What are Biotic Factors and their Effects on an Environment

Hello! I am here with a new topic for you guys. I am here to describe biotic factors of the environment which are taking and giving benefits to the environment. Biotic factors are the essential components of an environment. Today we will focus on biological factors. It’s all about organisms and creatures, no matter what species exist in an ecosystem. To maintain biodiversity and landscape quality, one must know the full distribution of species in an ecosystem.

Therefore, in this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about biotic factors and their characteristics.

What is the Biotic Factor?

The Biotic factor is defined as the living component which can take energy from the surrounding environment and impact the environment due to its behavior.

Biotic components are the biological components of an ecosystem. It includes all organisms and microorganisms such as plants, animals, and bacteria that exist in a given area and interact with each other.

Among the Biotic components we can find:


Represented by plants that grow food from sunlight, water, and carbon dioxide.


Represents animals that eat plants (herbivores) or other animals (carnivores). Animals such as humans and pigs eat plants and animals (omnivores), while insects and flies eat organic waste (detritivores).


Represented by organisms that convert organic compounds into inorganic compounds such as fungi and bacteria and extract their nutrients.

Examples of Biotic Factors

Rodents such as rats, plants such as cacti and small shrubs, and reptiles such as snakes and lizards interact in desert ecosystems.

Plants such as lichens and mosses, bacteria such as proteobacteria and cyanobacteria, amoebas such as archaea and protozoa, and animals such as hares and foxes are the organic components of the tundra.

Large trees, palms, bromeliads, orchids, reptiles, various decaying fungi, a variety of insects, amphibians such as frogs, monkeys, gorillas, and birds such as toucans and macaws are the habitats of rainforests.

Types of Relationships between Biotic Factors of an Environment


Biological factors interact in a positive, negative, or neutral way. This relationship can occur between individuals of the same species or intraspecifically between or among different species. The connection is there.


The interaction between species in which both win. For example, butterflies feed on the nectar of flowers and at the same time carry pollen with other flowers, promoting fertilization between plants.


This is the relationship between people who eat the same plant or animal in a region. For example, jaguars and cougars are carnivorous marines that compete for the same prey.


Occurs when one species feeds on another. For example, wolves feed on animals other than cows. One of the biggest problems related to animals in mountain areas is the attack on livestock by wolves.


This is the relationship that arises when organisms take advantage of another by harming them. We find it in insects that suck the blood of mammals.


Determines whether a species benefits another species without harming it. For example, use the debris left behind by sharks.

Final Thoughts

In this topic I have tried to provide an authentic information related to biotic components of an environment. The biotic components of an environment are gestures of an environment. These components plays important rule to make and also destroy an environment.



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