Keyboard And Its Functions

Do you feel pain in your wrist while typing a long article? Did you press the wrong key at the most serious moment of the game? Almost all of us have diverse experiences with keyboards. But let us admit that without a keyboard it is impossible to work with a computer.

If the keyboard was not invented, how is it possible to chat with your friend? Or how do you write a resume to find a new job? These types of equipment are definitely an integral part of computers. Now we understand their fabulous importance, let’s see what goes on in our desired keyboards and what we should judge when buying a keyboard.

What is a Computer Keyboard?

A computer keyboard or keyboard is an Input device just like a typewriter that uses buttons that act as mechanical levers or electronic switches to permit you to type text on your computer. Every button on the keyboard performs a definite task and is committed to typing a specific letter.

Typically, these letters or tasks are recorded on the button. Of course, while writing some special characters, it requires pressing two buttons at the same time. Most of your computer keyboard buttons belong to a letter, symbol, or number, and a limited number of buttons are designed to perform a specific function.

History Of Keyboard

For the first time, humans start to type letters and words mechanically with the help of a typewriter. As time passes on, punch cards and paper strips became less popular, a new technology for typing a variety of texts, known as the Teleprinter, emerged.

Teleprinters were used in the early 1870s as an instrument for simultaneous typing and data transfer in the stock market. In 1907, two American engineers, Charles and Howard Chrome, and an electrical engineer, Frank Pierre, worked on a more advanced model of Teleprint, which led to the modern form of the keyboard.

A tool that led to the invention of keyboards that worked with the help of buttons and the Teleprinter system. Herman Hollerith was the person who introduced the first computer keyboard to the world of technology.

Function of Keyboard

The most common applications of a computer keyboard are as follows:

  • Write Text: Keyboards have a range of uses. But the first and primary use of a computer keyboard is to act as an interface for transferring letters, symbols, and numbers to word processing software. In a simpler definition, the first use of keyboards is to write various texts on a computer.
  • Function Commands: Another use for the keyboard is to deliver some function commands to the computer via the keys. For example, using the Ctrl + alt + delete key combination in Windows is responsible for opening the Task Manager window.

In fact, the keyboard in this example becomes the command line interface of your computer. With this feature, you can navigate Windows and do some simple tasks without using a mouse, such as opening a file or deleting it. Of course, the keyboard does not end here, and the most interesting actions are performed with this tool,

  • Play Games: it can be used to run a game. Those who are interested in computer games are well familiar with the function of the computer keyboard in this field. Keyboards become one of the most important tools for players to move while playing, making it easier for players to find the way and control the game space.

Types Of Keyboard

Computer keyboards, in general, are made for human-computer interaction. There are different models of keyboards depending on their size, appearance, and application. Each of these models is specifically designed for the user and meets the needs of a specific group of users. To learn more in detail about different types of Keyboards, simply click on the link below:

Types of Compute Keyboard 

Structure of Keyboards

Keyboards, while simple, has an interesting complexity. In fact, if we look closely at their construction, we recognize that keyboards are a kind of computer in themselves. If you take out the keys on the keyboards, you will perhaps come across a hole or a dome-shaped plastic object that will not give you very accurate information about what is going on in the heart of your keyboard.

However, the view in front of you is a window with a much more complex structure that is secreted inside the body of your keyboard. If you take away the bottom cover of the keyboard with a clear plastic plate, You will find that it shows you how the buttons work.

Inside this plastic enclosure are circuits on which the precise location of each switch is marked. These locations are marked by layers of plastic that can sense the pressure on the buttons. If you look closely, you can see bars between the layers pushing the button down from the top.

In addition, a number of LED lights are placed side by side to show the user the status of keys such as “NUM LOCK” on or off. In this case, you can even observe the location of the connection cable to the computer, which is accountable for transmitting energy signals between the computer and the keyboard.

How did Keyboard Work?

As we said, there is a spring or plastic object below each button of the keyboard that works like a spring and returns it to its initial state when the key is pressed. But this is not just the work of springs or plastics.

Below the buttons, there are three separate layers of plastic, two of which are the circuits of your keyboard, which can sense the compression of each button. The third layer is located between the two electrical layers and acts as an insulator.

These circuits are typically designed in such a way that they are completed when the button is lowered and electricity flows through them. When you press any of the keys on your keyboard, by completing the circuit diagram and moving a light current in them, you transmit the signals linked with that particular button to your computer.

Can We Connect the Keyboards to Our Smartphone?

Based on the type of keyboards, the keyboard can be connected to a computer or laptop wirelessly or using USB. Just join your USB cable or USB receiver to your computer to attach the keyboard and computer. But connecting a keyboard to a Smartphone that does not generally support a USB port is not easy. You can try the following methods to connect the keyboard to your mobile phone:

Use a converter for keyboards with a USB cable: You can use an OTG converter to join your keyboard to your Android phone. Of course, you should also confirm that your phone supports OTG technology. If you have got your Android phone in the past three years, it is very likely that it will support this technology.

Bluetooth connection: If your keyboard is wireless and supports Bluetooth, you can easily connect it to your Android phone in a few simple steps. To do this, you need to turn on Bluetooth, your phone, and your keyboard. In the list of nearby devices, name your keyboard choose and enter four zeros if you need a PIN, as your keyboard and mobile phone are easily connected.

Wi-Fi connection: In this method, to connect the keyboard to a mobile phone, you need special software such as WIFI Keyboard. This software enables you to connect two devices and enter long texts on your phone.

Consider Following Key Points While Purchasing a Keyboard

In order to have a better experience while working with your keyboard, we must be careful when buying it and consider a few points. If you do not have any idea what to look for when buying a keyboard, we have listed them for you:

  • User: Today, every type of keyboard has entered the market with unique features, each of which is fit for a specific user. The dedicated design of the keyboards permits their users to work more freely and comfortably in their field of work. For example, for gamers, choosing a mechanical keyboard is an elegant choice. So you should pay attention to your user type when buying.
  • Button Function: Some buttons are similar to typewriter keys, meaning they make a lot of sounds and move with force. Others are light and quiet and work very gently. You should select one of the types of function of the buttons based on your taste and do not forget that. This function should be tested during the purchase.
  • Compatibility: When buying, you should also make sure of the compatibility of your keyboard and device. Most USB-enabled keyboards are compatible with today’s devices unless your device is very old and does not support the latest cables.

Connecting via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth may also need the installation of special software on some models and your device may not have the minimum required to install it. Therefore, considering these small points while purchasing a keyboard will be one of your winning cards.

  • Design: The design of keyboards is also an important factor that should be considered. Keyboards are generally constructed in standard, ergonomic, and gaming formats and in wireless and wired models. Each of which can be the best choice depending on the user’s needs.

For example, if the size of your hands is huge, buying a small keyboard will make it very hard for you and will cause you difficulty.

Additional Operation Buttons: Latest keyboards have been introduced to make your work easier with additional buttons for opening a variety of applications, volume control, and the music player of the device.

These keyboards have committed charge management buttons and buttons with special characters. And some of the keys are customizable for your preferred operation. Surely every computer user would like to have such a keyboard.

Keyboards prices: Keyboards have dissimilar prices depending on the design and capabilities they offer you. The more features they have, the higher their price increases. So you should also consider your pocket when choosing various features. [/su_list]

Final Remarks

Keyboards are one of the most vital components of a computer, and without them, almost half of the fun of working with a computer is lost. Having a suitable keyboard with special features can greatly make easy our work process and at the same time guarantee our physical health. Do not avoid the help of experts to choose the best keyboard. So if you are hesitant in the selection of the right keyboard, leave us a comment below this article right away.


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