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Download Lucky Patcher APK Free For Android

Are you searching for the best app to unlock all the game’s resources, all the characters & levels, and get access to in-app Purchases all for free? Lucky Patcher APK is the best Android app to remove ads, modify Permissions, bypass premium apps license verification, and much more.

What is Lucky Patcher App?

Lucky Patcher is a ‘Modifier’ app for limitless access to games and the play store. This app has a lot of functions that you might be searching for. Lucky Patcher is a must-have app for all game enthusiasts.

This app helps in editing the maximum of the android games so that the games can be enjoyed to their maximum.

In short, this is an excellent app to satisfy your demand inside the android gaming experience as well as a pleasant app to get any paid apps for free. It also allows us to modify numerous apps in a large number of ways.

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Lucky Patcher is an outstanding app that permits you to block classified ads, dispose of system apps, adjust device apps, pass license verification, adjust app permissions, and more.

It may block all of those advertisements to provide you with the best gaming and other apps using experience on your android device. Though Lucky Patcher needs root access, you can perform several tasks even without rooting your tool.

But, to experience all of the capabilities of this tool, you should root your device. The android device can be rooted through the use of more than one way.

In other words, you haven’t experienced the best & the top rate premium services on your android device if you don’t install the Lucky Patcher app.

Lucky Patcher APK Download

Lucky Patcher APK is a free Android app that is used to mod many apps and Games, Block ads, remove unnecessary system apps, remove license verification from paid apps and games, etc.

To enjoy all these amazing features, download Lucky Patcher APK for free from here now!

Note: Lucky Patcher App is not a Malware, Virus, or Malicious app but Google will show you a warning message. Disable the “Play Protect” option on PlayStore to remove this warning.

Lucky Patcher App Info:

Name Lucky Patcher APK
Current Version 9.2.5
Cost Free
Size 9.3 MB
Developer ChelpuS
Requirement Android 4.0 & Above

System Requirements to Install LP

Before installing the APK file, ensure that your device fulfills the system requirements. The app will work smoothly if these conditions are met. The must fulfill the following requirements to install the Lucky Patcher app successfully:

  • As this is a modding tool, it’d require the android tool to be rooted prior to installing in the device.
  • It really works on smartphones with Android version 4.0  & above.
  • It is also well suited with Windows 7,8 and 10
  • The minimum RAM requirement is 2 GB.
  • At least 10 GB of free internal storage for smooth working.

Moreover, this app additionally demands some permission from your android tool. these are as follows:

  • Permission is required to draw over other apps and to alter system settings
  • Need permission to examine the contents on the memory card
  • Permission to alter or delete the contents of the SD card
  • Permission to the approximate location

How To Install Lucky Patcher APK App On Android

We are providing you with the official Lucky Patcher App Installer so that you can easily install Lucky Patcher APK into your smartphone. This installer will lead you to install the official version of the Lucky Patcher app in seconds.

Step >1: First, you have to download the Lucky Patcher APK file from our website by clicking on the above download button.

Step > 2: Before installing the APK file, make sure to enable “Unknown Sources” from the settings option.  Navigate to Settings > Lock screen > Click on the security option. Then, search the  ‘unknown sources’  option and enable it.

Step > 3: Now, locate the APK file of Lucky Patcher Installer in the downloads folder.

Step > 4: After successfully locating the Lucky Patcher APK file,  double click on it to ‘Install’. It will start the installation process. Wait for a moment until the app becomes installed on your Android phone. Click to open it and allow required permissions.

Step > 5: Hit on Yes.

Step > 6: Here a popup related to the security appears. Tap on the Settings option to enable the “Allow from this source” option. After doing this, move back.

Step > 7: Now you will receive the leads you to install the official version of the Lucky Patcher app. Just tap on the Install button and wait for a few moments.

How To Solve “App Not Installed” Error

Many users were reporting an error called app not installed or installation blocked due to security reasons. That’s why we have decided to guide you with more details about this error.

If you are getting this error, you have to disable the “Play Protect” from the Play Store app. Let’s follow the process:

Step >1: Open the Play Store app. From the menu, Hit on the “Play Protect” option.

Step >2: Here you have to turn off “Scan device For Security Threats’ by clicking on the option.

Step >3: Click on the OK button to confirm it.

Step >4: Repeat the installation process to install Lucky Patcher App successfully.

In-App Purchases Using Lucky Patcher

Lucky Patcher provides you with a very simple and convenient way to bypass in-app purchases.  Here are some steps to do that simply:

Features of Lucky Patcher

Lucky Patcher APK is an amazing app that allows crazy gamers to play any game using unlimited resources. This app is updated on regular basis to support the maximum number of android devices. Some exciting features of this app are:

Remove Ads

It is really irritating to watch irrelevant ads that pop up every time we are playing any game or accessing any app. Most of the time, these ads also interrupt our gameplay.

But now, You don’t need to get worried anymore. Lucky Patcher is here for you that allows you to easily remove unwanted and irrelevant ads.

It just needs a few clicks to get rid of unnecessary ads. Removing ads also makes your gaming experience more enjoyable.

Get Unlimited Coins, Gems & Other Game Resources

This amazing app enables you to grab unlimited coins, keys, and other resources of any game.  Through this app, you can play any level, use any character to play, grab your desired weapon, car, or game resource easily by modifying your app.

Access Paid Apps For Free

It happens many times that we download any paid app for free by using an app or web but can’t be able to launch them because of license verification.

Lucky Patcher bypasses the verification process with custom patches. So, it enables you to get paid apps for free.

Convert Any App Into System App

Lucky Patcher makes it possible to keep any application permanently on your Android phone by converting it into a system app.  This will allow you to copy any app to the system’s folder in order to convert it into a pre-installed app.

Move Apps Into The Memory Card

If your smartphone’s internal memory becomes full, then you can spare some space by moving heavy apps to the memory card..This can be done very easily with the help of Lucky Patcher.

Make Free In-App Purchases

Lucky Patcher can easily bypass Google’s billing system. Through this, you can easily purchase any paid app and make in-app purchases for free.

Backup Important Files

Use Lucky Patcher to backup your important files with a few clicks. It provides a ‘take backup feature’ that lets you make a backup of any app and save it in an external file.

You can easily import that to the cloud or to your PC.  Furthermore, it’s simple to retrieve that backup from the stored location.

More About Lucky Patcher

Android users have crossed a figure of 2 billion across the globe. A huge number of Android users are panicked and frustrated about different forms of Limitations.

To get rid of this issue you have to buy these apps pro version. The only and real solution to all the above-said issues is Lucky Patcher App.

This app provides you a complete solution of blocking ads, removing system apps, modifying system apps, bypassing license verification, modifying app permissions, and much more!

What You Can Do With The LP?

  • Remove ads.
  • Get paid gems, coins, chips, and more things you want to add.
  • Grap paid apps features without spending money.
  • Easy to convert apps to system apps and system apps to other apps.
  • Simple to move apps and games files to SD card.
  • Make a backup of app files and retrieve data from saved locations as and when required.

Lucky Patcher FAQs

Here we provide answers to some of the frequently asked questions being asked by the Lucky Patcher app users.

Q1:- How To Download Lucky Patcher APK App?

Ans:- It’s very simple to download the lucky patcher App. Click on the above download button.  The downloading become starts automatically. You will get the Lucky Patcher APK latest version through that means.

Q2:- How To Install Lucky Patcher APK App?

Ans:- After the Lucky Patcher APK file downloads successfully, just click to open it. If an installation blocked popup appears, navigate to settings and enable the installation of unknown sources. Then re-install the Lucky Patcher app.

Q3:- Is It Possible to get All The Games using Lucky Patcher?

Ans:- No, it’s not possible to get all the games through Lucky patcher. Nowadays most of the tending games are internet-based and use their own server. That’s why most online games cannot be accessed using Lucky Patcher.

Q4:- How To Block Ads Using Lucky Patcher?


  • First, select please “Remove Google Ads” option inside the app.
  • Next, choose “Patch to remove Google Ads”.
  • Your device must be connected to the internet and the app is running.
  • Unexpectedly, if the ads still appearing, select “Disable Ads Activities” there you will be able to disable them.
  • We wish that it works and the ads will be hidden.
  • If you want that app into its actual state, just select “Remove ODEX with Changes” or “Restore”.

Q5:- How To Remove License Verification With Lucky Patcher?

  • For patching, your device must have the original APK file being signed or authorized by the Official Developer.
  • Choose the “Remove License Verification” option inside the app.
  • After that choose “Auto Mode” and check this app with a fast internet connection.
  • If this method does not work properly, try “Auto Mode(Inverse)” or “Extreme Auto Mode”.
  • It’s done, your app will be registered successfully.
  • If you desired to go back to the actual state just select “Remove ODEX with Changes” or “Restore”.

Q6:- Which Games Are Compatible With Lucky Patcher?

Ans: There are hundreds of apps and games that are compatible with lucky patcher. It becomes more clear when you try to some app or game.

Q7:- Is Using Lucky Patcher Illegal?

Ans:- Lucky Patcher is dangerous for other apps and game developers because it can affect their revenue.  We can say that using Lucky Patcher is illegal to some extent.  However, it does not mean that you can’t use lucky patcher.

Q8:- Does Lucky Patcher Have Any iOS App?

Ans:- No, Lucky Patcher doesn’t release any version compatible with iOS devices.

Q9:- Is There Any Alternative To Lucky Patcher?

Ans:- There exists a huge number of alternatives to Lucky Patcher like Freedom APK but there is no app that competes with Lucky Patcher.

Q10:- Why Lucky patcher Is Not Available On the Play Store?

Ans: Lucky Patcher is a patching tool that can create trouble for other official app developers. So, Play Store doesn’t provide access to such kinds of apps.

Q11:- Why Lucky Patcher Is Not Working?

Ans:- Lucky Patcher never patches all apps and games. So, it may stop working sometimes. However, you may access many features with root access.

Q12:- Why Does Lucky Patcher can access Online Games?

Ans:- Online games use their own dedicated servers for the purpose to store game data. So,  Such types of games can’t be modified by the Lucky Patcher.

Q13:- What Is The Actual Use of Lucky Patcher?

Ans:- Chelpus developed the app just for a hobby. His major focus is to are to facilitate the normal Android users and stop the greedy app developers.

Q14:- Is Lucky Patcher A Safe App To use?

Ans:- Lucky Patcher never tries to collect any user personal data. So, it’s very secure to use. However, our site provides you with the same threat-free link to download the app.

Sometimes Play Store blocked the app from being installed because actually, Google doesn’t like Lucky Patcher!!!

Q15:- What Is A Custom Patch In Lucky Patcher?

Ans:- A custom patch is an efficient and special way to patch many apps and games. It will help you in a simple and convenient way to patch many apps and games easily.

Q16:- Why Does Lucky Patcher Take So Much Times To Get Installed?

Ans:- The app installation actually depends on your device. If you have an upgraded and latest fast device it will be installed faster.

17. What Does ODEX In Lucky Patcher Mean?

Ans:- The .odex is a unique file written by the developer that secures space and enables the app to load faster.

Q18:- Can I Get Banned From Games If I Use Lucky Patcher To Patch Them?

Ans:- It depends on the consent of the game developer. Some games completely banned you it you try to modify it through  Lucky Patcher.

Q19:- How to Install Modded Play Store App?

Ans:- First you have to root your device in order to install to rooted Play Store.  After uninstalling the original Play store, your device is ready to install the modified one.

Q20:- How Can I Root My Android Device?

Ans:- Every device has a unique rooting process. For this, you need to search on google for the exact model. Some devices can only be rooted by using a computer.

Mostly the older Android version devices are rooted through King Root or Kingo Root app.


This tool works fine on almost whole android devices with a minimum of Android version 2.3.3. The only thing that is the main condition of this app is only rooted in access.

It demands you root your device before you install that app so that it works properly. If this article brings some useful info that you don’t know before, feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section.

Do share with your besties & keep appreciating us.

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