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Short Overview Of HTML5

HTML5 is the latest version of HTML. Code describing web pages. If you want to know more about what HTML5 is, stay tuned.

What is HTML5?

HTML5 is the latest browser standard for viewing and interacting with web pages. HTML5 aims to make it easier and more efficient for programmers and browser designers to adhere to its standards. While providing the best, fastest, and most customized user experience for desktop and mobile audiences.

What is HTML5?

One of the big problems with HTM4 is the low performance and the need for multiple plug-ins for many functions. It is designed to deliver anything you want online without the need for plug-ins.

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History Of HTML5

The HTML stands for HyperText Markup Language which we know today is a version of HTML4. It was first published in 1997. That means you have been using HTML4 for 15 years. HTML5 has been the latest version of Internet standards for the past 20 years since the Internet was launched in 1991.

HTML first appeared in 1993 and its general standards are universally accepted. The timing of the contracts reached can be seen below:

  • HTML 2.0: 1995
  • The HTML 4.0: 1997
  • HTML 4.01: 2000
  • HTML 5: 2014

HTML5 Features

  • The simple and clear layout of components makes it easy to create, design, configure and customize the html5 site.
    Provide standard items for common objects that require different plug-ins in an earlier version, such as audio.
  • Integration with user interfaces for better operation of modern websites and mobile sites. For example, enabling GPS location in the browser, which gives you the location of the visitor.
  • It improves the speed and ease of use of the Internet. For example, the experience of working on sites like YouTube is more enjoyable and you will need fewer updates and plug-ins to work with them.
  • At the same time, its safety increases and it has better speed. If you are a web designer, Version 5 makes your job much easier.

Advantages of HTML5

  • Remove plug-ins like FLASH to get popular features that everyone needs, and get support for things like audio and video
  • Reduce the need for javascript and additional code with new components
  • Create compatibility between different browsers and devices
  • All of this should be done as secretly as possible
  • With the Cross-platform feature, it doesn’t matter if the device you use to view websites is a mobile phone, desktop computer, or smart TV.

What is the Purpose of HTML5?

HTML5 provides a list of new features that some browsers may not fully comply with.  New elements or tags in This language make webpage design and customization easier. There are special features for page layout and key features and layout:

HTML5 Tags

<Header> and <Shooter>
<nav> for all listings
<aside> for side menus
<article> When to include content in blog pages
<section> is similar to a div but depends on more content
Play <audio> and <video> audio and video files
<canvas> The ability to design graphic elements using a separate scripting language
Placing external content or applications on <embed> page

Difference Between HTML And HTML5

A team called WHATWG developed HTML5 to improve earlier HTML versions and to fix some browser compatibility issues. Key differences between HTML and HTML5:


  • Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) is the primary language for creating web pages.
  • HTML5 is a newer version of HTML that introduces new capabilities for building and presenting content.

Media Support

  • HTML does not support video or audio in any language.
  • Provides HTML5 built-in audio and video support.

Geographic Support

  • Putting the user in HTML is tricky, and it can be even harder if the site is logged in from multiple mobile devices.
  • It uses the JavaScript API for geolocation, which is used to determine access to each user’s website.

To Save

  • Uses the cache of the HTML browser as cache.
  • HTML5 is equipped with various storage options such as web memory, SQL database, and application cache.


  • In HTML, the communication between the client and the server is made using the socket because it does not support the socket.
  • It allows full two-way communication between client and server.

Browser Compatibility

  • Since HTML is out of date, all browsers support it.
  • HTML5 is only compatible with a few browsers because it introduces new tags and components.

Graphics Support

  • Interface tools are needed to support vector graphics.
  • Vector graphics are supported by default because they are made of canvas and SVG.

Error Management

  • HTML is unable to handle incorrect syntax or other errors
  • It has the ability to manage incorrect syntax or any other error.

In short, HTML5 is the best version of HTML with the best features.

Advanced Features

  • Play audio and video files
  • audience site
  • Ability to drag and drop files into the browser
  • Support for viewing HTML sites offline using utility cache
  • Run javascript behind the scenes
  • Enabling servers to refresh preloaded browser pages is more efficient than Ajax. For more information, read our article on what Ajax is.
  • Save data offline With this feature, the data is stored locally in the browser, without relying on cookies.


HTML5 is the markup language of the future of the internet and it will definitely change the way we look at the internet. Even with the limited nature of HTML4, web designers create great websites.

However, let’s see what revolution HTML5 will bring to the web in the future. We hope that you are familiar with the concept of html5 by reading this article.

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