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Instagram++ APK Download Free For Android, iOS & PC

Instagram++ APK app is the most famous social media app available for Android, iOS, and PC which allows users to instantly share photos and videos, chat with friends, post stories, do live streams, and much more.

Although the Instagram app provides most of the essential features that a normal user would want to have. However, there is a number of features missing from the Instagram app for Android, iOS & PC. This is where the Instagram++ APK app acts as a bridge in the gap.

Instagram++ APK app is one of the most useful twists that certainly make sure the addition of the new features to the official Instagram app, like saving photos and videos, manual bookmarks, Stories as they have been seen, disable DM, read receipts, etc.

What is Instagram++ APK App?

Instagram++ APK app is free of cost and an easily available version of the Instagram app with lots of features. It is a useful and simple tool to download photos, videos, with a lot more privacy options. Instagram++ APK app users can easily view the full size of the profile picture on their Android & iOS devices.

instagram++ APK Download For Android, iOS & PC

Furthermore, you can auto-start the new videos with sound which are not available on the original Instagram APK app.

Instagram++ APK App Info

Name Instagram++ APK
Developer Atnfas Hoaks
Version 10.14.0
Last updated 1 week ago
Team Jailbreak Mods
Size 25.3 MB

How To Download And Install Instagram Plus APK For Android, iOS & PC

Instagram ++ is very easy to download. There is no special way to install this on your smartphone. Before installing the mod version, you need to remove the official Instagram app from your device. You can download and use this Instagram ++ just like you would on a regular Instagram. Below is a step-by-step guide to download and install Instagram and ModApk.

  • To uninstall the official Instagram app from your Android phone, go to Settings> Apps> Instagram and tap Uninstall.
  • After successfully uninstalling the official Instagram, you can download this modified version directly from the download link above.
  • Now, if you install the Instagram ++ Modded version on your Android phone, it will automatically go to your download folder.
  • Then tap the APK file and click on Install Option.
  • The next step is to go to your Instagram ++ account and sign in or create a new account.

If you follow the guidelines correctly, you can complete Instagram ++ 2020 in minutes. Now you can successfully enjoy its attractive and updated features for free. You can surprise your friends by downloading Instagram stories, photos, and videos. What’s more, this version of the mod is user-friendly, 100% secure, and free to use and download.

Instagram++ APK App Download For Android 2021

Instagram Plus Plus or  Instagram++ APK 2021 is also called Instagram Mod Apk as well. It is the modified and updated version of the official Instagram app. It is the best Instagram app version that contains a great bunch of amazing features.

In addition, Instagram++ APK for Android is designed with many other additions and advantages. Since we started using the Instagram app on android in 2010 and until now,  the App users are constantly increasing.  It crossed about one billion users all around the world.

Here we explain to you a step-by-step procedure to download and install the Instagram++ app on your Android devices.

How to Install Instagram+ + APK App On Android?

You can easily install the Instagram++ APK app on your android phone by following these easy given steps:

  1. Firstly, uninstall the original Instagram app from your phone.
  2. Then, download the Instagram++ APK app by clicking on the link that is given above.
  3. Now move to your device Settings.
  4. Move to the Security for the setting.
  5. Tap on “EnableUnknown Sources”.
  6. Go to the File Manager and find the Instagram++ app.
  7. open the file to begin the installation process.
  8. Wait for few seconds until the app is installed successfully.
  9. Locate the app icon from the apps menu on your device
  10. Click the icon to open the app.
  11. It’s done! you can now enjoy the app on your android device.

How to Install Instagram+ + APK App On iOS?

The instagram++ mod app can easily be download via Cydia as well as Tutuapp App APK on your iOS devices. But in this article, we will provide you a unique way to install Instagram Plus Plus APK App AltStore. Just follow the steps below.

  1. First, it is compulsory to uninstall the official Instagram app.
  2. Then you will install “AltStore“.
  3. After that, download the Instagram++ IPA File by clicking on the above button.
  4. Wait for few seconds.
  5. After successful downloading. Open the “General Settings“ option.
  6. Then select “Profiles & Device Management“.
  7. Choose Instagram ++ profile and hit on “Trust“.
  8. Close all settings and open the “AltStore” from “My Apps“.
  9. Press + sign to add a new app.
  10. Now hit on the “Instagram ++ IPA” file that you have already downloaded.
  11. It has been done successfully. Now download Instagram ++ for iPhone.

Note. You will be asked to enter your Apple ID and password. When you try to install AltStore. It must require you to write your data or create a new one.

How to Download  Instagram++ APK App for PC?

The moded version of Instagram known as Instagram++ APK is also available for PC and can easily be downloaded and installed on your PC. You can also get easily Instagram++ APK App version 10.14.0 on your PC and Mac OS.

If you are looking to install Instagram on PC then read the rest of the article where you will find 2 ways to install Instagram on PC.

How to Install

  1. First, download and install the Bluestacks android emulator to run instagram++.
  2. Click on the highlighted text to download and install the  BluStacks.
  3. Now, download instagram++ Apk from the above link.
  4. After successful downloading, locate & right-click on the downloaded file.
  5. Tap to Open With.
  6. Now find the Bluestack option in the popup menu.
  7. Then hit it on to load.
  8. You have successfully installed Instagram++ on your PC.

How to Install Instagram ++ on a Non- Jailbroken Device?

To run Instagram ++ on non-jailbroken devices, first, you have to download Instagram ++ and then sideload it with AltStore or similar tools. Before you get started, you need to remove the original Instagram app before installing Instagram ++.

  • First, you must have the AltStore on your computer and device. Read this guide for detailed instructions.
  • Open Safari on your iOS device and go to this page to download Instagram ++ IPA. You can download the IPA file by clicking the “Download IPA” red button present above.
  • Once downloaded, open the Alt Store on your device. From the tabs at the bottom of the app, tap the MyApps tab.
  • Press the + icon in the upper left corner to add a new app. You will see a list of all IPA files downloaded by Safari. Tap the previously downloaded Instagram ++ IPA.

Note: When you use AltStore for the first time, you will be asked for your Apple ID and password. It will be sent to Apple to create a signed certificate to install the app.

It takes a few minutes to start installing the AltStore application and complete the process. Once installed, it will appear on the MyApps page and can be opened from there or from the home screen.

If the error is not found on the AltStore server, reinstall AltStore or connect your computer with a cable and then install Instagram ++. This is the whole process of installing Instagram ++ on non-jailbroken devices. Once the app is installed, you can run it from the homepage and start using all the new features provided by Instagram ++.

How to Install Instagram ++ On the Jailbroken Device?

If your device is jailbroken, you can easily install Instagram ++ from Cydia in just a few steps. The method is as follows.

  • Open Cydia impactor on your device and move to the Source tab.
  • Tap the Edit button and select Add.
  • Enter the following source: https: //
  • After successfully adding a new resource, go to the Search tab and search and install Instagram ++.

Download Videos & Images From the Instagram++ APK App

Instagram ++ APK app is very useful and provides an easy way to access videos as well as images. The interface of the Instagram ++ App is very easy just like the original app. To download photos or videos just read out the following steps.

  1. Firstly Open Instagram++, and find the photo or videos that you want to download.
  2. Click on the main menu.
  3. In the main menu, you will find the download option which is not provided in the original app.
  4. Tap to the download button and you will find a pop-up which is showing you the photos and videos that are saved on your phone storage.

Common Features

Instagram ++ app is available with a lot of extra features that you could never enjoy with the traditional Instagram app. here is the list of some important features.

  • Instagram Plus Apk is 100% free to download & install.
  • Download the Stories of your followers without permission.
  • By using this App you can control to disable and enable the automatic progress of stories as well as download posts and stories.
  • The app enables you to publish and share photos in a variety of formats. Like PNG, GIF, and JPG.
  • You can use Instagram Plus to Re-post videos and photos of other users.
  • Allow to disable stories as well as provide an easy way to download an IPA AltStore file.
  • With instagram+ it’s possible to mark the stories manually. You can also download any story with just one click.
  • Complete Access to the list of followers, as well as who isn’t following you.
  • Download any video from a post or a live streaming video.
  • Watch videos in HD format.
  • Save photos and videos in your gallery easily.
  • It displays photos such as profile pictures and others in full size.
  • You become always notify when someone liking, commenting and sharing.
  • It has a feature to display the timeline of the posts.
  • Provide several ways to download and install like Instagram++ Tutuapp.
  • The ability to use a password to protect Instagram Mod Apk and show image caption while zooming.
  • Turn off the receipt of private message receipts.
  • Show the caption while enlarging the image.
  • View the followers directly from personal files.
  • Share your content with third-party Apps.
  • Instagram Mod Apk is completely a secure app for mobile data perspective.
  • There is no need to root your phone if you want to download Instagram++ Apk for Android 2021.
  • No need to jailbreak your phone in order to download Instagram++ for iPhone 2021.
  • You can hide your status from followers.
  • Show current timestamp of the posts.
  • You can mute the chat of users without showing them.
  • Use multiple Instagram accounts for login.
  • The built-in antiban feature protects you from being banned.
  • Enables you to Open outbound links within the App.
  • Either chose a list or grid view.
  • Also available in TutuApp & Cydia Impactor.
  • Download the Instagram ++ app on your device and enjoy the following features.
  • Enables you to Download anything in just one click.
  • Download the required image
  • Download your concerned video from any post.
  • Also available the live streaming videos are available to download.
  • You can hide your name and nobody can see you in your story.
  • Post a comment on any post.
  • URL can also be shared in any photo or video.
  • You can translate any comment in your understanding language.
  • You can easily Enable Auto-Start for video from the dashboard.
  • Create any theme for your Instagram ++ APK app out of 1000+ themes.


Q1: What is Instagram++ APK?

Ans:- It is a free  & moded version of the official Instagram app. It has a huge bunch of features that you never enjoy in the original app.

Q2: Is the app available for an Android device?

Yes, Instagram++ App is available as well as compatible with android devices. Just read the post above to find the complete procedure to download and install the Apk on your android device.

Q3: Is the app available for PC?

Yes, the Instagram++ app can also be installed on your PC. The method is explained above.

Q4: It is safe to use Instagram++ APK?

Still, no complaint has been received yet against the Apk. But it is a third-party app, so try it at your own risk.

Final Words

The Instagram + + APK app is an amazing app with a lot of features and instant discounts. This post is very informative and concerned with only educational purposes; here we have no concern with any of the brands mentioned in this post.

We never recommend anyone to download any other free app because this app has many advanced things for everyone and also it is free of cost.

If you found this article provided you more information, don’t forget to share it with your loved ones. Still, have any queries; you should write your opinions in the comment section.


We are a freeware resource website providing information for educational purposes & works independently. never claims this app as our copyright material. It’s the property of its actual owner.

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