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Types Of Keyboard

Computer keyboards are basically designed for human-computer interaction. Different types of keyboard models are available based on size, appearance, and application. Each of these models is uniquely designed for the user and meets the requirements of a specific group of users.

According to global standards, a computer keyboard normally has 102 to 104 keys. Professional keyboards are designed for gamers or typists, and other models for casual users.

Types of input devices

This product also has different models in terms of the type of construction, quality, and additional shortcuts. Some keyboards do not have numbers on the right side and the so-called calculator section has been removed, which has a smaller number of keys than keyboards with a calculator.

Main Types Of Keyboard

Here is the list of major types of keyboards in computers: [su_list icon=”icon: hand-o-right” icon_color=”#5a07ec” indent=”1″]

  • Standard Keyboard [su_spacer size=”10″]
  • Office Keyboard [su_spacer size=”10″]
  • Flexible Keyboard [su_spacer size=”10″]
  • Multimedia Keyboard [su_spacer size=”10″]
  • Versatile Keyboard [su_spacer size=”10″]
  • Gaming Keyboard [su_spacer size=”10″]
  • Handheld Keyboard [su_spacer size=”10″]
  • Mechanical Keyboard [su_spacer size=”10″]
  • Laptop Keyboard [su_spacer size=”10″]
  • Numeric Calculator Keyboard [su_spacer size=”10″]
  • Finger Keyboard [su_spacer size=”10″]
  • Arithmetic Keyboard [su_spacer size=”10″]
  • Multifunction Keyboard [/su_list] [su_spacer size=”10″]

Standard Keyboard

standard keyboard

The standard keyboard has only the standard keys. Most standard keyboards are based on QWERTY layouts. The dimensions of each key on standard keyboards are about 19 mm. Normally the standard keyboards are designed for everyday use and are the simplest type of keyboard.

Office Keyboard

Office Keyboard is a keyboard developed for typing and using Office software. These types of keyboards have very soft keys and are designed with great care. Because of the high typing speed of professional typists, typing keyboards should be constructed to have the lowest possible sound when typing, in addition to the softness of the key.

office keyboard

In some types of typing keyboards, there is a place at the bottom of the keyboard so that users can put their hands on it while typing and have less tiredness in the long run. Essentially, typing keyboards or office keyboards have shortcut buttons to make things easier for users. These buttons include the operations of copying, pasting, moving, or executing some Office software.

Flexible Keyboard

flexible keyboard

These keyboards are a combination of standard keyboards and laptops. Just like a standard keyboard, they have full buttons and are as fast as laptop keyboards. Flexibility in these keyboards permits the user to save more space in their computer bag by folding or piping them. Most of these keyboards are made of silicone, which protects them from dust and moisture.

Multimedia Keyboard

Another type of keyboard on the market is the multimedia keyboard. Multimedia keyboards are normally designed for people who are interested in watching movies and playing multimedia. This keyboard contains shortcut keys that users can use when playing multimedia.

multimedia keyboard

Basically, the shortcut keys used in these keyboards consist of the pause, run, jump before and after, and volume adjustment buttons.

Versatile Keyboard

The multifunction keyboard is one of the important types of keyboard. This keyboard is designed to be used for various tasks, such as typing, surfing the Internet, streaming media, and other daily tasks.

verstile keyboard

The shortcut keys in these keyboards are a combination of the most broadly used shortcut keys in certain keyboards.

Gaming Keyboard

Gaming keyboard or gaming keyboard is one of the most famous types of keyboards available in the market. Professional gamers require accurate and high-quality gear so that they do not face problems in different situations. One of these products is gaming keyboards.  The best material is used to build a gaming keyboard.

In ordinary gaming keyboards, only the high-consumption keys, which include the keys of different directions and the letters A, S, D, and W, are made of durable silicone. Furthermore, to higher quality, they have a longer lifetime than other keyboard keys. The mechanical key technology is used for Professional gaming keyboards.

Handheld Keyboard

The handheld keyboards are designed to be completely ergonomic and like game consoles. In this way, the user can easily hold them and have more control over the work. This type of keyboard has all the alphanumeric keys and is not limited in terms of a set of buttons. But you can use them by pressing two keys at the same time.

Mechanical Keyboard

The mechanical keyboards have a very long lifespan and outstanding correctness and sensitivity. The only disadvantage of mechanical keyboards is that they are expensive than regular gaming keyboards.

Laptop Keyboard

Another common type of keyboard in the market is the laptop keyboard. Laptop keyboards have very short keys. Due to its great similarity to a laptop keyboard, this product is called a laptop keyboard.

laptop keyboard

Laptop keyboards send out the sent command in less time when the buttons are pressed. The keys on this type of keyboard are also smaller than the standard model. Some laptop keyboards do not have a partition for the number key and the key layout may be diverse from the standard model.

Numeric Calculator Keyboard

The calculator keyboard is placed next to the main keyboard as a secondary keyboard. This keyboard holds only the keys of the calculator section. Accountants and people who need to record math and arithmetic operations have normally used this type of keyboard.

Numeric Calculator Keyboard

Most of the time, the computer keyboard has the keys of the calculator section and there is no need to use calculator keyboards.

Finger Keyboard

Finger Keyboard

A finger keyboard or thumbtack is a small external keyboard developed for small non-keyboard gadgets such as smartphones. These keyboards are best for very small workspaces. These keyboards are used in digital assistants such as the Palm Treo, BlackBerry, and mobile computers, and often contain a numeric screen.

Arithmetic Keyboard

arithmetic keyboard

In some cases, such as 14-inch and smaller laptops, the keyboards do not have a calculator section that fulfills the needs of people. In such conditions, arithmetic keyboards are used to handle this problem.

Multifunction Keyboard

Multifunction keyboards are very advanced products. They are very similar to standard keyboards, but the existence of more functional keys and the capability to synchronize and control information on different computers, separate these keyboards from other keyboards.

multifunction keyboard

These tools are used in big organizations that have multiple monitors to monitor affairs, and their users can control quite a lot of different devices with one keyboard.

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