Download Mobdro Latest Version For Free 2021

Mobdro is a very popular android app that enables you to stream videos and TV shows according to your mood in HD quality. The app holds a huge channel library, compatible with all devices and screens, without any fee.

What is Mobdro App?

Mobdro App takes the stream by storm in 2020. This free app connects users to a number of free streams & allow them to watch whenever and however they want. Mobdro APK App finds and arranges streams into multiple categories.

By using your latest smartphone technology, you can watch videos, movies, or music videos through this app. Mobdro helps you to make that even more accessible. This app has some amazing features that help you to find and watch online streaming videos, shows, and TV shows from all regions of the world for free.

Furthermore, Mobdro enables its users to search for required streams and filter the categories until the required stream is found. You can clear your doubts about this app by looking at any Mobdro review and you’ll see how people showing their love with this app.

You can find a huge lot of apps that are claiming to do this, but you will find the Mobdro is well organized and unique app around all of them. That’s  the reason which makes this app trusted by over 100 million people to deliver top quality content on Android, iOS, smart TVs, PC, Fire Stick, and more

In this article, we will provide you all information that you are searching for as well as download links and Mobdro installation guides on Android, iOS, smart TVs, PC, Fire Stick & more.

Download Mobdro App 2021

The download process of the Mobdro App depends on the device which you are using for. Generally, you can download the Mobdro APK file by clicking on the link below. In this article, we will guide you to download, install, and use this great app on different types of devices. Read more to learn everything about Mobdro.

Update Information Mobdro Latest Version 2021

File Info Description
Name Mobdro
Current Version Latest Version
Download From
Compatible With Android, PC, iOS, Firestick, Smart TV
Size 18.9 MB
Installs 100 M+
File Type APK
License Free
Latest Updated Recently

What can you Stream on Mobdro?

Contents are grouped beneath extraordinary categories on this app and they are presented as channels to the customers for consumption. The grouping is primarily based at the genre of the content. Each time the Mobdro app is downloaded the contents are offered as the following categories:


This channel offers information associated with television channels and contents relating to information under this category. Popular TV channels like CNN, NBC News, FOX News are presented below this.


Users are attracted to this channel wherein television sports channels and sports-related content are offered as alternatives. Ten Sports activities and Sky Sports activities are indexed in this channel.


Audio files are streamed on this channel. Customers can concentrate to this radio channel or download the documents and pay attention all through a handy time. Famous Radio channels such as Ellen Show, Tedtalks, and The Soup video podcast lies under the podcast channels category.


Game channels like Platform, Power Rangers are listed under the gaming heading.


Brand identification for this app is TV shows and applications. Famous suggestions and episodes are listed on this channel.


Yesteryears hit and blockbusters, in addition to new films, are listed under this category.


Vh1 UK, MTV, Heart TV channels, and every other song content are saved.

Animals, Technology, Spiritual & Others

Well-known tv channels and contents are grouped and indexed underneath this class. Items that cannot get into any organization are listed in other groups.

How to Download and Install Mobdro APK for Android

Confused about why to download  Mobdro APK?  Well, it happens actually because the app is not officially available on the Google Play Store. So you need to download it from our site (100% secure link ). Let’s hit the below button to know how to download and install Mobdro for Android devices.

   Mobdro APK For Android

How to Download and Install Mobdro for PC

Mobdro for PC is one of the most popular online streaming app designed to provide users with a comfortable viewing experience. The app streams channels instead of individual content make this app the next generation of television than anything else.

Mobdro for PC enables its users to stream the desired content, sit back, relax, watch and enjoy. Get hands-on with the below button and learn the step by step process to download & install Mobdro for PC.

   Mobdro For PC

How to Download and Install Mobdro on iOS

Do you want to know about Mobdro iOS? It’s an app for iOS devices that provide you access to all the streams you want on your iOS device in a very simple and fast way. Unfortunately, Moddro is not officially available for iOS devices but the team is working on it.

So far in the news and information available on the web, it is just an Android app. The developer has cleared that the said that the app is only available for Android. However, you can try the MovieBox Pro, having features just like Mobdro.

Even today, no version of Mobdro released that is compatible with devices with iOS as the operating platform. Mobdro iPad Still not appear and a lot of folks don’t enjoy this fact at all. However, you can sideload it by following the simple step. Click on the link below to learn more.

   MovieBox Pro VIP

How to Download and Install Mobdro for Firestick

It’s pleasant to know that the latest version of Mobdro Firestick 2021 is released now. It contains some advanced features and provides you the latest and greatest way to stream content straight to your TV.  Click on the below button to learn how to download and install Mobdro on Firestick.


How to Download and Install Mobdro For Smart TV

Are you have a smart TV and want to install Mobdro on your smart tv. Here we provide you a smooth & free track to grab this app and enjoy directly on to your TV like any other streaming app.

After successful installation, You become able to watch your desired content right on the big screen. Just click the link below and follow the steps to run the Mobdro on your Smart Tv.


How to Download and Install Mobdro For MAC

Mobdro is an Android app and is built officially for Android devices, it can’t be installed and run on Mac as a native app. However, by creating a safe Android environment can on your Mac system, you can run not only Mobdro but all of your desired Android applications on your Mac.

Sounds amazing? Let’s hit the below button to get it installed on your Mac.


How to Download and Install Mobdro For iPhone

Most people love Mobdro and want to enjoy it on their iOS devices like the iPhone & iPad. However, Mobdro is an android app specially made for android devices running Android 4.1 or above version.

However, Mobdro is not compatible and available for iOS devices, even for the iPhone or iPad. You can try its alternative by clicking on the below button.

   MovieBox Pro VIP

How to Download and Install Mobdro for Chromecast?

The easiest and better way to watch Mobdro on your big TV screen is using Chromecast. This provides you a smooth & simple way to enjoy  Mobdro by playing on the big screen like Smart TV directly if you have the Chromecast Dongle.

Get hands-on the link below to get Mobdro For Chromecast:


How to Download and Install Mobdro for Blackberry?

Mobdro is one of the best apps that can be used to enjoy your favorite live streaming demands for free. However, it’s just designed and officially available only for android devices. But don’t worry, we provide you the complete guidelines needed to get this app on your Blackberry device.

Click on the link below to get hands-on with this app right now:


How to Download and Install Mobdro for Kodi?

Mobdro provides you access to thousands of global channels that can be streamed with the use of the internet. This app allows you to download your favorite live stream or share the live stream with your loved ones to watch it together, even you are sitting miles away from each other.

So, if you would like to enjoy everything comfortably on a big screen, you could do it now without using an Android device. Here we provide you the exact method In order to obtain Mobdro on Kodi for free.

Click the link below to grab this app now:


Features of Mobdro

Mobdro has few first-rate functions which no longer handiest separates it from other online streaming apps however makes it great amongst them. A number of the features of the first-rate on-line streaming app are as follows:

Unlimited Content

As mentioned earlier, Mobdro does not only permits you to stream online tv shows and films totally free but additionally gives you access to greater than 100 TV channels. It has got hundreds of content so that it will never be going to will let you sense bored.


Mobdro is the most effective unfastened app that lets you share any content material with just a click of a button. Here you can without problems share a television show or a movie with just a click.

Cross-Platform App

Mobdro being a cross-platform app can run on android, computer as well as Mac. This is the best part of the software. Now you don’t have you worry about your device as it is well-matched with all types of running OS and devices. You won’t experience any distinction in the usage of the app on any exclusive platform. It’ll all be the same.

Ads Free

We understand that commercials are now and again anxious, however, you would not get indignant here. You’ll see a very less wide variety of commercials in this utility.

But, in case you need no commercials at all, then you definitely need to head for the premium model of the app where you cannot see any advert in any respect.

No longer most effective the premium model is advert-free, but it has also got a few extra capabilities over the unfastened version of the app.

Offline Downloading

Yes, you examine it properly. Just like Youtube, Mobdro has additionally got this feature of offline downloading. If you’re busy or want to look at your favorite display later, you could simply download it offline. The video or film will be stored within the downloads section of the app.


Have you ever given any assistance with an unfastened online streaming app? No, but here the matters are one-of-a-kind. the developers extra actively fix insects if any.


Don’t get lost within the limitless content of the app just bookmark your film or television show so you don’t have to battle in locating them.

Some Extra Features Of Mobdro

  • Films are streamed free of charge
  • TV channels, live activities are streamed via this
  • Unfastened content material from websites like Youtube, Webcams
  • Supports any topic and language as long as the receiving hardware and software program
  • The suggested videos and different contents may be effortlessly shared with buddies
  • Operations are quite simple
  • The contents offered may be taken care of in any order. for e.g. Language
  • Users can also discover many comparable apps inside the unfastened video streaming category,
  • However, The App is the most favored app
  • Many app stores do not advocate, promote, and propose Mobdro for the unknown.
  • This app has plenty of clever, clean-to-function, tremendously consumer-orientated features and due to these reasons, the users get drawn to it within the entertainment class notwithstanding its low visibility in-app store.
  • Customers can download it without delay from Mobdro’s respectable website. any version modifications are up to date robotically.
  • This app provides bugs free services to the users
  • Users who don’t need to compromise on entertainment could choose this app
  • In this app, the contents are provided as packs of Tv channels. Users need to undergo those channels in their choice and pick the content to view
  • This app is unfastened for everyone to use. Premium services of this app are in the beta level and it’s geared up for release. The free website offers almost everything.
  • Premium version presents satisfactory of class services like chrome casting, download alternatives for destiny use, sleeper time
  • Channels can be earmarked as favored and bookmark gadgets for customers to get right of entry to often-used pages with minimum efforts
  • This app refreshes the latest content from the web. Users are notified of the present-day addition in their preferred channels so that they will view them
  • Any updates to the app are notified at the platform and users can download the upgrades and refresh their

Mobdro Alternatives

If you are an IOS user, or just are not content with Mobdro services, or even want to watch any specific episodes and movie using some specific channels, you should have many options to enjoy live video streaming using various apps available out there.

Here are some quality alternatives for Mobdro:

So, kill your boredom with a full stash of entertainment. download and install Mobdro to your device with the above-listed guides for various devices, and whole that season/film or even watch live sport on the app! So if Mobdro can’t fit you, just have a look at the high-quality Mobdro’s options.

More About  Mobdro App

Mobdro is a web streaming app that enables you to enjoy your favorite packages absolutely unfastened. with the Mobdro android app, you could seamlessly watch your packages for your android cellphone. Find unfastened video streams online and experience them for your android smartphone or tablet.

Mobdro continuously searches the web for satisfactory free video streams and brings them to your android tool. Propose motion pictures and let your buddies understand what you’re watching with simply one click.

Mobdro helps you to move your favored display by means of looking at the internet free of charge streams. This way you don’t need to waste hours seeking out the right stream that works so that you can watch your film or software.

Is Mobdro Safe?

The safety of Mobdro relies upon how you use it. If you’re streaming completely unfastened content from reliable websites, then you definitely don’t have something to fear about.

But, it’s well worth remembering that your internet service provider (ISP) can reveal your online interest. This means that streaming illicit content ought to get you into a problem, even in case you’re watching it thru the app. To make your existence simpler, it’s really worth the use of a VPN for Mobdro.

However, what’s a VPN? A virtual private network, or VPN, is a system that encrypts your surfing facts, hiding internet pastime out of your ISP. The problem is that some VPNs gradually down internet speeds, which is awful information when you’re looking to move the ultra-modern episode of your favorite show.

in a phrase, “yes”. however, if you use Mobdro to watch copyrighted streams, it will become illegal, sometimes.

Mobdro is the contemporary in a long line of internet apps that offer clean access to internet streams. The app describes itself as “an application for android gadgets that permits users to move slowly the net for free streams, arrange them by means of category and capture them so that it will watch them.”

It means that the Mobdro itself isn’t the illegal bit. It most effective turns into illegal when a user watches copyrighted content material via the app Mobdro.

In felony terms, this is corresponding to copyright duplication that’s been tremendous because the iPod become launched. Apple encouraged its users to tear their music from CDs onto their iPods thru iTunes.

This is deemed criminal as clients had already paid for the content in the shape of the CD. Which supposed they have been unfastened to revel in the content material on any media device they selected.

How to Fix Mobdro Not Working in 2021

Streaming on big content provider platforms such as Netflix and Hulu is growing day by day as they continue getting more subscribers every day. These platforms enable their users to watch their favorite tv shows and movies anytime and anywhere in the world.

Due to this, we can only watch these platforms are growing higher and higher in the future. However, these streaming platforms are expensive and away from the reach of most peoples in the world. So, they move to Mobdro because this app is free and allows you to watch movies and tv shows without any cost!
But sometimes, some users may face some issues that this app doesn’t work for whatever reason. If you’re also facing the same, here are some troubleshooting methods that should help you.

How to Fix Mobdro Not Working

You may face a lot of issues that can create trouble for you while using this app. Mobdro isn’t excused while trying to fix it as this is just a free app. However, that doesn’t mean you are not able to fix it yourself, right? Having said that, here we list some common issues you might face and how to deal with them:

Mobdro Not Working on Android

When Mobdro isn’t working properly working on your mobile phone, you just follow these simple steps. Connect your phone to the WiFi connection > Open the Google Chrome > Download Mobdro APK latest version> uninstall the old version and install the latest one. It’s done, after doing this, your Mobdro should work fine on your android device!

Mobdro Not Working on Firestick

It looks magical to watch your desired tv shows and films on a big screen than a smartphone. That’s the actual reason that we download Mobdro on Firestick to avail the best watching experience. However, if you face some troubles while using this app.

What should you do if the app stops working on Firestick? You can easily fix it. First, uninstall your older version of Mobdro on your firestick and install the latest one! This will definitely solve the problems that you’re facing.

Mobdro Not Working in Bluestack

Sometimes, a user wants to stream movies on its computers or laptops. For this, he needs Bluestacks as this is an Android emulator software. But if it doesn’t work properly, follow this. Try to install the latest version of Bluestacks.

If the problem still arises, then you must uninstall the old version of the app and download the latest one.  If the error still appears after doing all this, recheck your internet connection. it might be possible that your internet connection is actually creating that problem.

Mobdro Not Working on Wifi

Mobdro automatically blocks some IPs from some specific countries. If you become lies in that list, then you should need to install a VPN app to tackle this problem. This will definitely resolve your problem because it will change your IP & show that it will be coming from different countries across the globe.

Mobdro Not Working on Kodi

If you’re facing some problem with Kodi, then it might be possible that the app is not installed properly. To solve this, uninstall and install the newest Mobdro app on it again.

Mobdro FAQs


Q1:- What is Mobdro?

Ans:- Mobdro is a streaming app that continuously checks for free video streams available on the web and makes them available to your android mobile device.

Q2:-How do I get Mobdro App?

Ans:- You can download Mobdro exclusively from this site. Just simply click on the links available above and download the app for your desired device as well as get complete info about how to install this app successfully.

Q3:- Is Mobdro APK available for free?

Ans:- Yes Mobdro is available for free.  The app is available in two modes: the Ads mode and the NO Ads mode.

Q4:- What is the no ads option?

Ans:- Everybody doesn’t like watching annoying ads, including me at Mobdro HQ. If you want to avoid seeing ads you just need to contribute some of your device’s resources & just click on “Remove ads”.


Q5:- Why a sync delay appears in my AMAZON Fire Stick?

Ans:- It can easily improve audio lag by turning off Dolby digital and select Stereo in Settings -> Display & Sounds -> Audio -> Surround Sound -> Stereo.

Q6:- The categories lists show empty. What can I do?

Ans:- Set your network settings to use Google Public DNS servers.

Q7:- What is the “Parse Error” message?

Ans:- The Parse error only happens when your device’s Android version becomes lower than the Android version required for Mobdro to run smoothly. Your device must have Android 4.1 or up to enjoy Mobdro Apk.

Q8:- What can I do if some streams are playing slowly or suffer from stuttering?

Ans:- First you have to check your internet connection and try again. If your internet connection is performing well, it’s possible that you reached its maximum bandwidth capacity. Unfortunately, Mobdro can’t help you in this regard. Mobdro has no control over the streamings, as they are provided by other organizations.

Q9:- What should I do if the stream in my yesterday list was not found?  Where do I find it?

Ans:- Mobdro is an app that only looks at which streams are available right now. Mobdro has no control over the streamings. If the streaming that you are searching for was available in the list before and now has vanished, it simply means that the stream was online that time but now it is offline.

Q10:- Mobdro shows the message “check your connection”?

Ans:- If your internet connection is ok, then it might be possible that you have installed an unsupported or older version. Download and install the latest version from the above links.

Q11:- Is Mobdro compatible with Chromecast?

Ans:- Yes! If your Chromecast is configuration is done correctly, Mobdro will automatically detect your device and its icon will appear in the navigation bar. That’s the simple way to take your streams to the big screen just in one tap.

Q12:- Is Mobdro compatible with iOS?

Ans:- Unfortunately the app is not available for iOS. For now, the app is only run on Android.

Q13:- Is Mobdro compatible with Roku?

Ans:- Absolutely Not, sorry. As of now, The App just only compatible with Chromecast.

Q14:- Is Streams are available in all countries?

Ans:- Unfortunately, Some video-streams are just only available to some specific countries. If your device’s IP is not compatible with that stream’s requirement, you can’t be able to watch it.

Q15:- Is there any way to Stream Mobdro in all countries?

Ans:- Maybe, by Installing additional VPN software from the Play Store, you become overcome this issue. solve this problem for you. our recommendation is to get proper information about how to install and use VPN software, before doing this.

Permissions & Data

Q16:- What do you do with my personal data?

Ans:- Mobdro always respects their user’s privacy and don’t access their contacts or personal information at all from your device. Our first priority is to provide you the best way to enjoy your favorite streams and are not interested in your personal life.

Q17:- Why Mobdro needs permission to Start on Boot?

Ans:- The App needs to run a service on boot for the purpose to check for new updates. You can manage these settings by navigating settings → updates. The service has a minor impact on battery life.

Q18:- What is the Share option?

Ans:- The Share option enables you to send a link to the other Mobdro user. This option enables other users to enjoy the same streaming that you are watching just by hitting on the link simply.

Final Words

Mobdro helps you to enjoy your favored streams by means of your internet connection free of charge. This provides you the best way to watch and enjoy your favorite streams for free anywhere and any time.

Usually, The App is one of the pleasant & extraordinary video streaming app. The interface has a good design so that you can easily use it and select an option in it. More than that, it is also used to get access to most of the trending channels for free.

The huge drawback is the 4k that it hasn’t supported. We would love to be patient if Mobdro’s developer will provide this option in the future, so we can get maximum pleasure while streaming online. However, we will say that the app is very pleasant and definitely give you what you want.