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Georgia Guidestones is perhaps the most unusual monument in the Alberton area. Not only is its overall size larger than any other monument built here, but its beginnings, completion, and construction conditions are undoubtedly greater than any of the millions of granite monuments built in Alberton since the site became famous. This has led to more speculation and comments. The granite industry began.

Georgia Guidestones History

A clean man approached Joe Findley, president of the Albert Granite Finishing Company in Albert, Georgia, who wanted to buy a monument. The middle-aged man, who introduced himself as Sir Robert C. Christian, said he wanted to know what it would cost to build a monument to protect humanity and began to tell Findley what kind.

A memorial Christian metric gives the size in measurement. No monument was excavated in Alberton, explaining why the price offered was an estimate rather than a guarantee, as usual. Mr Christian agreed to the proposed price. During his meeting with Findley, Christian said he “represents a small group of faithful Americans who believe in God.”

He said he lives outside of Georgia and wants a “message for the race”. After leaving Christian’s Findley office, he went to Granite Citibank to meet White C. Martin. He said he had been in contact with the group he had been planning for the memorial for 20 years.

Adding that the group wanted to remain anonymous and to tell Martin that his real name was not Robert Christian, but a nickname he chose because of his Christian beliefs. After taking the oath of secrecy, he told Christian his real name and some information.

To this day, White Martin is the only person who knows Christian’s real name. Findley looks like a monument. Stonehenge was infamous in England for this building. The pyramid blue granite was selected from the pyramid mine, each piece weighing about 28 tons, making it one of the most difficult Alberton Letters projects.
Side site.

Christian Alberton chose Georgia as the site of the Georgia Guide Stones for a number of reasons. Alberton has a large variety of granite, a temperate climate preserves the monument, and his grandmother lived in Georgia. The site selected was Intrastate 77, 8 miles north of Alberton, on a 5-acre estate and Mildred and Van Molinex farms.

This piece of land is the highest point in Elbertstadt and is in the range of sunrise and sunset in summer and winter. Several engineers and astronomers were hired to study the monument’s location, location, and astrological signs. Findley has selected Joe B. Davis, a retired granite artisan known in the granite industry, to lead the project.


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