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PUBG Mobile KR Mod [APK+OBB]

PUBG Mobile KR or Korea is one of the location-precise editions of the renowned struggle royale name. It features a greater diversity of in-recreation beauty items

It has a unique currency known as Tonkatsu Medal, which may be used to purchase crates. Gamers from the selected vicinity can without delay download the sport from the Google Play Store/Apple App Store.

Android users from other regions can download this version APK and OBB files or via applications like through applications like Tap Tap.

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PUBG Mobile KR APK started the battle royale sport style. So almost every publisher’s authentic product became picked up by many players.

You probably already realize, PUBG is basically a blue hole product, so it has a whole lot of incentives in the Korean market.

Later, although it had resold the brand to Tencent for the mobile array, the benefits for the Korean server had been nevertheless there.

In general, in case you play video games for servers in China and Korea, you will get the fastest updates, now and again with some thrilling edits.

That is PUBG Mobile KR, completely for Korean servers, all without paying a single piny. You could freely download and experience the game.

PUBG Mobile Kr File Information

PUBG Mobile KR Mod APK Download

Gamers from the selected vicinity can without delay download the sport from the Google Play Store/Apple App Store. Android users from other regions can download this version of APK and OBB files or via applications like through applications like Tap Tap.

PUBG Mobile KR

Method 1: APK+OBB file

You just need to follow these simple steps in order to download and install the Korean version of PUBG Mobile using APK and OBB files:

  • First, you have to download and extract the ‘RAR’ file having both the APK and OBB files from the link present above.
  • After the file is successfully downloaded, Now you have to locate and install the APK file. However, the players should not open the game.

Note:- Before installing the APK file, you need to do the following settings.

  • Enable the ‘install from unknown source’ option if not enabled previously. You can do this by clicking on Settings > Safety and Privacy > Enable Installation from Unknown Sources.
  • Now Players copy and paste the “com.pubg.krmobile” folder having the OBB file to Android/OBB.
  • After the files are successfully transferred, now you can open the game to enjoy playing the PUBG Mobile KR.

If you face any error during the installation of the APK file, just redownload the files and follow the above steps again.

Method 2: TapTap APK App

The 2nd method that Users can follow to easily download and install the PUBG Mobile KR Mod version 1.1 update has the following useful steps:

  1. First, you have to download and install the TapTap app by clicking the link present above. However, before doing this, it’s important to make sure that the ‘install from unknown source’ option is enabled.
  2. Next, run the application and search for PUBG Mobile Kr or Korea.
  3. Select the most suitable option as per your choice and press the download button.

Finally, the game will start downloading and will successfully be installed on your desired device.

PUBG Mobile Korean Description

Metro Royale

  • A special combination with METRO EXODUS
  • A new battleground system with Metro universe is included

Erangel Metro

  • Metro theme includes for Erangel Classic

Classic Mode Update

  • Melee throwing
  • Spike Trap
  • Route feature

Why should I Download the Korean Version?

First of all, PUBG MOBILE KR is not just only a non-standard PUBG version, but it’s definitely one of the best versions, and here’s you can easily understand why:

  • Better Response
    The first thing we experience is a much fast response speed (less delay) compared to the standard PUBG, which is because of the fewer number of players that its servers contain.
  • Different Missions and Better Loot
    This version contains a maximum loot than the standard version, it also provides a huge number of different missions, which makes it even more worth trying.
  • Can be installed alongside the standard PUBG
    Of course, you can install both on the same device without any issue.
  • Supports English as the UI language
    Just English and Korean languages are available in this version.
  • You can easily invite and play with your friends
    It’s 100% true that the standard and the Korean versions do not allow you to share the same servers, but it allows you to play and invite your friends from the standard version to the Korean version simple way.
  • UCs are less expensive
    The cost of the UCs is less in the Korean version as compared to the standard version.

Subscription Info

Plan & Period

The Prime plan is available @ ₩3,900/m per month while for Prime Plus, you have to pay  ₩9,900/m. If you subscribe to one of the plans by Nov 8, 2020.

You will get a discount on the 1st month of subscription. It will reduce subscription costs by ₩3,500 and ₩4,900, respectively.


You can subscribe in two versions: Prime and Prime Plus.

  • Once you subscribe to the Prime package, there is no option to upgrade to Plus. However, if you subscribed to both plans, you will definitely enjoy the benefits of both.
  • Subscriptions are renewed automatically after every month. If you cancel a subscription, you will never be allowed to enjoy the benefits after the next billing date.
  • It provides you a Prime awards 150UC as well as gives one Scrap Package daily basis & Special Crate Voucher (30UC) and Premium Crate Voucher (30UC) after every week.
  • Furthermore, you will also get a Prime Plus award 300UC & three of each Crate Coupons as well.  It never ends, You’ll also receive 10UC, one Chicken Medal, & 10RP daily including one Special Crate Voucher (60UC), Premium Crate Voucher (60UC), Special Crate Voucher (100UC), and Premium Crate Voucher (100UC).
  • You can’t be able to get daily & weekly rewards if you do not access the game. (For UC rewards, you are able to collect the uncollected UC for up to 5 days. UC rewards will automatically expire if not collected before the end of the subscription period)
Automatic Subscription Renewal
  • It will automatically renew the Subscription is automatically and payment is done through your Google Play Store account.
  • You can easily cancel it from the Account Settings page of the Google Play Store.
  • You have to follow the same payment method you used to buy the subscription when you want to renew the subscription.
  • It’s compulsory to check out your subscription status within 24 hours before the end of the current period.
To Cancel Subscription

Open Google Play Store -> Hit “Menu” and click “Subscriptions” -> Select the subscription and Hit “Cancel subscription.”

More About PUBG Mobile KR Mod APK

do you ever dream of touchdown on an island with 99 different people and most effective your fists as weapons for defense? Properly, with PUBG Mobile KR for android, you could kill to your heart’s content.

You may shoot to kill people from across the globe and defend your country’s flag if you positioned it in that manner. bur when you discover some weapons and ammo from abandoned homes.

PUBG MOBILE Korea Version

Much like Pubg Global Version, PLAYER UNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS (KR) is designed as an FPS open-world capturing recreation.

The KR is a short form for Korea and this sport is mainly designed for the target audience in South Korea and East Asia.

The Korean version of PUBG is identical to PUBG Global with regards to graphics and gameplay. Find a gun and stay within the circle. The one who stands till the end must-wins.

The major currency is Donkasu Medals which can be used to release premium crates. All of the trendy updates are first provided in the PUBG Korean Version after which inside the Global version.

If you have already installed the Global version then don’t fear due to the fact you may download and set up the PUBG KR model as well on the same tool.

Each will run smoothly providing you with the excellent of each world. PUBG Korean requires a stable internet connection. Live epic 100-player battles and fast-paced 4v4 team deathmatch, and zombie modes.

Survival is prime and the last one status wins. You play as an everyday character who parachutes, alongside as much as 99 different players, onto an island.


HUGE BATTLE MAPS from Erangel to Miramar, Vikendi to Sanhok, compete on these large and specific battlegrounds.

Varying in length, terrain, day/night cycles, and dynamic climate from urban town areas to frozen tundra, to dense jungles, aster each battleground’s secrets and techniques to create your personal strategic method to win.

The game’s map starts off evolving big but quickly shrinks because the zone across the island collapses into progressively smaller circles, forcing players together as the sport goes on.

The controls had been properly tailored to the touch screen devices, as have the alternative gadgets and interactive elements PUBG MOBILE (KR).

Once they land, gamers scavenge for guns, ammo, armor, and other components in a last-guy-standing open-global map.

You could enter homes, force cars, equip scopes, use the first useful resource kits, vault over partitions, and many others.

Game Modes

You can enjoy several exceptional sports modes: solo, duo, or squads. If you do play with buddies, you could even speak to them with the use of your device’s microphone.

Fire your weapon to your heart’s content material! be a lone wolf soldier or play with an extended family and solution the calls when help is needed.

Lots of motors for all the one-of-a-kind terrains in the game and an arsenal of practical weapons. Discover your best ride and portions to cruise closer to the final circle.

New gameplay functions and modes that maintain Pubg mobile Kr continually developing and increasing. In case you want to know more about PUBG Mobile KR, then you can visit the Pubg official website for more information.

A few apps like PUBG Mobile KR are Clash Of Clans, Temple Run 2, Brave Frontier, Minecraft: Pocket Version Demo. Please feel free to write your review in the comment section.

We offer free download links with very fast speed. We provide direct links to all of the available versions of the PUBG Mobile KR free.


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