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Top 10 RoboCall Blocking Apps For Android-2021

We always attempt to block any number from calling us on our Android phones. A  lot of third-party Robocall blocker apps available can protect your number from unwanted calls and also assist you to identify unknown numbers.

Therefore, we’ve created a list of eight of the simplest call blocker apps for Android that are effective and trustworthy.

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What is RoboCall?

Robocall represents automated phone calls where the pre-recorded voice message is going to be played as soon as the other person answers.

It also performs some marketing and offers products and services. Oftentimes, they also reinforce political campaigns. Suspicious individuals who somehow got your telephone number.

And try to use you in some fraud. Presenting themselves as FBI or CIA agents or bank officers warn you of vulnerabilities in your checking account or sensitive data.

How to Block Unwanted Calls and Texts on Android?

There are several ways to dam unwanted calls and spam messages. US-based carriers like Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint provide support to customers who want to dam service based on numbers.

The built-in blocking, which is a component of the device’s settings, allows users to dam a selected number that will not be ready to call and send messages.

In Settings, look for “Call Blocking” within the “Settings” menu, and block the amount that’s bothering you. Some manufacturers name the features differently like “Auto reject list”, “Contact blocking” or “Call reject” etc.

Robocall blocker Android apps on the Play Store provide the foremost adaptability to dam unwanted calls. It provides additional functionality like automatic contact recognition, spam numbers, and pattern recognition.

Robocall Blocker Apps For Android

Here, we’ve created a list of ten of the simplest robocall blocker apps for Android that are effective and trustworthy.

1- Call Blacklist – Call Blocker

Call Blacklist may be a powerful robocall blocker app for Android devices because it works as an unwanted call blocker and blocks spam SMS.

You’ll block calls and messages from any unique, private, or hidden numbers, or the other contact that you simply haven’t saved in your contact directory.

It also allows you to make a blacklist and whitelist from within the app. Moreover, access to the appliance is often controlled through a password, and you’ll also set a selected time to dam calls and messages.

You’ll turn blacklist on / off as you wish a group of great codes which will definitely increase your experience in using an Android device

The app is free and lightweight. it’s ad-supported and also includes in-app purchases.

2- Hiya- Caller ID & Block

Hiya is one of the most known robocall blocker apps for Android. This app not only block calls, messages & numbers but even have the feature to reverse telephone number lookup and caller ID security protection.

The app performs a reverse phone search on an unknown number to ascertain if it’s a fraudulent or legitimate caller. You’ll enable automatic alerts to warn you if an incoming call is unwanted.

It can identify unknown callers and senders. Furthermore, you’ll make calls from within the app also. The app is free with no ads.

3- Mr. Number- Block Calls & Spam

Mr. Number is one of the simplest spam call blockers for Android and it’s free without ads. It allows you to dam automatic calls also as identify and stop spam calls and messages.

You’ll select numbers from your contact list or enter them manually. It even allows you to dam any specified code or any international numbers.

You’ll also prefer to block all other numbers apart from those within the Contact Directory. the appliance is straightforward to configure and provides complete protection.

4- Should I Answer?

Should I Answer? It provides you with accurate and necessary information while receiving an incoming call. Callers are divided into different categories: telemarketers, fraudsters, and other unwanted calls and add personalized reviews.

The app displays a telephone number rating once you receive a call from an unknown number. You’ll also block specific numbers, or maybe prefer to block all incoming calls from numbers not in your contact list.

Moreover, it allows you to specify the knowledge that you simply send to the database. It doesn’t upload your contacts and also works offline which makes it one of the simplest call blocker tools for Android.

5- Truecaller

Truecaller is a superb app trusted by many users. Wondering about the way to block a variety of spam calls on Android? Well, it does tons by enabling you to spot unfamiliar incoming call details and block unwanted numbers or messages.

Under the “History” tab, you’ll see the names of the anonymous callers, filter them and learn more about each number. Also, it allows you to backup history, contacts, and blocked numbers list to Google Drive.

There’s a choice to block all spammers present within the Truecaller database. The appliance has an interface that’s easy to use and straightforward to work.

The Truecaller app is undoubtedly one of the simplest free call blocker tools that come free of charge with ads and in-app purchases.

6- Call Control

Call blocker may be a lightweight and effective Android call blocker app. It helps you avoid annoying robotic calls, telemarketers, and spam. you’ll also find out a schedule to “ don’t disturb ” at certain times during which you’ll not receive calls or text messages.

It also supports the advanced Dialer and CallerID feature to allow you to know who’s calling. The simplest part is that decision Control also helps you block text messages from unknown people or telemarketers to possess a clutter-free inbox. It is free and contains ads.

7- Call Blocker Free- Blacklist

Call Blocker free is one of the simplest free robocall blocker apps for Android that blocks unwanted calls and spam messages. you’ll keep a blacklist also as a whitelist for your contacts. Blocked numbers will not be ready to send text messages or make calls to your phone.

Moreover, you’ll configure the appliance to notify you of the timing of the blocked incoming call and also enable the choice ” call reminder ” to assist you to identify unknown numbers.  The app is free and supported by ads.

8- Whoscall – Caller ID & Block

Whoscall is additionally one of the simplest robocall blocker apps for Android which can identify unwanted caller details, robotic calls, or calls from telemarketers.

It permits you to dam them automatically to save lots of you the difficulty of receiving unnecessary calls. It’s a caller ID feature.

Therefore the better part is that the user gets a Whoscall card to customize their own ID. The app is lightweight, free, and contains ads.

9- Eyecon

It is one of the simplest robocall blocker apps for blocking annoying calls, Eyecon detects what percentage of people try to form the decision, their name, and photo.

Moreover, the app allows you to automatically record the decision you receive to form sure that nobody is taking advantage of you.

One of the downsides is that only calls are often controlled. The app is supported by ads, but it offers in-app purchases, otherwise, you can watch videos and invite contacts to upgrade the app.

10- TelGuarder

TelGuarder protects Android users from unwanted phone sales, marketing research, fraud, and robocalls. they will automatically detect and block spam calls, also block unwanted calls and unwanted text messages.

Additionally, the app is provided with an AI proxy that identifies and verifies unwanted calls in its extensive database. because of the database, the app can compare numbers with other users suffering from an equivalent number.

11- RoboKiller

Not only does RoboKiller block spam calls, but it also blocks attempts to mess with spammers. The app’s answering robots can automatically answer spam calls.

With pre-recorded nonsense designed to frustrate them and waste their time. You can also create your own bot responses.

The app includes a database of known spammers, although you’ll add specific numbers that you simply want to dam . The Android app costs $ 2.99 a month or $ 24.99 a year, while the iOS version costs $ 3.99 a month or $ 29.99 a year after a one-week free trial.

Final Words

How can you save yourself from unwanted calls and unwanted text messages? Do any of these apps works perfectly for you? Please tell us in the comments.

It’s very important for you to have peace of mind on your mobile device. Allow one of these completely free apps to make sure it is authentic.

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