MediaTek Easy Root Apk For Android And iOS

The MediaTek Easy Root APK is an android app that enables you to Root your Android Smartphone with a single click. It is an Android app developed and provided by Geovanni Santos.

Mediatek easy root APK latest version allows you to root your smartphone with a single click. This application will help them actually to fulfill their specific needs.

Everyone wants to root their smartphone from time to time so that they can search for root applications on the internet. There are various root applications on the internet, but most of them are scams and you have to pay.

Ideally, they are paid applications. For users who want to root their mobile phones, I have an app called Mediatek easy root Download, which is now popular with Android users.

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Download MediaTek Easy Root Apk for Android & iOS 

Mediatek Easy Root APK App Info

Name: MediaTek Easy Root

Version: V1.0 4

Size: 1.95 MB

Developer: Jeovane Santos

Package Name:

Operating System: Android 5.0+

Price: Free

What is Mediatek Easy Root APK?

Everyone wants to root their device so that different tools and apps can be applied to different games. Without rooting your device, you will not be able to use apps and tools.

You need to root your device to use tools and apps. Rooting your device is kind of dangerous. This is because it damages your mobile and if your phone has a warranty, it will expire if you root your device.

MediaTek Easy Root Apk for Android and iOS
MediaTek Easy Root Apk for Android and iOS

So always think before you root your device. The app I’m talking about here is also a guided app that can access your device with just one click. But this application is only useful for some mobile phones.

It does not work on all Android smartphones and tablets. It is only compatible with devices with MediaTek Easy Root technology, otherwise, it will not work for your device if it has other technology.

How to Download and Use MediaTek Easy Root on Android Devices?

  1. If you would like to root your device for accessing all the settings and other functions that are not allowed by the developer.
  2. Please click this one click from our website using the direct download link at the end of the article.
  3. Download and install the routing program.
  4. When installing this new routing program, you must grant all permissions and enable unknown sources from the security system.
  5. Once the apps are installed, start configuring your device now and easily download all previously approved apps.
  6. If you are not happy with this new routing app.
  7. You can also try popular routing apps like Universal Android Root APK and Silio Gold ABK for Android smartphones and tablets.

What’s New?

When you set up your smartphone, its unique settings allow you to use settings previously blocked by the phone manufacturer. After setting up your device, you can access all the settings and other features on your smartphone and tablet.

You now have your smartphone with you and you can easily install unauthorized apps and games if your device is not rooted.

As mentioned above, using such items is illegal and will damage your mobile warranty, as well as harm your smartphone. Before doing so, learn more about this program, how to download and use it.

There are a lot of videos on YouTube about tuning apps, so check it out before starting such a serious business and there are already reviews of people who have used such apps on their smartphones.

Features of Mediatek easy root Apk

  • When you submit an access request, you will be notified of permission for the request.
  • Google is now offering smart support services.
  • Fingerprint support has also been improved with Android Marshmallow.
  • Allows you to select the default program for the transformation of utility action of the application.
  • Prevents standby power and Android Marshmallow to put the device to sleep.
  • Automatic backup and restore are also available with the installed Android Marshmallow version.

Compatible Android Devices

This application is compatible with the following devices.

  • LG K10
  • Motorola Moto C
  • LG K10 Power
  • Motorola Moto E4
  • LG K10 TV
  • Alcatel 1
  • LG K4
  • Alcatel A3 LX
  • Knock Tablet 10.1
  • ZTE Blade A7 Prime

More About MediaTek Easy Root Apk

MediaTek Easy Root Apk was released recently and was popular for some time. It has a 5-star positive rating on the Google Play Store. This is included in the Google Play Store section.

This application is an easy application. So you don’t have to worry about space. Developed by Mediatek Easy Root Apk, Urmil Shroff has made it possible for Android users all over the world to read their favorite content for free in one place.

The good thing about Mediatek Easy Root Apk is that it updates the user’s daily workshops. If you are looking for the latest version that you may not find in this application, you may be asked to download it yourself.

One thing to keep in mind is that these apps are only compatible with Android devices. Users of other operating systems will not waste time downloading this application. It didn’t work with them.

So wait a bit in the future for other operating systems and developers to build this app you can.


The MediaTek Easy Root app works with the Android operating system so that the Android root can be cleaned and downloaded easily from the download link below according to the free software license.

Presented in the MediaTek Easy Root APK Productivity section and viewed on

Our team tested MediaTek Easy Root for viruses, spyware, adware, and Trojan horses and found it 100% clean. If it is clean, we will update to MediaTek Easy Root after updating to confirm it.

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