Increase Instagram Reels, Stories And Videos Views In 2022

Do you want to increase views on Instagram? Here are the top 20 tips and tricks that can be effective not only to increase your page traffic and view for free.

How to Increase Your Instagram Views?

To increase your visit and page view on Instagram, follow the step below:

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How to Increase Views on Instagram Reels, Stories And Videos Free
How to Increase Views on Instagram Reels, Stories And Videos Free

Use Instagram Data

After launching your business page, every post or story you publish, Instagram provides you with information about that post or story. So you can easily check the behavior of the audience and try to improve it on the next content you put on your page.

Do Not Buy Fake Followers

Many people think that they can achieve their goals quickly by buying fake products for their followers. But this is completely wrong. By purchasing a fake follower, you will not make progress but also get hurt.

This is because buying a fake follower will increase the number of followers on your page. But your page may be in trouble because your page’s contact is not as large as the number of followers you have.

You may be wondering how to increase the page of your followers? Your answer is to read this article till the end.

Continue to Create Content

Continuity is also one of the most important factors for success on Instagram. Because it works to increase the visitors and the number of visits to your page. Posting new content every day keeps your audience following you every day.

Another advantage of this method is that it allows you to better define your own path by analyzing the behavior of the audience each day.

Use Relevant Hashtags

Using hashtags related to the content you create can increase the traffic of your posts and ultimately your page. Be careful when using hashtags. Because if you leave a hashtag unrelated to your page title, visitors will leave your page & unfollow

If you use the same hashtag on all posts, it will not be as effective as hashtags. Proper use of hashtags leads to new visitors and exploring your own content. It will help you to increase your Instagram views.

Ask Your Audience to Like And Comment on Your Post

After publishing your content, at the end of your content, ask your audience to like your comment and your post. Sometimes, set up a question or poll post and ask your audience to comment for you. Creating engagement with your audience can have a huge impact on increasing your Instagram page traffic.

Find the Best Time to Post

Another area that Instagram allows you to use is the behavior of visitors to your page. In the intelligence section of your page, you can find the hours and days when your visitors are most active on Instagram.

And when the most people are on your Instagram page.  Publish your post so that more people can see your post.

In this section, your audience is categorized by gender, age, and context. Here you can use it to create content that is relevant and desirable to most of your audience.

Don’t Underestimate Stories

When new visitors enter your page their first focus is on how your resume and posts page looks. But now when visitors enter the page they focus more on the highlight story.

Usually, after seeing your highlights they will go to your posters. So choose the type of highlights and attract more viewers by highlighting all your stories. It will help you to increase your Instagram views.

Another thing to keep in mind when publishing a story is that if you are going to leave a few stories in a row, try to engage the audience and entertain them in some way.

Don’t Write Long Titles

According to experts in the field, if a title is long, most viewers will not read it. So if you say something useful in between, it will be ignored. Instead of using a long caption, use an image written as a slide.

Video Content

Research shows that existing Instagram viewers prefer video content over text content. So if you want to increase the views of your pages and posts, do not ignore the video content. It will help you to increase your Instagram views.

Connect With Related Pages

Another factor that can affect visitors is interaction with pages related to your work area. Follow relevant pages, like their posts, and sometimes leave comments for them to do the same for you. This will allow visitors who follow the page to see and get to know you.


Once you’ve prepared the content and found an audience for a while, it’s time to advertise on pages related to your business. Be, follow yourself, and will help you to increase your Instagram views.

For example, if you have a business in the cosmetics industry, you can negotiate with beauty bloggers and cosmetics sellers to place your business ad on their page.

Create a Content Calendar

Creating a content calendar will make your journey easier and give you a clearer view. With a content calendar, you can define your goals well and decide where you want to go and what you want to set up.

To create a content calendar, you need to write your page plan for the next few days and decide which posts, stories, and hashtags you will publish in each section. The content calendar is like a roadmap to avoid confusion.
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Get Creative

Being creative means not publishing all of your posts on the same topic or in a particular format. Being creative will increase the visibility of your story, posts, and ultimately your page views.

Try to talk about different aspects of your business and not just look at your business from one perspective. You have different types of post formats and the type of content you use.

Complete Your CV and Profile Description

Another trick to increase your page traffic is to write the right bio and full profile description. On your resume page, try to briefly describe your work and show your intention to launch this page.

To complete this section, you can put the address of your site or your Telegram channel so that they can get to know you better. It will help you to increase your Instagram views.

  • Put good info in your profile
  • The full name of the brand
  • Improve your profile picture
  • Website address
  • Career field

Campaign And Competition

Running a campaign and competition will motivate your page audience and somehow make them more engaged with your page. Running the campaign and competition will be beneficial to you and if done correctly it will surely increase the page traffic.

You have to be very careful in campaigning and competition because if something happens it will cost you a lot and you will not achieve the desired result. It will help you to increase your Instagram views.

To run a campaign and competition, you must first define your goals, then check the conditions and finally determine how the campaign or competition will be conducted so that you can achieve the desired result.

Advertise on Your Instagram

Advertise with your friends and acquaintances on your own site and other social networks. Ask others to follow you even if you have a business store or website for your business. It will help you to increase your instagram views.

Depending on the topic on your page, try to get the topic directly with the experts. Live broadcast enhances your interactions with your audience and increases their trust.

Select Your Location

Add your location to the posts you make. The site allows searchers from or near your site to view your post and increase traffic to your post.

Have a Design for Your Posts

Create your own design for your posts. The post layout design will beautify the look of your page and that beauty will get more traffic to your page.

Of course, this is not necessary, it is paramount in the content you create. But as they deal with the world of business and content, this design will give you a kind of competitive advantage.

Create Your Own Content.

Create content that avoids duplicate content as much as possible. But if you plan to use the content from other sources, make it slightly different and add the source URL. For example, you can print your own logo, page title, and cover.

The Last Word

In this article, we tried to explain the tricks to increase Instagram page views and try to explore this issue from different angles. We hope you enjoy the extension of service and your Instagram page traffic. Do not forget to share your thoughts and experiences with us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What is the best way to increase Instagram traffic?

Ans: There is no perfect version to increase views on Instagram, you have to use a combination of methods to do so. Using the right hashtags, writing professional titles, continuing to produce content, and publishing and posting stories are some of the best ways to increase traffic.

Q2: Is Buying Followers A Good Way To Increase Instagram Traffic?

Ans: At the Instagram Academy we do not recommend buying followers and views. It may boost your Instagram in the short term, but in the end, it will not be worth it and will not increase your sales.

Q3: Why is my Instagram attendance so low?

Ans: There are many reasons for low traffic, especially if you start your Instagram page. For example, you may not use hashtags properly or may not yet find the type of content that attracts the attention of your audience.

Q4: How do I view Instagram attendance statistics?

Ans: To see Instagram attendance statistics, check out the statistics section on your profile. In this section, you can see how many times the posts were viewed and how many users viewed them.

You will also find information on the decrease or increase in the number of followers and the total number of users per page.


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