Types of Computer Mouse & Their Functions

The mouse is a pointing device that functions for detecting motion in two comparative dimensions on the contact surface. Its movement is transposed by using the pointer/ cursor which moves on the monitor’s screen and helps to control the Graphic User Interface (GUI). In this article, we explain the most common types of mouse, so stay with us.

A sensor connects the computer mouse to the contact surface, the pad on which the mouse moves. Moreover, the mouse is commonly used as input/output equipment for a computer. There are different types of mouse-containing buttons with which you can give commands regarding the objects on the screen indicated by the pointer. Pressing a mouse button is called a click.

It makes it easier to operate with menus and graphic objects on the screen. The mouse was invented in 1964 by Douglas Engelbart of the Sandford Research Institute, and its name comes from the “XY position indicator for a display system”. Subsequently, since 1974, Xerox has applied it to its revolutionary experimental Alto computing system, used only in research.

Types of Mouse

There are different types of mouse are present in different designs and also regarding their functionalities. There are different types of mouse devices such as:

  • ASUS Gaming Mouse
  • LENRUE Gaming Mouse
  • Corsair Gaming Mouse
  • Logitech Gaming Mouse
  • Steel Mouse Series
  • Redragon Gaming Mouse
  • Cold Storage Machinery Mouse
  • Razer Gaming Mouse
  • Ball Mouse
  • Opticians Mouse
  • To Be Mouse
  • Wireless Mouse
  • Ergonomic Mouse
  • Mouse Trackball
  • Magic Mouse
  • Hybrid
  • Mouse 3d
  • Laptop or Touch Mouse

The most important function of the mouse is the movement of the cursor on the screen, processing a window, and operating buttons, among other relevant functions.

In short, to help the user to carry out actions that must be carried out on a computer. The mouse is an external device connected to the computer through a wire. owever, it has mechanisms that link the device, console, laptop, etc., and thus be able to interact. The description of all the different types of the mouse is discussed below:

ASUS Mouse

ASUS Gaming Mouse is the latest recommended type of mouse. This multi-vision gaming mouse enables precise gestures and consists of 250 IPS sensors. Moreover, Omron has switches and they are rated and ranked to deliver 50 million clicks.

You may have got the idea that this is a USB Optical cable gaming mouse. It comes with a click scroll wheel and DPI keys as well as a quick-release Mini USB and is the unique selling point of this product. It fits perfectly with all your sports styles.

Instead of the grip, large hand you have, this gaming mouse can go well with both large hand and large total hand conditions. It comes in the form of push-based fonts and allows 50 million clicks, this is absolutely amazing.


LENRUE Gaming Mouse is the type of mouse that has been commonly used by many players out there. This is an excellent visually and ergonomically designed gamer mouse. In addition, the streamline sees and comes with a leather steering wheel. You should know that this mouse works and operates perfectly on DPI Resolution Optical Tracking Technology.

It allows the user a great amount of sensitivity as well as precision to check so you can use this mouse over a wide range of terrain. People were attracted to this mouse game because it is surrounded by a cool racing game seeing facial features.

It is featured in 4-color bright LED LEDs with injection and adjustable buttons. In addition, this mouse game is accepted with the presence of 7 user-programmable buttons. It has a high level and regular DPI. It processes on Optical Tracking Technology. There is the Breathing LED Light circuit.

Corsair Gaming Mouse

The Corsair Gaming Mouse offers three ways of communication and is the main selling point of this Gaming Mouse for big Hands. It runs automatically on Slipstream Corsair Wireless technology and provides low latency Bluetooth.

This gaming mouse is also available in contoured shapes and is carved ins in such manners that it can be easily settled with your palm’s grip. According to its key buttons, it includes Ten complete programmable important buttons so that you can enjoy your game with the funniest features.

It bears 50 hours of battery life span and processes on precisely matched light sensors. This product has the ability to make a strong connection to the fuse of your gaming mouse with the help of three-zone RGB lighting.

Logitech Gaming Mouse

You can desire a Logitech Gaming Mouse. This mouse Permits the user to modify the light face in sort of styles. This is a very popular Toy Kiosk for Big Hands and you can be one of its users as well. Most important point is that this product is presented with color wave effects and these effects can be implemented anywhere and close to over 16 million colors.

It is surely said that Logitech Gaming Mouse provides you complete control. Moreover, it comes with easy-to-see 6-button settings and is designed into a classic game shape. Its first seals are naturally mechanical. Moreover, these fasteners should be welded properly and they are nailed to permanent steel rods.

Steel Mouse Series

The Steel Series Gaming Mouse prefers a great combination of signal types and is the most important USP of this recommendation. We have given our praise to this Game Mouse for praise because this is suitable and the most useful information providing gaming mouse.

It is made with 350 IPS optical sensors and engineers in a way that promises and accurately to recognizes the peak. The steel mouse series has its own OLED display and he can carry complete benefits of it when it comes to adjusting the level of flying sensation.

So, you should try to buy it and use the steel series gaming mouse, then share your opinion about it. Moreover, when we obtain the updated version of the steel series Gaming Mouse for Big Hands, then we will let you know.

Redragon Gaming Mouse

The Redragon Gaming Mouse should be to like because it includes high-end features. Most popular, this Toy Mouse preferred for large Hands is a good choice. This type of mouse is an ergonomic gamer mouse and saves you more and more fun to spend time with. Undoubtedly, this mouse provides a seamless running experience to the user.

It does not offer a spray and jam-packing activity. We have seen that this type of mouse fits snugly and easily with your hands and palms. If you think this Toy Mouse for Big Hands is right, then you are right. For your information, this product has 7 programs that can be installed, and the package includes a 3mm strong and high-speed cable harness.

Cold Storage Machinery Mouse

The cold storage machinery mouse is the type of mouse having a clean brush. Moreover, it is surrounded by advanced installed buildings. This evaluation was the most considerable and remained clean. There is a new component that is also an interesting characteristic.

You would like to use this gaming mouse because it has several mouse feet. It permits you to have a great model of movement and smoothness of movement.

Razer Gaming Mouse

The Razer Gaming Mouse is the best gaming mouse that we’ve got decided on for you. You may be wondering why to try this model, here you can easily get sick and lift that completely. The Razer gaming mouse was firstly created in America. Moreover, it has an Optical Sensor of” Focus + 20K DPI”.

Now you can say that this mouse Auto-calibrates and can completely reduce the element of slow motion. The Razer gaming mouse is the name of an industry that leads to accuracy delivery. It processes and moves 3 times faster as compared to other gaming mouse options.

Ball Mouse

The ball mouse is one of the most popular Types of Mouse, which is also called the mechanical mouse, consists of a single ball that can rotate in any direction and was invented by engineer Bill English who worked at Xerox PARC to replace the mouse with external wheels, after 9 years of its invention.

The mouse was quickly marketed for personal systems from the ’80s and ’90s called Xerox Alto. Its motion detection system is based on a ball and two separate gears, settled at 90 angles The system is easy and simple to understand, one gear is placed specially to take them back and forth from the ball and another is designed for taking the lateral ones.

Once the gears rotate, the teeth split (interrupt a movement) the infrared light beams are ultimately sent to the sensor through the transmitter, thus detecting the movement of the ball, The ball is completely round (or spherical) and is made of 90% steel and is covered with a layer of 10% rubber to have a grip on its various surfaces.

Opticians  Mouse

This is one of the most important types of mouse particularly has optical sensors to operate, these detect sliding movements of the mouse. Generally, they have LED light, which allows comparing images one from another, while sliding the mouse. It is modern and practical. They do not accumulate dust. As a limit, it offers 800 dots per inch or DPI

To be

The laser tip illuminator is visible to the human eye. It has detectors that are sensitive, allowing the mouse to detect ethereal movements. They are precise, they perform in almost any space be it in glass, or reflective. This type of device is exclusive to graphic designers, or lovers of PC games.

 Wireless Mouse

This type of mouse can work without difficulty and at a distance from the computer. In addition, it has the peculiarity of not having cables, so it keeps free of cables that obstruct the workspace.

However, and although they are usually comfortable, the wireless mouse will require batteries to use, a small disadvantage since the battery does not usually last long, so the battery will have to be changed constantly.

Ergonomic Mouse

The ergonomic is the type of mouse which permits you to maintain the natural position of the hand and arm. They are usually vertical, and the buttons have them at the top.

Trackball Mouse

In the digital market, the most innovative type of mouse. What makes it special is the ergonomics, and how comfortable you can work in tight spaces.

The characteristic of the Trackball is that the mouse does not move but the pointer. Its design is a ball that is moved with the thumb. The hand will never have to move or move it. Now, for many, this model of the mouse has not been to their liking.

Magic Mouse

This type of peripheral has a design in the upper part of the piece, which is like a casing. This mouse does not require buttons since it is multi-touch. It should be noted that this is the mouse for both right-handed and left-handed.

It is lightweight and has no internal parts, not even the scroll wheel. However, you can perform actions such as zooming, returning to closed pages, or scrolling horizontally, among others. It has a totally futuristic design, in addition, it has replaceable batteries which last longer.

Hybrid Mouse

This type of mouse refers to being a docked keyboard mouse. The keyboard can be attached to the mouse on top. It is an ideal device for gamers, in order to have more control over the game.

3d Mouse

It has a special design for professionals such as engineers or designers. Its main characteristic is based on the fact that it is a mouse that has the ability to rotate drawings to a third dimension, thus giving the image a contribution of realism and professionalism.

Laptop or Touch Mouse

It is usually located in laptops, which, by means of the finger, will generate all the movements and actions that are required. However, they are not comfortable, so they resort to installing a parallel mouse.

Final Words

To conclude, each user has different needs. So there is no mouse that works for everyone. But having listed the pros and cons of the best-selling models, each, evaluating what best suits your body and the type of work done at the pc, you can find in those listed the best mouse for your case.

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