Snapchat Dark Mode For Android & iPhone

Snapchat is one of the user’s favorite chatting apps because the app has a whole lot of cool capabilities like dark mode. Not only your snap, everything you send on Snapchat deletes routinely after 24 hours.

Snapchat releases new updates and features very frequently. Dark Mode is one of the recent trending news in the tech industry. A lot of social media apps like YouTube and Twitter are having integrated Dark Mode.

Apps like Instagram, Pinterest will go along with your smartphone’s integrated Dark Mode. But, Snapchat Dark Mode is different from others.

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What Is Dark Mode?

Dark mode or night mode is a placing in which the shade scheme of the app is altered to a darker landscape. The dark mode is the show setting if you plan to stay up for a bit.

Dark Mode is available on different applications. It makes it feasible to apply your cellphone or every other smart device at night time without straining your eyes or making it tough to sleep.

Unfortunately, though, not all apps provide a night mode – even some of the most popular apps out there have but to feature this exceedingly beneficial feature.

Snapchat Dark Mode

Snapchat, the ever-present texting and chatting app, is widely known for rolling out new capabilities seemingly every week. Users are continually amused and entertained by means of the addition of those new capabilities.

However, a simple built-in darkish mode has not, to date, been one of these featured updates. Although it is rumored that darkish mode for Snapchat is being tested, we’ve but to receive the update.

Interestingly enough, users have created an internet petition to force the builders into including this feature.

Don’t worry, though, you’re not completely out of luck. Let’s check how you can use dark mode in Snapchat, even though the app doesn’t have a built-in night mode feature.

Is Dark Mode available in Snapchat?

If that’s what you are asking, the solution is a large NO. The Snapchat phone app has no built-in Dark Mode feature. It is not to be had on the Snapchat website too.

In addition to that, the app won’t reply to your cellphone’s integrated Dark Mode too. So, how do you allow Dark Mode in Snapchat? The best is to pressure Dark Mode to your Snapchat digicam.

One of the coolest functions in Snapchat is that it’ll take pleasant snaps within the night time and Snapchat’s Low-mild mode is accountable for that.

It will routinely detect the amount of sunlight found in your surroundings. When the sunlight isn’t always enough for your snap, it’ll turn on the Low-light mode. This works only for taking snapshots and snaps, not for the whole app.

  • Press your telephone’s camera with your finger so that no mild enters your camera.
  • Now, you enabled Snapchat’s Low-light camera mode.
  • Take your snap quickly because as soon as the app detects the daylight and realizes it isn’t sincerely dark, it’s going to flip off the Low-light mode.

Instead of this, there is no other official method for enabling Dark Mode in the Snapchat app. But if you want to try some other method, then you have to jailbreak your iPhone or Android smartphone.

How night mode is important in Snapchat?

Well, maximum folks feel pressure and strain on our eyes, especially when we’re scrolling through our Twitter, Instagram, and other popular social media apps like Snapchat.

Thereby, it becomes compulsory to Enable Night Mode in Snapchat For A Dark Theme. Apart from this, there are many advantages to using dark mode.

The dark theme no longer simply seems sleek but also protects your eyes all through the nighttime time. Additionally, the dark mode placing saves your battery power.

After Snapchat has added this night mode feature, this social media platform has now emerged as the most secure bet.

Why Snapchat Night Mode Matters?

This is very useful especially at night because it decreases the strain on my eyes. I simply wish Instagram and other famous social media also can implement this feature into their app.

Luckily, my iPhone is jailbroken, which means even though there isn’t an official Snapchat darkish topic yet, there is continually a jailbreak tweak that brings this feature to life. Dark Mode on Snapchat on any iPhone! Without Jailbreak (2022)

Would It’s a Good Idea To Use A Night Mode Tweak With Snapchat In 2020?

Ok, earlier than I move further, I need to bring something up actually quick. Getting dark mode to happen in Snapchat means your iPhone must be jailbroken or your Android telephone has to be rooted.

Lately, Snapchat has been banning debts for all of us that have a Jailbroken smartphone…Even whilst the tweaks used don’t have anything to do with Snapchat. So, this tweak to go darkish on Snapchat is a continue at your own risk.

I came throughout a Reddit post wherein he introduces his upcoming tweak referred to as Nightmare. This package deal will give you a customized night mode revel in for your Snapchat app.

If you generally tend to use this app overdue at night time or in the dark surroundings, it’s definitely a must-have tweak.

Best Method To Install Dark Mode For Your Snapchat?

  • Install iFile from Cydia
  • Since this bundle isn’t available publicly yet, click here to download it
  • Look for the “Open in” and pick iFile
  • Now faucet on Installer and the bundle could be extracted
  • After that, it has to be hooked up to your iOS device. I
  • t won’t take an instant effect. You will want to restart your Springboard.

According to the author, Nightmare tweak doesn’t have any struggle with different Snapchat tweaks like Phantom. Furthermore, it won’t trigger the integrated detection that Snapchat recently brought to detect a jailbroken device.

How to Use Snapchat Dark Mode on iOS Smartphones?

If you’re an iPhone user, Nightmare is one way of usage of darkish mode in Snapchat. Nightmare is a consumer interface tweak that was released several years ago.

Nightmare is, unfortunately, not to be had inside the App Store. Instead, you’ll need to jailbreak your iPhone to use this helpful tool. If you have got a jailbroken smartphone, here are the steps that you want to observe to install darkish mode in Snapchat:

  • Jailbreak your iOS smartphone using Cydia.
  • Install the iFile package.
  • Download all the Nightmare Package files the usage of the link https://bit.Ly/33QliH4.
  • Now, open iFile and install the NIghtmare Package.
  • After putting in the package, restart your device. Now, your Snapchat will seem Dark.

After Nightmare is mounted to your iPhone, you’ll have to restart Springboard for it to take effect. After the restart, it should appear like this:

How to Use Snapchat Dark Mode on iOS Smartphones?

Nightmare works with all other Snapchat tweaks and it may evade Snapchat’s integrated jailbreak detection. You can personalize Snapchat’s theme with the aid of adding different color schemes, so supply it a try if you have a jailbroken iOS device.

If you’d like to keep away from jailbreaking your telephone (which voids the guarantee AND has been rumored to bring about a ban from Snapchat) you could invert the colors to your iPhone.

Although this doesn’t appear great; it does make the display darker. To turn on the inverted colors choice in iPhone comply with those steps:

  • Open “Settings”
  • Tap “General”
  • Tap “Accessibility”
  • Tap “Display Accommodations”
  • Tap “Invert Colors”

From here, you can toggle on ‘Smart Invert’ or ‘Classic Invert’. Your screen will look darker than before. Unfortunately, it may appear very odd.

This is a simpler technique than jailbreaking your telephone. The “Display Accommodations” screen also has an alternative to “Reduce White Point” making Snapchat a little easier on the eyes as well.

Inverting the colors on your phone will not have an effect on the final results of any photos, nor will it alter the application’s functionality.

Although iOS 13 delivered a Dark Mode alternative in settings, it still doesn’t trade the color layout of certain apps, including Snapchat.

Also, Snapchat doesn’t work with a web browser so you can’t use a web browser in Dark Mode to get admission to your favored content. There are ways to use Snapchat without the Android or iOS application, but getting that to enter Dark Mode is every other issue.

How to Use Snapchat Dark Mode in Android Smartphones?


  • Root your Android Phone.
  • Go to Play Store and install the substratum topic engine.
  • Open the subject matter engine and choose any of the dark themes.
  • Select your tool and the app that you want to use Dark Mode.
  • Then, tap Install to put in the app.


Don’t despair, Android fans, we haven’t forgotten about you. You won’t be able to use Nightmare, but there’s another manner to get a dark mode for Snapchat to your Android device.

Android has the Substratum app to use darkish mode in any app, and it’s pretty easy to install and use. However, your Android device desires to be rooted for the app to work.

Here are the steps that you want to follow:

  • Enable unknown assets by going to Settings > Security > Lock display and security > Unknown Sources.
  • Keep in thoughts that the precise settings’ names may vary consistent with your tool.
  • If you’re the usage of Samsung Galaxy S8 or higher, download the Samsung Integration app.
  • Go to Play Store, download Substratum, and set up it.
  • Open Substratum and select the subject matter that you need to apply.
  • Select your tool, then select the app for which you want to use darkish mode and tap Install.

When the app became first released, customers had problems adding a dark mode to Snapchat. Luckily, this has been fixed in recent updates.

So there are two themes available for Snapchat proper now: Swift Black and Swift Dark. There is an app to be had in the PlayStore that, even as it doesn’t add Dark Mode to Snapchat.

It does assist you to exchange the harsh lighting emitted out of your phone’s display screen. The Blue Light Filter software is one that doesn’t require rooting your android phone but as a substitute acts as a film over the display screen.

If you’re searching to lessen the harsh lighting fixtures of Snapchat, that is a non-invasive available. Another component that you could do if you’re an Android consumer is to look ahead to Android Q, the following launch of the Android running system, to arrive.

It will feature a system-wide dark mode that works with maximum 3rd party apps, which include Snapchat. If you’ve signed up as a developer, you should be capable of downloading the beta version of Android Q.

Best Method To Force Night Mode For Your Snapchat Photos

Are you searching out a way to quickly get into night mode while taking a Snapchat picture? When the white moon is displayed on your device, Snapchat will take better snapshots inside the dark.

This means you could take an excellent selfie at the membership or at the same time as you’re striking out the poolside beneath the sunset.

But, what if you need this even when it’s now not completely darkish? Or, maybe Snapchat simply isn’t selecting upon the truth that it’s miles darkish and you want some assistance getting that perfect picture.

Well, we have for that too! Just put your give up the camera for a few seconds. You will see the white moon appear, this means that Snapchat is prepared to take a picture inside the dark.

But make certain that you snap your pic fast due to the fact as soon as Snapchat realizes it isn’t without a doubt dark where you are, night mode might be turned returned off.

There you have it. An easy way to get the darkish theme for Snapchat and a brief for forcing nighttime mode whilst you need to take a great selfie even if it’s now not all the way dark.

To Conclude

If you are a fan of Dark Mode, you need to wait a bit longer to get the official Snapchat’s Dark Mode. You can go for jailbreaking or rooting your smartphone only in case you don’t care about the consequences.

If you have any info about other ways to allow Dark Mode on Snapchat, tell that in the comments section below.

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