Types of Network Servers


Servers are a computer with software capabilities that provides services to other computer programs and their users. In this aforesaid topic, I will explain to you about different types of network servers, their functions, and how they facilitate users on a network. So, let’s begin to learn more!

What is the server?

The server is a computer that provides services to computers and other devices connected to the network. A server computer is more efficient & powerful than all other computers in the network. Different services provided by theĀ  network server are as follows:

  • Control access to the hardware, software, and data
  • Centralized storage for software, data, and information
  • Processing data
  • Sharing software
  • Managing network traffic

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Types of Server

  • Dedicated Server
  • Print servers
  • Application Server
  • Database Server
  • Email Server
  • Communication Server
  • Web Server
  • Authentication Server
  • File Server

Dedicated Server

Dedicated Servers are used to perform one specific function such as handling e-mail. These servers are used to perform tasks that require a lot of time.

Different types of dedicated servers are as follows:

Print server

A type of server that controls and manages printing jobs is called print server. A network with a centralized shared and common printing service will have a print server. This server routes print jobs to the appropriate devices. It also prioritizes the printing according to the order of request.

Application Server

A type of server that stores and distributes a set of application software to each system on the network is called the application server. The user upgrades and installs new software once on the application server rather than deploying the program throughout the organization.

Database Server

A type of server that controls, maintains, and manages the database of an organization is called a database server. It is dedicated to database storage, queries, retrievals, etc.

Email Server

A type of server that handles a large volume of incoming, outgoing, and internal emails is called an email server. It remains connected to the internet. It may be located at any place in the world.

Communication Server

A type of server that handles all communication between the network and other networks is called the communications server. It also manages internet connectivity. All requests for information from the internet and all messages being sent through the internet pass through the communication server.

Email servers, web servers, and other devices needing to communicate with the internet usually route all their traffic through the communication server. It provides a single point of contact with the outside world and makes it easier to secure the network from hackers.

Web Server

A type of server that is used to host a website available through the internet is called a web server. The web servers run specialized software that enables them to host WebPages.

Authentication Server

The authentication server keeps track of the users who log on to the network. It also keeps track of diverse services available to each user on the network. Authentication servers also act as overseers for the network. They handle and coordinate the services provided by any other dedicated servers situated on the network

File Server

File servers stock up, handle and manage files for network users. On corporate networks, employees are authorized with space on a file server to store files.



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