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Digital Literacy & Its Types

You have probably heard the term digital literacy repeatedly. Regardless of what you recognize, it’s becoming more and more important within the lifetime of modern society.

Digital literacy is about the power to use digital media and technology. This happens through meaningful and sustainable patterns and is enhanced by the potential of people to participate in society.

What Is Digital Literacy?

Definition: Skills that prepare people for the effective use of digital space and show them the culture of using the media are called digital literacy or technology literacy.

These skills, which are divided into three parts, each cover a crucial aspect of digital space to form better use of it. The first part deals with the way to use technology and the way it works.

Do you Know About:

the second part deals with the analysis of excellent and bad information in cyberspace, and therefore the third part deals with the knowledge of the culture of using cyberspace.

These skills complement one another and alone aren’t only beneficial but also detrimental to the digital world. The name digital literacy was first utilized in Paul Gilster’s book in the 1990s.

During this decade, because the web was just invented, people didn’t have enough information to use it. That’s why Paul Gilster wrote this book to tell the general public.

The Concept Of The Digital Divide

It is important to understand the concept of the Digital Divide before we move forward to find out about digital literacy. Because it reminds us of the importance of digital literacy.

Governments could also be partly liable for the digital divide, But if we don’t take the time to extend our technology literacy ourselves, we are more likely to be forced.

Principals Of Digital Literacy


The first and vital principle of virtual literacy is comprehension. It is the method to extract implicit and specific ideas from a given media supply.


The 2nd precept of virtual literacy is known as interdependence. How one media shape is often linked with the opposite, whether doubtlessly or metaphorically or preferably or literally.

Social Factors

Sharing isn’t anymore, simply how of private identification or distribution, but as a substitute can create messages of its own.


Pinterest is often additionally a sort of literacy as well–the potential to understand the worth of records and preserve it during how that makes it handy and useful lengthy-term.

Why Is Digital Literacy Important?

Digital literacy is extremely important for your presence within the times. Lack of ability to use digital technologies means you’ll not do many things easily and can not have access to several things.

Having digital literacy helps you increase your productivity, prepare access, and even make your life a far better experience.

Types Of Digital Literacy

Digital literacy isn’t almost the virtual world or the web, but also about the way to use software and hardware optimally. Digital literacy is split into five types:

  • Information literacy
  • Technical literacy
  • Media literacy
  • Digital content literacy
  • Social literacy

Information Literacy

Information Literacy is one of the foremost important sub-fields in digital literacy. Once we’ve learned the fundamentals and ideas of digital and understand the technology ecosystem.

It’s time to become more seriously and deeply familiar with the information and to be ready to achieve our goals, be used.

Technical Literacy

Knowledge of the utilization of digital tools within the best way for the optimal use of technology is named technical literacy for its own benefit.

This data is the general definition of technology literacy, but it doesn’t cover it all and is merely a part of technology literacy.

Technical literacy involves learning the way to use the newest technologies within the world, like smartphones and computer software. Lack of sufficient technical literacy during a society creates a digital divide therein society.

This type of digital literacy actually refers to the way to work with digital tools. You simply can work well with smartphones. Work well with computer software. you’ll do digital shopping well on the web.

Media Literacy

Media literacy or media management (Media management) to research the knowledge and content within the digital space and therefore the ability to differentiate between good and bad content is claimed.

It helps us identify and enjoy the proper and optimal way during this chaotic virtual world. In media literacy, you ought to be ready to identify differences in information and content and have enough knowledge to research them.

You would like to be ready to work with different media like news agencies, social networks, video sharing services, and social networking sites.

Doing so means you’ll get the knowledge you would like from these sources and analyze it using digital literacy and extract the knowledge you would like.

Media literacy and media management, although both of them are media issues, cover different concepts. Media literacy is important for all audiences and is one of the foundations of digital literacy.

The following points must be included once we mention digital media literacy:

  • Media recognition
  • Familiarity with ways to access information and news
  • Evaluate information and news supported value and accuracy
  • Recognition and skill to differentiate between original and non-original sources
  • Proper transmission of knowledge to others with the smallest amount errors and limitations of data transfer
  • Familiarity with communication and knowledge technology
  • How to comment correctly and appropriately within the media
  • Better effective conditions of a medium
  • Familiarity with the fundamentals of advertising knowledge and especially digital advertising

Digital Content Literacy

So far, we’ve mentioned the very simple and basic principles of content strategy, and under this pretext, we’ve made simple and brief references to a number of the essential concepts of digital content literacy.

But naturally, within the discussion of digital literacy, digital content is predicted to be known and understood more accurately and deeply.

Following are the essential points once we mention digital content literacy.

  • Blogs
  • Familiarity with content types
  • Hyper-reading skills
  • Hyper-writing skills
  • Skills and basics associated with fixing and maintaining an easy website
  • Digital visual literacy to the extent of color recognition and color psychology and basic visual analysis of site

Social Literacy

There are problems within the digital world that exist in social environments. Sharing images within the virtual world is as important because it is within the world.

Writing textual content within the virtual world is as important because of the world of events. Today, little or no attention to the present sort of digital literacy has caused many problems.

In cyberspace, like the publication of immoral photos or videos, profanity, and profanity, and therefore the publication of inappropriate texts within the world of the web.

Digital Financial Literacy

Having digital financial literacy means having the required knowledge, skills, and habits to use digital devices effectively in financial transactions.

Digital financial literacy is directly associated with an individual’s basic literacy level and their ability to use digital technology, however, it are often summarized as follows:

  • Be ready to connect with financial institutions to stay your financial assets safe.
  • Ready to use the available facilities to use your financial assets to satisfy your needs in the safest possible way.
  • Be aware of your financial identity, be vigilant and be very protective.

Benefits of Digital Literacy

  1. Items like e-banking, connecting with friends, family, co-workers, or maybe to speaking with a lawyer, saving time and money.
  2. Especially in doing business or shopping, increasing security by taking care of private information, and eventually a conversion.
  3. Becoming a digital citizen who can do many of his or her economic activities digitally is one of the advantages of getting digital literacy.

  1. Communication may be a key aspect of digital literacy. When communicating in virtual environments, the power to articulate your ideas, ask relevant questions, maintain respect, and build trust is simply as important as when communicating between people.
  2. You also need practical skills in using technology to access, manage, manipulate or generate information in ethical and sustainable ways.

Digital literacy, however, is going to be important today, in the future, and within the professional world. Within the workplace, you’ve got to remain connected to the digital environment.

Make the foremost of data, and make new ideas and products together with the digital environment. Most significantly, you would like to stay your digital identity and well-being up so far with the updated digital world.

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Digital Literacy In Education

True digital literacy includes both where it blends practical knowledge with critical thinking to assist students in accessing, understanding, and making digital content.

Include literacy in non-contact reading and writing rules, grammar, and at an equivalent time include technology literacy of the many tools, devices, applications, animation, and sound.

And will students find out how you’ll manipulate this digital structure and organization to make meaning, and affect what they see with a critical eye?

Skills Required For Digital Literacy Within The Educational Process

  • Students should learn to navigate effectively the web, understand the nuances of research, distinguish good from bad content, and recognize the importance of cyber safety.
  • They also need practical skills, like writing and customary data processing, effective presentation capabilities, and an understanding of digital note-taking and mind-mapping tools.
  • Knowledge of photography and filmmaking is additionally essential.

Obstacles To Digital Literacy Within Education

A term often wont to describe students born after the millennium is a digital citizen. It means students understand and may harness digital tools better than non-citizens.

But its ability to quickly scroll, open browsers, play games, and consume pre-existing content shouldn’t be confused with digital literacy.

While many grade school teachers are comfortable using social tools (like Facebook or Instagram). This doesn’t automatically make them more digitally literate than the scholars they teach.

To effectively address this CPD is required, and faculty leaders must be completely serious about embedding technology within the curriculum.

Not just information technology which means developing strategies, implementing digital tools, and promoting cultural change.

Who Should Have Digital Literacy?

The general public needs digital literacy to require advantage of features like online shopping and communication networks that are created for the convenience of individuals.

But they’re also are people that won’t achieve their work without learning about the newest technology within the world. These people are:


With online teaching in schools and universities, pupils and students got to learn more about the planet of technology to form the foremost of this educational space.

Students are usually conversant in this space, but students during this field need special attention from their parents because the shortage of technology literacy may involve them in cyberspace damage.

Parents must first understand technology literacy themselves then teach their children in order that they will all observe the use of the digital world.

Employer and Employees of Companies

One of the questions that job seekers are asked when hiring is how familiar they’re with computers or other digital devices that need technology literacy.

From writing an administrative letter in Word software to protecting a company’s computers from being infected, each depends on the employees’ technology literacy.

Having skills in technology optimizes and simplifies the pc or media activities of employees and puts them one step before the remainder.


A freelancer is someone who does private work for his clients on a contract basis. The roles of this group of individuals are linked to the digital space.

Therefore, it’s necessary to completely cover all aspects of technology and the way to use it. Everyone who earns money from the web is included in this group.

Dimensions of Digital Literacy

Technology literacy is split into three levels or dimensions, each of which is extremely important for learning and understanding technology. Digital competence, digital usage, and digital transmission are dimensions of digital literacy.

Digital Competence

The core of digital literacy is digital competence. Digital competence refers to the power and skill of people to find out and use digital space.

Basic skills like finding content from Google, editing text in Word, presenting content in PowerPoint software, or maybe sending an email are among these skills.

In fact, digital competence depends on the talent of every person in this field. Some people may learn it well easily and with a quick explanation during a digital field.

Digital User

After digital competency, the digital user is defined. the power of people to use their digital competencies in individual and social life to unravel problems and achieve pre-determined goals is named digital use.

In fact, digital use is the implementation of what we all know about technology in our daily lives. This dimension helps us solve our life problems through the digital world and save time.

Digital Transmission

The last level or dimension of digital literacy is the digital transmission. Using digital competencies and inner talent to advance technology and expand the digital space is named digital transfer.

This is often one of the foremost vital aspects of technology literacy, which is the innovation and updating of technology to form human life easier.

Which has been one of the most concerns of citizenry since the start of human existence. This part requires professional knowledge within the field of technology and innovative creativity during this field.

Technology literacy is one of the foremost important sciences within the world which will be wont to have a cushty life and use our digital devices without worries.

People around the world today think they’re fully conscious of digital literacy. While they only know technology technically. But technology literacy is complete when studied altogether in its aspects and forms.

Examples of Digital Literacy

People who aren’t ready to use the facilities of online space won’t be ready to participate effectively in educational, social, and economic activities.

The digital divide isn’t almost equal access to technology. Not knowing the way to use technology also results in a digital divide.

Advanced societies have driven economic development through the effective use of technology in their businesses, the launch of startups and applications.

A prerequisite for fulfillment in ICT-based businesses is digital literacy, which enables retrieval and access to relevant information.

Digital literacy skills empower employees by making effective use of technological tools that enable them to perform activities more efficiently and simply.

Example: Imagine an employee who has lost his or her proper composure thanks to a multitude at work, or an employee who is unable to speak together with his or her co-workers or managers through business management systems.

Employees who lack digital literacy or have a coffee level of literacy can’t run their organization well. The high percentage in Iran requires entrepreneurial activities and job creation.

Final Words

Hope it will help you to get the right information that you are looking for. Feel free to write your suggestions in the comment section.


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