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Facebook Ads Manager

Facebook Ads Manager is an advert management tool to make, edit, and examine paid promotional Facebook marketing & campaigns. Facebook Business Manager these days blended Ads Manager and Power Editor into one platform

It makes it less difficult to create and reveal advertisements campaigns across multiple advertising and marketing structures owned by Facebook, together with Instagram ads.

How Do I Use Facebook Ads Manager?

There are ways to apply Facebook Ads Manager to make a new campaign: guided creation and quick creation. Switch among the two via clicking the button “Switch to Guided Creation” or “Switch to Quick Creation.

What Is Quick Creation?

Quick advent lets you pick your Facebook ads settings and names for ads, advert sets, and campaigns in a single window.

What is Facebook Ads Manager Mobile App?

The app is Facebook’s ultra-modern nod to its increasingly more mobile audience. Facebook included its Ads Manager device as a part of its mobile web page and Facebook Ads Manager mobile app for iOS and Android devices.

Facebook Ads Manager

Facebook says the mobile phone is now used by 800,000 advertisers each month, representing about 40 percent of energetic advertisers. (An active advertiser is someone who’s positioned an ad within the remaining 28 days.)

What Is Guided Creation & How to Use It

Guided creation acts as a step-through-step guide for novices to create completely new Facebook advert campaigns. Follow those steps:

  • Select & Decide the Marketing Objective Based on Your Business/Revenue Goals

For example, if you want to increase the general quantity of users who see your advert, pick out “Reach” underneath the “Awareness” heading. Type in the “Campaign Name.” Be as precise as necessary, especially if you have a couple of campaigns at an identical time.

  • Set Up Your Ad Account

In the following window, set up your advert account by means of selecting info, together with country, foreign money, and time quarter. Choose your forex and time quarter cautiously.

Because you’ll now not be capable of alternating those settings again unless you create a new advert account. Facebook will save data for the purpose of billing and reporting based totally on your foreign money and time region info.

  • Click the Option to Create One Ad Set or Several Ad Sets

Choose between the tabs “Create New Ad Set” or “Create Multiple Ad Sets.” “Ad Sets” permit you to choose various sets that could differ among the audience, locations, and more.

  • Select the Facebook Page for the Ad Set From the Drop-Down Menu

If you don’t see the web page you need, click the “+” button to create a brand new page.

  • Control Details for Your Audience, Including Locations & Demographics

Make a custom target audience for stepped forward concentrated on by way of creating lists of visitors, leads, or customers.

Add other target market info, which includes location, age range, gender, and languages. Include detailed concentrated on to suit audience with preferred demographic, hobby, or behaviors.

Next to “Connections,” choose connection type to attain those who have fulfilled a specific action, which includes liking your web page, and meeting your focused on criteria.

  • Choose Placements of Your Ad

Ad placements encompass Facebook, Instagram, Audience Network, and Messenger. Choose to leave some placements out with the “Edit Placements” alternative or pick “Automatic Placements” to automatically optimize advert displays.

  • Pick Optimization & Delivery Options

These encompass whether you’re optimizing “reach” or “impressions,” how frequently your ad appears, bid strategy, and more.

  • Settle Your Budget & the Date Ads Start Appearing

Select how lots to allocate your ad price range in the direction of your ad sets, your total price range, and the starting agenda for sets.

Characteristics of Facebook Ads Manager

  • Choose which devices to display ads (desktop, cellular, or both)
  • Select in which on a web page to include ads (News Feed, Right-Hand Column)
  • Upload touch lists for custom targeting
  • Locate people similar to your goal audiences
  • Use A/B testing to peer the only ad elements and strategies

Features of Facebook Ads Manager

Facebook is a channel that is converting all the time, which doesn’t usually make it clean for busy marketers to preserve up with every and every small change.

Aside from the not unusual powerful advertising gear like lookalike audiences, there are additional Facebook features that might be much less prevalent however could make a world of distinction for the right campaign.

Third-Party Tag Integration

Setting up the Facebook pixel used to entail numerous steps, mainly when it got here to buying carts and occasion tracking. Back in 2017, Facebook made this manner much less difficult with the integration device that can be found within the Business Manager.

Advertisers using Google Tag Manager, WooCommerce, Shopify, Magento, or BigCommerce can enforce the Facebook pixel without touching the code to their website. Click at the hyperlink for each platform to look at step-by-step instructions.

  1. Get started out by way of selecting “Events Manager” inside the new Facebook navigation sidebar.
  2. Tap on “View Setup Instructions” to see the procedure of how to create your pixel.

Follow these steps in order to get started and then move to use the next tool below by double-checking your implementation.

Pixel Helper

Before getting started in any channel, it’s important to not only install your conversion pixel however also confirm it is firing properly.

Facebook’s Chrome extension permits advertisers to double-take a look at implementation, troubleshoot their pixels, and discover ways to enhance performance before launching campaigns. Check out this list of error messages once you have got downloaded the tool.

Creative Hub

Creative Hub is an ad mockup device that lets users test unique advert kinds, placements, and ad elements.

  • These mockups may be stored for later reference.
  • Slideshow, video, and interactive ads can also be examined here.
  • This tool may be very useful whilst pitching new advert types to clients.

You can discover Creative Hub within the Facebook navigation sidebar by using clicking the “dot” button and scrolling down to “Advertise” > “Creative Hub”.

Image Text Check Tool

According to Facebook, pix with less than 20% of text carry out better. Because of this belief, Facebook and Instagram pics are routinely reviewed for the amount of textual content before being eligible to run on the platforms.

  • If there is too much textual content to your image, it will likely be served at a lower rate. Hidden away in Creative Hub is a device that has the strength to solve many advertisers’ issues with “too much text in image” errors.
  • Upload pictures into the Image Text Check device to make sure delivery could be normal.
  • Stop losing time with ad disapprovals: that is a tool well worth making use of any time new ads are launched! You can discover this tool within Creative Hub under Tools > Image Text Check.

Facebook Analytics

Facebook Analytics can provide additional information about Facebook’s performance. The user can access this tool inside the Business Manager navigation bar by usage the menu and selecting “Analytics” under “Analyze and Report”.

  • Similar to Google Analytics and other tools, you can see consumer metrics, engagement metrics, web page metrics, and user demographics. You can create Funnels that include a chain of movements you’d want to measure.
  • You can also create a Cohort of customers to track behavior over time, create pivot tables for ongoing records reporting, create Dashboards, and review Lifetime Value, amongst different features.
  • To get started with Facebook Analytics, I’d suggest finding out the Analytics blog.

Audience Insights

This interactive audience tool gives additional information to your Facebook audience that you aren’t able to acquire from Facebook Analytics.

  • You can access this feature via the navigation menu and scrolling down to “Analyze and Report” > “Audience Insights”.
  • You can construct your perfect audience and collect demographic, Page likes, Facebook utilization data, and interests.
  • If you have got additional statistics you need to provide about your target market, click on Advanced.
  • Each of these sections has multiple alternatives to be had for selection. Below is a look at how categories of Pages that my target market likes.
  • You can also see Pages that might probably be relevant to your audience primarily based on their interests and how probable your target market is to love these pages (versus the relaxation of Facebook).

If you’re seeking out ways to put this information to true use, here are some ways to apply target audience insights facts to similarly your marketing efforts.

Campaign Budget Optimization

Introduced in November 2017, this selection lets advertisers stability their advert spend across ad sets. By putting one central marketing campaign budget across multiple advert sets.

Facebook Business Manager can distribute the price range to the ad sets which might be appearing best. This option may be found when growing a new campaign and is relevant to either everyday budgets or lifetime budgets.

Facebook Ads Scheduling

Many advertisers decide to restrict their finances by most effective running ads in certain instances of the day. Currently, Facebook only permits advertisers to apply advert scheduling when the usage of lifetime finance.

  • When creating a new marketing campaign, after you have set your lifetime price range, you’ll see the option to run commercials all of the time or run ads on a schedule.
  • The closing ad scheduling options have to be set within every ad set.
  • Now just make your ad schedule through clicking on the times you need to serve commercials.

Location Targeting

Location concentrated on is about at the advert set stage and has numerous extra alternatives that I think are truly useful.

Once you’ve got set your vicinity targeting, you could pick out the radius concentrated on or target the city simplest. You can select four extra settings for region targeting:

  • Everyone in This Location: These are human beings whose region was recently this place.
  • People Who Live in This Location: These are the handiest people who have indexed their domestic as this region. This choice is top-notch to select for domestic-related corporations or anywhere in which you are concentrated on homeowners’ handiest.
  • People Recently in This Location: These are people who’ve recently used Facebook in this region.
  • People Recently Traveling in This Location: This is for humans who have these days used Facebook in this location, but whose domestic is indexed as greater than 125 miles away.

Using Key West as an example, this concentrated on would be extremely good for businesses providing activities to tourists. It’s a splendid way to differentiate residents from travelers if that’s something you want.


If you have got an app, use Events, or want to attain oldsters connected to your Facebook page, that is an incredible feature for you.

You can target folks that like your Page, buddies of people who like your Page, or exclude folks that like your pages. You can also goal folks who used your app, friends of those who used your app, or exclude folks that used your app.

For events, you could goal people who responded in your event or exclude folks that already replied. You can create exceptional mixtures of these options as well.

Frequency Cap

If you’re searching for a way to limit your commercials’ publicity on Facebook in Reach or Brand Awareness campaigns, this feature is what you need.

In the Budget & Schedule phase of ad set targeting (when the usage of an Awareness marketing campaign), you’ll discover a Show Advanced Options button.

Once you click this, you’ll see the frequency cap alternatives. The default placing is 1 impression every 7 days, but you can make this window longer or shorter.

To see your Frequency on modern commercials, edit your Account Overview columns to consist of Frequency.

While that is an envisioned metric, it will allow you to know in case your ads are appearing too often, which may have a direct impact on conversion rates.

Block Lists & Publisher Lists

In 2018, Facebook launched its Publisher List of thousands of URLs where your ads might appear throughout the Audience Network, in-movement videos, and banner/interstitial ads. Facebook recommends reviewing this listing every 30 days for updates.

  • Once you review the commercials and perceive URLs that you don’t need your advertisements to seem on, you can upload them to your Block List.
  • You can get admission to your Block List, the Publisher List and Publisher Delivery reports inside the Brand Safety segment of the navigation menu.
  • Review the Publisher Delivery report to look at a precis of every advert type, in which it seemed, and how many impressions that placement received.
  • Since the statistics are handiest a precis of the remaining 30 days, that is something you’ll want to study on a month-to-month basis.
  • Once you’ve got identified URLs and pages you need to exclude, save the URL column for your file. You can delete headers and the impressions column. The URL column is what you’ll need to talk to Facebook about what to exclude.
  • Navigate to the Block List page and pick the green “Create a Block List” button. (Shown above)
  • Make certain your list is saved as a.Txt or.CSV file. Upload it and click “create Blocklist” to finalize it. You can apply, remove, replace, download, or delete block lists by the use of the three-dot button beside each block listing.
  • It is feasible to use the listing for more than one money owed if needed.

Automated Rules

Automated policies can be a lifesaver when it comes to activating, pausing, and dealing with campaigns. While Facebook’s alternatives are not as superior as you’ll be used to in different channels, they’re nonetheless helpful.

  • Get commenced by means of heading to “Automated Rules” under “Advertise” in the navigation menu.
  • Click the green “Create Rule” button in the top proper corner.
  • At the time of publication, you may handiest practice your rule to all energetic or paused campaigns, all energetic or paused ad sets, or all energetic or paused ads.
  • Tip: If you select “Turn on Ad Sets” inside the Action subject, you’ll see the “follow the rule to” area will alternate to the paused campaign, advert set, or ad.

There are infinite combinations of automated policies you can create. Instead of strolling through the intricacies of these alternatives, crucial things to recognize about automated guidelines are below.

Additional options available are:

  1. You have the ability to scale budgets by using target discipline. Meaning that you could update your CPA, CPA, or different cost goals Bids can be adjusted in the same way as budgets.
  2. Options for action frequency are bi-weekly, weekly, each day, and hourly.
  3. You can upload conditions, such as “cost per result is extra than $50”, with a time range that can be from these days all the way to the life of the account.
  4. The attribution window also can be adjusted if you would select a specific window than what your account is currently using.
  5. Rules can run as regularly as every 30 minutes, day by day, or on a custom schedule.
  6. You can also favor getting an e-mail notification in addition to your Facebook notification.
  7. Additional subscribers can be added if there are others on the account who would really like updates on policies.

Automated guidelines are an exceptional manner to leverage a few automation on Facebook without giving up an excessive amount of control.

Pros of Facebook Ads Manager

The execs of Facebook Ads Manager include:

  • Edit advertisements or campaigns en mass.
  • Manage campaigns throughout Facebook, Instagram, and Audience Network
  • Include variations in audiences, locations, and more
  • Use the integrated analysis tool referred to as Ads Reporting
  • Set your campaigns and advert sets to suit your budget


Facebook ads manager & Facebook Business Manager has many hidden gem gear and features that are frequently buried within the complex interface. By making use of these features and equipment, you may make your Facebook campaigns from good to great!!



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