used to bypass in-app purchases very simply in most Android apps and games.
  • Get the full versions of your desired game or app inside your android phone.
  • It is compatible with all Rooted Android phones with Android versions later than Gingerbread (Android 2.3).
  • Regularly updated to provide maximum support for most of the android apps.
  • It uses a variety of patches and mods to exploit most Android apps & games.
  • It avoid you from watching ads within the installed apps on your smartphone.

Freedom APK App Alternatives

I hope you will never face any issue while most of the Android apps and games using the Freedom app. But if you struck in any case or you need to have a Freedom app alternative due to any compatibility issue or try the below apps as well.

  • Lucky Patcher
  • Xmodgames
  • AppSarae
  • Leo Play Card


I hope you will get the answers to all the questions which are possible to create trouble from downloading to the In-App Purchase process. So, you are free to do in-app purchases inside loving apps and games now and have fun.

So, if you want to play a premium game on your android device, try now the freedom no root APK to buy free coins and many more for free.

If you find this article informative, let us know through the comment section & click on the below buttons to share it with your loved ones.



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