What Is Gaming Mouse, Its Parts & Uses

A gaming mouse is a mouse that has capabilities and features that focus on improving your gaming performance. There are different types of mouse and each has its own characteristics. The gaming mouse is also designed for gaming, and it is better than using a gaming mouse to do other things with the computer. But it is better to use a gaming mouse while playing.

There are different gaming mouse of all shapes and sizes available in the market. The most noticeable thing is that the best gaming mouse requires to cost you near about $200. But you have also the option to get the less costly gaming mouse at a price of about $ 50.

What is Gaming Mouse?

The Gaming mouse has flexible sensitivity, which is arranged as the number of dots per inch (DPI). Higher DPI allows the gamer to take quick actions, while lower DPI permits for too short and precise movements.

Features of Gaming Mouse

The gaming mouse boasts superior and efficient performance as compared to traditional models. Because gamers want lightning-fast and extremely precise options to fulfill their requirements. To check the qualities of a mouse, here are some hints to understand it from the simple study of the technical character.


The sensitivity shows the ability which has the built-in sensor of the gaming mouse to the identification of the movement. A quality sensor can recognize even the smallest movement and it is extremely fast. If it wires high sensitivity which is measured in DPI, the mouse is able to make very large cursor movements without taking up too much space on the desk.

The same activities occur in video games, with the fastest movement in the gaming environment. Sometimes, and not in all games, you have to require speed. In most cases, it is compulsory to carry out short, rather than rapid, actions. This is precisely concluded that why many gaming mouse applies two keys to change sensitivity “on the go”, on the fly.

By making the lower sensitivity, the cursor will show slow movement in an easily manageable manner. While increasing it (2,500 or more DPI) the opposite functions will be performed. The best gaming mouse can easily bear over 10,000 DPI.

To analyze the capabilities of a mouse, the polling rate is also crucial. It is considered in Hz and shows the number of times the mouse reports and also its position on the computer. A high value can lower the latency. However, it ensures to use higher CPU usage, if not upbeat to balance, can even have the opposite effects.

Optical or Laser Sensor

The dispute caused among gamers on the subject that is an optical sensor or a laser sensor better? Indeed, I don’t feel like recommending one technology to another. Since the sensitivity reached by a mouse is more crucial than how it is achieved.

Number of Keys

The number of keys is an important characteristic of the body of a gaming mouse. Most gaming mouse have more than usual productivity devices. But how much do they have to be? There is no complete answer, as it is dependent on the games that you prefer.

The lovers of FPS (First Person Shooter) refer to a mouse with the potential to fluctuate the sensitivity on the fly or with a dedicated “sniper” button that lessens the sensitivity to a definite level to improve the precision of the aim.

For those users who prefer MMOs (Massive Multiplayer Online games), for example, World of Warcraft, or  MOBAs (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena), like the League of Legends, a gaming mouse with a great number of buttons should be recommended. There are even more than 10, even 15, and also available perfect and lots of shortcuts for those who like to play the games.


The old gamers are usually very demanding when it comes about to performing action and speed. A little bit of delay in the point system, which in terminology is called input lag, can make the difference between a game being won or lost. This is why the gaming mouse usually interfaces with the computer through the cable.

The wireless mouse are definitely more comfortable and easy to use, but they can add a delay (almost completely invisible) to the authority that was given by the user. In particular, for this reason, wireless gaming mice are now sold with wireless technologies to promote the fastest and most performance-giving devices. It is too fine if you are not a video game professional.

What is Gaming Mouse
Gaming Mouse

Parts of Gaming Mouse

A gaming mouse has the following major parts:


The shape is the first thing to pay attention to. It is more easily hold the mouse, and also enjoyable to play games and work at the computer. If the mouse fits comfortably in the hand, then everything else is not very important.

After all the neither sensor and materials, nor the build quality will decide. The shape of the mouse is an initial factor, so it is not possible to select a mouse-based only on terms and available data.

Based on shape and size, there are two common types of the mouse:

  • An ergonomic mouse is designed to work with the right hand and has a recess for the thumb so you can move the mouse more easily.
  • Symmetrical mice have a more complex geometric shape and are sometimes symmetrical and capable of working with both hands.


The sensor is the second module after the form, which is of the attention too. There is one stereotype of sensor pledge in the gaming zone: the more DPI, the better it will perform its functions. This is not true.

The type of model sensor and its characteristics are more crucial. This is because of the assessment of reading, known as tracking, which is dependent on it. The better the tracking, that is, the mouse reads the surface in a better way. The more accurately you can share out headshots and make sharp jumps and any turns.

Sensors are divided into three types:

  • Optical LED
  • Optical Laser
  • Laser Sensor

Parameters of Sensor

The main parameters of any sensor are:

  • Speed
  • Acceleration (g)
  • Number of frames per second (fps)

How To Choose Gaming Mouse?

When you decide to get a gaming mouse for gaming or even for your daily tasks, you should be familiar with the features of a gaming mouse. Its capabilities and know-how to prepare the right gaming mouse is based on the type of mouse you use.

If you are looking for a gaming mouse and do not know which mouse is best for you. In the following, we will introduce you to tips about gaming mouse to guide you in choosing the best gaming mouse for yourself.

Gaming Mouse Design

Different people have different hand sizes and hold the mouse in different ways. A good gaming mouse has a shape that many people can be comfortable with. To find the mouse that you are most comfortable with, you need to know a few things about your game:

How to catch a mouse

In this gaming mouse buying guide, we will divide how to hold the mouse different people into 3 general categories:

  • With the palm of your hand
  • Claw
  • Fingertips

The size of the mouse should also match the size of your hand so that you can have complete control over the mouse.

Those who control their mouse with the palm of their hand should pay more attention to the length of their mouse, and those who move their mouse with their paw or fingertips will be more comfortable with a wider range of mice.

Measuring and reading reviews can help you make your choice; But before buying a gaming mouse, it is better to hold your desired mouse in the store to make sure it is comfortable.

Gaming Mouse Sensor Features

Most gaming mice today have great sensors, but a great gaming mouse has a sensor that succeeds in these key points.

  • Accurate tracking over a large DPI range
  • A place without a jump
  • Movement without acceleration
  • Move without anticipation and angle correction
  • High data transfer speed

Dot Per Inch (DPI)

DPI is a unit of measurement for mouse accuracy, which means that your mouse sensor can divide one square inch of the mouse pad surface into several smaller squares. In short, if you move the two mice set on different DPIs equally, the mouse pointer with more DPI will move more on the monitor screen.

Jump (Jitter)

A smooth movement of your hand should turn into a smooth movement of the mouse pointer on your monitor. Mouse pointer jump occurs when your mouse does not have the ability to detect at high DPI and only tries to increase the speed of the mouse with the help of software.

In which case, there is no choice but to lower the mouse DPI and we do not recommend such a mouse at all. Sometimes the lens may be dusty on the sensor or the mouse may be on a glass-like surface that is difficult to track for the mouse sensor, in which case cleaning the sensor lens or using a mouse pad will solve your problem.


Moving your mouse pointer under any circumstances should be commensurate with moving your mouse over the mouse pad. More commonmouse usually move the mouse pointer more when you move the mouse faster, which can be annoying when playing.

Predicting and correcting angles

Prediction in mice occurs when mouse software, or Windows software, tries to guess your movement and gives a smooth line to your mouse pointer. Angle correction is also when your computer tries to fix the angle of your movement and therefore refuses to calculate the details of your movement, which causes you to lose some of your sweet headsets.

Most of these problems come from Windows itself and a setting called “Enhance Pointer Precision” which does something against its name and we recommend that you disable this setting while playing.

High-Speed Data Transfer

The information that your mouse transmits to the computer is mostly related to the location of the mouse and is displayed in Hertz (Hz), which means how many times per second your mouse announces its location to the computer.

The higher this number, the faster your mouse reacts, which means that the time interval between mouse movement and your movement in the game decrease.

How To Use Gaming Mouse?

How you use the mouse when experimenting with computer games is important compared to everyday tasks. Although each person is different, the types of mouse gestures can be divided into three general categories.

Palm Grip: Most gamers hold the mouse in this way. In this case, your fingers are on the mouse buttons and the whole palm sits on its body.

Grip With Fingertips: In this case, only the index, middle and ring fingertips are on the left click, wheel, and right-click, and your palm is not in contact with the mouse body at all. Your thumb also moves next to the mouse.

Grip: This is a combination of the previous two models. Those who hold the mouse in this way place their palms on the far edge of the mouse and their fingertips at an angle to the buttons. Types of mouse grips for different games can be effective, but it is not a good idea to try to change the way you use the mouse.

Just hold the mouse in a way that feels right and you can play better. But some mouse may be better suited for a particular type of grip. For example, large, wide mice are better for those who use the first method and the palm of their hand.

The small mouse that does not have a large hand space and is generally smaller is better suited for fingering. Those who use the mouse with their claws are probably more comfortable with a slim mouse with stretched buttons.

Difference Between Gaming Mouse And Normal Mouse

Gaming mouse are not so different from normal mice. Just as any design can be made more specialized for gaming, it does not necessarily mean having tons of extra buttons and hundreds of LED lights.

But in general, any gaming mouse worth buying has these two important features: an advanced optical or laser sensor that enables faster and more accurate movements, and the ability to customize the user.

Gaming mice usually have several buttons in place of the thumb, they can be manually adjusted for speed and sensitivity, they have long cables, and sometimes they can even be changed by adding or subtracting weights.

Also, almost all gaming mice have wires and are not wireless. This is due to Input Lag, which is less in USB connection mode. Of course, ordinary wireless mice only have a log input of about one-hundredth of a second, which is much slower than most people.

But the better impression and feel that wired mice evoke, the fewer wireless gaming mice are found now, whether that idea is real or not. Wireless gaming mice are also introduced very quickly by announcing features such as wireless connectivity and are therefore more expensive than regular models.

Expensive gaming mice are usually more glamorous than cheaper models, but that does not mean that you will have a better experience by spending more. So here are some things to look for when purchasing a gaming mouse.

Final Words

In general, choosing a good gaming mouse is very important and necessary for better performance in games. Gaming mouse are very different from regular mouse in terms of design, construction, and performance. Also, gaming mouse are not made for everyday use.

Are you currently using a gaming mouse on your computer? Share your experiences and views with us in the comments section. Hopefully, you have learned completely about the computer gaming mouse. If you have any questions about gaming mouse or how it works, you can write them in the comments section so that we can answer your question as soon as possible.

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