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So you ever listen to an Environmental Audit? Basically, it is Environmental testing. I will explain how we can conduct Environmental Audits. Simply it is the evaluation of the Company,s performance. So, you have to analyze the performance and try to improve it.  Most importantly I have to discuss some stages for the Environmental Aaudit given below: So, here I am going to discuss the Environmental Audit

What is an Environmental Audit?

The Environmental Audit is basically the evaluation of the Company’s performance to evaluate its output as a result of the input and to estimate its waste. The Environmental Audits can be performed with the specific rules and regulations and also done on the operational areas to assess the effectiveness of their Environmental rules and regulations.

Purpose of Environmental Audit

To assess the nature risk to the Environment and the living within it. This may be happened due to contaminated land, Waste, other human activity, and also from pollution. The purpose of the Environmental Audit is to control the risk to the human due to these contaminations and also to improve the quality of the human Environment

Example of Environmental Audit

The Environmental Audit involves the Calculations of the activities by different tools. These activities can cause environmental Impacts so, assessment of these activities is so much more important. Some of these examples involve mining, manufacturing, forest industries, development, research, or any other activities which can cause Environmental damage.

Environmental Audit in EIA

The Environmental Audit is the tool used by the industry to calculate its environmental performance. In contrast to the EIA, an EA is only implemented in the processing sites.

Types of Environmental Audits

There are commonly three types of Environmental Audits: Internal Audits, External Audits, and Internal Revenue Services. External Audits are involved in the audit report and are most commonly performed in Certified Public Accounting. So you have to take the best practices to implement the different types of Environmental Audits for your betterment.

ISO 14001 Audits

ISO 14001 is the most crucial part of implementing the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System. It is the Systematic ad documented process to gather the facts and also to identify the different areas to ensure your best performance place.

Stages of EIA | Environmental Audits

There are six stages of the Environmental Audit

  • Scoping, decide what should be included in the EIA report
  • Decision-making if the EIA is needed
  • EIA report preparation
  • Decision Making
  • Post Decision
  • Making the consultation and application

Principles of EIA

There are Eight leading principles of the EIA process they include; transparency, participation, accountability, cost efficiency, practicality, flexibility, security, and credibility

Main Functions of EIA for Environmental Audits

The function of the EIA for the purpose of Environmental Audits includes Identifying and evaluating the environmental and social impacts of developmental activities. And also, to provide the environmental results for the decision making

Last Words

Hope so, you have read the topic carefully. Basically, I have put the focus on the aspects of Environmental Audits. I have conveyed it to you through research. Environmental Audits are very important to make our environment better. If you have any queries you can ask. I will answer to your queries as soon as possible

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